Lee Michaels

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Family Tree
Prince Of Dreams / Live Your Own Life
Segarini (2:54) / Dure-Segarini (2:21)
Mira 228, 9/66

This group featured Mike Olson [Lee Michaels]

Love³ / Sounding The Sleeping³
Michaels (2:50) / Michaels (2:34)
A&M 911, 2/68

Love³ / Hello³
Michaels (2:50) / Michaels (3:02)
A&M 911, 2/68

Reissued with different b-side

Carnival Of Life
A&M SP-4140
2/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Hello Michaels 4:24
Another One Michaels 4:08
Streetcar Michaels 3:35
Love Michaels 5:07
Side Two
Carnival Of Life Michaels 3:00
Why? Michaels 3:23
Tomorrow Michaels 4:33
Sounding The Sleeping Michaels 4:05
My Friends Michaels 2:40
Lee Michaels-organ, piano, harpsichord, bass, vocals
Hamilton Wesley Watt-guitar
Gary Davis-organ, bass
John Keski-bass
Eddie Hoh-drums
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Larry Marks


Tomorrow³ / Sounding The Sleeping³
Michaels (2:45) / Michaels (2:34)
A&M 912, 3/68

If I Lose You / My Friends
Marks-Michaels (2:28) / Michaels (2:04)
A&M 942, 5/68


A&M SP-4152
9/68 [UK: 2/69]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
If I Lose You Marks-Michaels 2:30
Time Is Over Michaels 3:34
No Part Of It Michaels 2:11
Fell In Love Today Michaels 1:54
Blind Michaels 2:53
Grocery Soldier Michaels 2:32
What Can He Do Michaels :42
Side Two
Basic Knowledge Michaels 3:29
Gonna Leave Michaels 2:24
The War Michaels 3:15
Spare Change Michaels 7:25
Lee Michaels-piano, organ, harpsichord, bass, vocals
Drake Levin-guitar
Larry Knechtel-bass
Frank Davis-drums
John Barbata-drums
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Lee Michaels


San Francisco Pop Festival(10/26/68)
Goodbye, Goodbye¹ / The War
Dey (2:30) / Michaels (3:15)
A&M 1048, 4/69

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival(5/25/69)

Lee Michaels
A&M SP-4199
7/69 BB [UK: 10/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Tell Me How Do You Feel Mayfield-Charles
(Don't Want No) Woman Michaels
My Friends Michaels 20:29
Frosty's Smith-Frost
Think I'll Go Back Michaels
Side Two
Stormy Monday Walker 5:10
Who Could Want More Michaels 3:42
Want My Baby Michaels 2:58
Heighty Hi Michaels 5:57
Lee Michaels-Hammond B3 organ, bass pedals, vocals
Bartholomew Smith-Frost (Frosty)-drums, percussion
§Cover Photo-Jim McCrary
Produced by: Larry Marks


Heighty Hi³ / Want My Baby
Michaels (2:44) / Michaels (2:58)
A&M 1095, 7/69

Seattle Pop Festival(7/27/69)
New Orleans Pop Festival(9/1/69)
Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/4/70)

A&M SP-4249
7/70 BB [UK: ?/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Mad Dog Michaels 3:44
What Now America Michaels 3:25
Uummmm My Lady Michaels 3:00
Thumbs Michaels 4:05
When Johnny Comes Marching Home arr Michaels 2:04
Side Two
Murder In My Heart (For The Judge) Stevenson 3:36
Day Of Change Michaels 3:32
Think I'll Cry Michaels 2:42
Games Michaels 3:09
Didn't Know What I Had Michaels 3:12
As Long As I Can Michaels 1:27
Lee Michaels-keyboards, bass, vocals
Drake Levin-guitar
§Cover Photo-Jim McCrary
Produced by: Larry Marks


What Now America³ / Uummmm My Lady
Michaels (3:05) / Michaels (3:00)
A&M 1219, 9/70


A&M SP-4302
5/71 T20 [UK: 7/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Keep The Circle Turning Christie 2:41
You Are What You Do Michaels 2:58
Willie & The Hand Jive Otis 3:02
Didn't Have To Happen Michaels 2:32
Rock Me Baby Josea-King 2:28
Side Two
Do You Know What I Mean? Michaels 3:11
Ya Ya Levy-Lewis 2:19
Can I Get A Witness Holland-Dozier-Holland 3:02
Oak Fire Michaels 2:53
I Don't Want Her Michaels 2:25
Lee Michaels-piano, organ, bass, guitar, vocals
Merry Clayton-vocals (Keep The Circle Turning)
Jackie Kelso-saxophone
Joel Larson-percussion
§Cover Photo-Jim McCrary
Produced by: Lee Michaels


Do You Know What I Mean? / Keep The Circle Turning
Michaels (3:11) / Christie (2:41)
A&M 1262, 5/71 T20

Can I Get A Witness / You Are What You Do
Holland-Dozier-Holland (3:02) / Michaels (2:58)
A&M 1303, 10/71 BB

Two more A&M records, Space And First Takes (72) and Live (73).
Signed big contract with Columbia—two albums bombed and Lee retired.


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