The Insect Trust

The Insect Trust
Capital SKAO-109
11/68 [UK: 5/69]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
The Skin Game Barth-Jeffries-Koehler-Palmer 4:07
Miss Fun City Barth-Jeffries-Palmer 5:04
World War I Song Callicott 3:18
Special Rider Blues Nehemiah 7:45
Foggy River Bridge Fly Koehler 1:07
Side Two
Been Here And Gone Too Soon Barth-Jeffries-Palmer 3:29
Declaration Of Independence Palmer 2:30
Walking On Nails Gabor Szabo 3:12
Brighter Than Day Barth-Jeffries-Koehler-Palmer 2:31
Mountain Song Barth-Faust-Jeffries-Koehler-Palmer 2:49
Going Home Barth-Jeffries 5:10
Nancy Jeffries-vocals, percussion
Bill Barth-electric and acoustic guitars, bottleneck guitar, percussion, Swiss warbler
Luke Faust-banjo, guitar, vocals, percussion
Bob Palmer-alto sax, recorder, clarinet, percussion
Trevor Koehler-baritone sax, piccolo flute, sewer drum, mbira, bass, string arrangements
Hugh McCracken-rhythm guitar
Chuck Rainey-bass
Joe Mack-bass
"Pretty" Purdie-drums
Buddy Saltzman-drums
Steve Duboff-congas, percussion, electric nail biting
§Cover Art-Lydia Saltzman, Paul Slavin
Produced by: Steve Duboff


Special Rider Blues³ / Miss Fun City³
Nehemiah (3:16) / Barth-Jeffries-Palmer (3:40)
Capitol 2386, 1/69

Been Here And Gone So Soon³ / World War I Song
Barth-Jeffries-Palmer (3:30) / Callicott (3:18)
Capitol 2496, 5/69


Hoboken Saturday Night
Atco SD 33-313
3/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Be A Hobo Moondog 0:35
Hoboken Saturday Night Barth-Jeffries-Palmer 3:00
The Eyes Of A New York Woman Ogden-Pynchon 3:08
Ragtime Millionaire Barth-Jeffries 3:20
Somedays Koehler 2:47
Our Sister The Sun Folwell-Folwell 7:20
Side Two
Reciprocity Faust 3:23
Trip On Me Barth-Jeffries-Palmer 2:45
Now The Sweet Man/Mr Garfield Koehler/arr Faust 3:07
Reincarnations Koehler 3:15
Glade Song Faust-Koehler 3:00
Ducks Gardner-Koehler 5:40
Nancy Jeffries-vocals, percussion
Bill Barth-guitar, steel guitar
Luke Faust-harmonica, banjo, guitar, fiddle
Robert Palmer-alto sax, clarinet, recorder
Trevor Koehler-baritone sax, soprano sax, piccolo, flute
six year-old Glade Koehler-vocal (Glade Song)
Hugh McCracken-rhythm guitar
Ralph Casale-rhythm guitar
Bob Bushnell-bass
Joseph Macho-bass
Charlie Macey-bass, rhythm guitar
William Folwell-bass, trumpet
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie-drums
Charles Nealy-drums
Donald MacDonald-drums
Elvin Jones-drums (Our Sister The Sun, Glade Song)
Warren Gardner-trumpet
§Cover Art-Luke Faust
Produced by: Steve Duboff


Reciprocity / Reincarnations
Faust (3:20) / Koehler (3:15)
Atco 6764, 7/70

Palmer became a noted rock journalist. Jefferies stayed in the music business.


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