Love Sculpture
Dave Edmunds

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Human Beans
Morning Dew (Take Me For A Walk) / It's A Wonder
Dobson-Rose () / Hayes-Porter ()
Columbia DB-8230, 7/67

group became Love Sculpture

Sabre Dance³ / Think of Love¹
Khachaturian, arr Edmunds (4:51) / Edmunds (3:04)
Parrot 335, 2/69 T20

Huge hit in the UK, due mostly to John Peel. Reads about it in the comments at 45cat .

Blues Helping
Rare Earth RS-505
10/69 [UK: 12/68]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Back Cover

Side One
The Stumble King-Thompson 3:01
3 O'Clock Blues King-Taub 5:07
I Believe To My Soul Charles-Learner 3:44
So Unkind Sehorn 2:56
Summertime Gershwin-Gershwin-Heyward 4:01
On The Road Again Jones-Wilson 3:34
Side Two
Don't Answer The Door Johnson 5:59
Wang Dang Doodle Dixon 3:33
Come Back Baby Charles 2:40
Shake Your Hips Moore 3:20
Blues Helping Edmunds-Jones-Williams 3:44
Dave Edmunds-guitar, piano, organ, vocals
John Williams-bass, piano, vocals
Bob "Congo" Jones-drums, vocals (I Believe To My Soul, Summertime)
§US Cover Design-Craig Braun, Inc; UK Cover Design-Hipgnosis
Produced by: Malcolm Jones & Kingsley Ward


12/12/69: Eastown Theatre, Detroit
with The Litter
Farandole / In The Land Of The Few³
Bizet, arr Edmunds (3:42) / Edmunds-Finesilver-Ker (3:20)
Parrot 362, 2/70


Forms And Feelings
Parrot PAS-71035
2/70 [UK: 1/70]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
In The Land Of The Few Edmunds-Finesilver-Ker 3:55
Seagull Korda 3:28
Nobody's Talking Finesilver-Ker 3:37
Why (How-Now) Finesilver-Ker 7:42
Farandole Bizet, arr Edmunds 3:42
Side Two
You Can't Catch Me Berry 3:25
People People Finesilver-Ker 3:23
Mars (From "The Planets") Holst, arr Edmunds 1:58
Sabre Dance Khachaturian, arr Edmunds 11:12
Dave Edmunds-guitar, piano, organ, vocals
John Williams-bass, piano, vocals
Bob "Congo" Jones-drums, vocals
§Cover Art-John Thorne
Produced by: Dave Edmunds, Mike Finesilver, Pete Ker

Note: The US album added Mars to side two

Dave Edmunds begins solo career (sometimes with Nick Lowe in Rockpile)
I Hear You Knockin'² / Black Bill¹
Bartholomew-King (2:46) / Edmunds (3:05)
MAM 3601, 11/70 T20  #1 

I'm Comin' Home¹ / Country Roll¹
arr Edmunds (3:00) / Edmunds (3:09)
MAM 3608, 4/71 BB

Blue Monday¹ / I'll Get Along¹
Bartholomew-Domino (2:47) / Williams (2:50)
MAM 3611, 7/71



English rockabilly goes solo

Since adding these few "Post 71 extras," I've be able to include some of my favorites that were on the outside (looking in). One-man band Dave Edmunds' album was worn out on my turntable that summer. And still gets playtime today.

3/72 [UK: 6/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Down, Down, Down Burton 2:51
I Hear You Knocking Bartholomew-King 2:49
Hell Of A Pain Edmunds-Williams 2:59
It Ain't Easy Davies 3:23
The Promised Land Berry 2:27
Side Two
Dance, Dance, Dance Young 3:01
Lover Not A Fighter Collier 3:34
Egg Or The Hen Dixon 4:20
Sweet Little Rock And Roller Berry 2:39
Outlaw Blues Dylan 5:13
Dave Edmunds-all other instruments, vocals
John Williams-bass, backing vocals
Terry Williams-drums-(Down, Down, Down, Outlaw Blues)
Andy Fairwater-Low-guitar, drums (Egg Or The Hen)
B J Cole-pedal steel guitar (Down, Down, Down, Dance, Dance, Dance, Outlaw Blues)
§Cover Photo-Neil Jones
Produced by: Dave Edmunds

Note: Promised Land recorded live, summer 1966

Rockabilly Dave enjoyed many years of success, both solo and with Nick Lowe in Rockpile.
Dave also produced many albums, including The Flamin' Groovies and The Everly Brothers.


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