Harvey Mandel

Cristo Redentor
Philips PHS 600-281
9/68 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Cristo Redentor Pearson 3:45
Before Six Fraiser 6:27
The Lark Kesh-Mandel 4:37
Snake Kesh 3:45
Long Wait Goldberg-Mandel 2:43
Side Two
Wade In The Water Cooke 7:49
Lights Out Mandel 4:52
Bradley's Barn Mandel 3:15
You Can't Tell Me Mandel-Valente 4:17
Nashville 1 AM Mandel 3:39
Harvey Mandel-guitar
Peter Drake-steel guitar
Bob Jones-rhythm guitar
Chip Martin-rhythm guitar
Hargus (The Sniffer) Robbins-piano
Bob Moore-bass
Kenny Buttery-drums
Barry Goldberg-organ, electric piano (The Lark, Long Wait)
Stephen Miller-organ, piano (Cristo Redentor, Before Six, Wade In The Water)
Art Stavro-bass (NY)
Eddie Hoh-drums (NY)
Nick DeCaro-piano (Cristo Redentor)
Charlie Musselwhite-harmonica (The Lark, Long Wait)
Larry Easter-tenor sax (Before Six)
Armando Peraza-conga (Wade In The Water)
Carter Collins-conga (Before Six)
Catherine Gotthofer-harp (Cristo Redentor)
Jacqueline May Allen (solo), Carolyn Willis, Edna Wright, Julia Tillman-voices (Cristo Redentor)
strings & horns arranged by Nick (Sounds Interesting) De Caro
§Cover Design-Alton Kelley
Produced by: Abe Kesh

Note: Recorded in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, New York

Cristo Redentor / Bradley's Barn
Mandel (3:36) / Mandel (3:15)
Philips 40566, 10/68

Wade In The Water Part I / Wade In The Water Part II
Cooke (3:30) / Cooke (2:17)
Philips 40579, 12/68


Philips PHS-600-306
Back Cover

Side One
Righteous Mandel 3:21
Jive Samba Adderley 5:57
Love Of Life† Jones-Mandel 3:11
Poontang† Jones 3:52
Just A Hair More Mandel 3:36
Side Two
Summer Sequence Burns 4:12
Short's Stuff Rogers 7:24
Boo-Bee-Doo Hitchings 3:55
Campus Blues† Mandel 4:42
Harvey Mandel-guitar
Duane Hitchings-keyboards
Art Stavro-bass
Eddie Hoh-drums
Bob Jones-guitar, drums, vocal†
On Short's Stuff:
Howard Roberts-guitar
Pete Jolly-piano
Bob West-bass
Earl Palmer-drums
Victor Feldman-vibraphone
Buddy Childers, John Audino, Stan Fishelson, Ollie Mitchell-trumpet
Plas Johnson, Bill Perkins, Jack Nimitz, Ernie Watts-sax
Mike Barone, Richard Leith, Lew McCreary, Peter Myers-trombone
§Cover Photo-Dunstan Pereira
Produced by: Abe Kesh


1969/70 stint with Canned Heat
Moontang / Summer Sequence³
Jones (2:30) / Burns (3:41)
Philips 40627, 7/69

Dry Your Eyes / Ridin' High
Dashiel (3:03) / Mandel (2:45)
Philips 40643, 10/69


Games Guitars Play
Philips PHS-600-325
11/69 [UK: 3/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Leavin' Trunk† Estes 6:26
Honky Tonk Butler-Doggett-Scott-Shepherd 3:32
I Don't Need No Doctor† Armstead-Ashford-Simpson 3:45
Dry Your Eyes† Dashiell 3:03
Ridin' High Dashiell-Mandel 2:45
Side Two
Capurange Mussapere 6:40
Seņor Blues Silver 5:30
Games People Play South 4:45
Harvey Mandel-guitar
Russell Dashiell-guitar, organ, piano, vocals†
Larry Taylor-bass
Eddie (Shades) Hoh-drums
§Cover Photo-Baron Wolman
Produced by: Abe Kesh


Harvey & Larry join John Mayall's latest traveling blues show

Baby Batter
Janus JLS-3017
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

German Cover

Notice the name change!
Side One
Baby Batter Mandel 3:45
Midnight Sun Mandel 6:15
One Way Street Mandel 4:20
Morton Grove Mama Mandel 4:53
Side Two
Freedom Ball Mandel 6:15
El Stinger Mandel 7:15
Hank The Ripper Mandel 5:11
Harvey Mandel-acoustic, electric guitars
Howard Wales-organ, electric piano
Larry Taylor-bass
Paul Lagos-drums
Mike Melvoin-organ, electric piano
Big Black-conga
Colin Bailey-drums
Emil Richards-percussion (Hank The Ripper, One Way Street)
Sandra Crouch-tambourine (Baby Batter, Midnight Sun)
Joe Picaro-percussion (El Stinger)
(Not So) Shorty Rogers-string arrangements
§Cover Photo-Johnny Hayes
Produced by: "Voco" Abe Kesh


Baby Batter / Midnight Sun
Mandel (3:45) / Mandel (6:15)
Janus J-144, 12/70

Solo albums, worked with Canned Heat (again).
Audtioned for Stones gig in 76.


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