Humble Pie

Greg Ridley from Spooky Tooth

Steve Marriott from Small Faces; Peter Frampton from The Herd

11/7-8/69: Fillmore East, New York
with Santana, Butterfield Blues Band
Natural Born Woman³ / I'll Go Alone³
Marriott (2:14) / Frampton (3:58)
Immediate 001, 11/69 T20

UK A-Side title: Natural Born Bugie

As Safe As Yesterday Is
Immediate IMOCS-101
11/69 [UK: 8/1/69] UK
Back Cover

UK Back Cover

Compare with US
You can see where Growing Closer taped over!
UK Inner Sleeve

UK Inner Sleeve

Side One
Desperation Kay 6:28
Stick Shift Frampton 2:22
Buttermilk Boy Marriott 4:22
Natural Born Woman Marriott 4:13
As Safe As Yesterday Is Frampton-Marriott 6:05
Side Two
Bang! Marriott 3:24
Alabama '69 Marriott 4:37
[Interlude] - 2:23
I'll Go Alone Frampton 3:54
A Nifty Little Number Like You Marriott 6:11
What You Will Marriott 4:20
Steve Marriott-vocals, guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, piano, organ, percussion
Peter Frampton-vocals, guitar, slide guitar, piano, organ
Greg Ridley-bass, vocals
Jerry Shirley-drums, harpsichord (I'll Go Alone), piano (As Safe As Yesterday Is), percussion
Lyn Dobson-flute, sitar (Interlude)
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Andy Johns

Note: Natural Born Woman replaced Growing Closer from the UK disc—see note.
There is an untitled section prior to I'll Go Alone that I've titled Interlude. It's tacked onto the end of Alabama '69 on the CD.

Town And Country
Immediate IMSP-027 [UK]
N/R [UK: 11/69]
UK Back Cover

UK Inner Sleeve

UK Inner Sleeve

Lost And Found

Side One
Take Me Back Frampton 4:52
The Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake Marriott 2:59
The Light Of Love Ridley 3:00
Cold Lady Shirley 3:22
Down Home Again Marriott 2:56
Ollie Ollie Frampton-Johns-Marriott-Ridley-Shirley 0:50
Side Two
Every Mother's Son Marriott 5:43
Heartbeat Montgomery 2:33
Only You Can See Frampton 3:38
Silver Tongue Marriott 3:20
Home And Away Frampton-Marriott-Ridley 5:55
Steve Marriott-vocals, guitar, sitar, organ, percussion, hammer and nail brandy bottle, Wurlitzer piano, maracas
Peter Frampton-vocals, lead guitar, bass, Spanish guitar, drums, Wurlitzer piano, plastic-cup
Greg Ridley-bass, guitar, vocals
Jerry Shirley-drums, percussion, Wurlitzer piano
§Cover Photo-Hipgnosis
Produced by: Andy Johns

Note: This UK LP got a lot of airplay in NY. Immediate went bankrupt before it could be released in the US.
Finally released (along with the first disc) by A&M in 1972 as: Lost And Found (see note 4).

Humble Pie
A&M SP-4270
8/70 [UK: 7/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

This Side
Live With Me Frampton-Marriott-Ridley-Shirley 7:50
Only A Roach Shirley 2:46
One Eyed Trousser-Snake Rumba Frampton-Marriott-Ridley-Shirley 2:49
Earth And Water Song Frampton 6:15
That Side
I'm Ready Dixon 4:55
Theme From Skint—See You Later Liquidator Marriott 5:43
Red Light Mama, Red Hot! Marriott 6:13
Sucking On The Sweet Vine Ridley 5:45
Steve Marriott-guitar, harmonica (Red Light Mama, Red Hot!), keyboards, vocals
Peter Frampton-guitar, organ (Live With Me), vocals
Greg Ridley-bass, guitar (Sucking On The Sweet Vine)
Jerry Shirley-drums, piano (Only A Roach, Theme From Skint), lead vocal (Only A Roach)
BJ Cole-steel guitar
Willie [John Wilson]-drums (Only A Roach)
§Cover Art-The Stomach Dance (1893) by Aubrey Beardsley
§Back Cover Art-Hope (1886) by George Frederic Watts
Produced by: Glyn Johns

Note: More about the great Aubrey Beardsley .

Big Black Dog / Strange Days
Humble Pie (4:04) / Humble Pie-Marriott (6:33)
A&M AMS-807 [UK], 9/70

A-side not released here

Rock On
A&M SP-4301
3/71 BB [UK: 3/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Shine On Frampton 3:00
Sour Grain Frampton-Marriott 2:40
79th And Sunset Marriott 2:59
Stone Cold Fever Frampton-Marriott-Ridley-Shirley 4:08
Rollin' Stone Burnett 5:57
Side Two
A Song For Jenny Marriott 2:34
The Light Frampton 3:16
Big George Ridley 4:07
Strange Days Marriott 6:33
Red Neck Jump Marriott 3:05
Steve Marriott-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Peter Frampton-guitar, vocals, lead vocal (Shine On, The Light)
Greg Ridley-bass, lead vocal (Big George)
Jerry Shirley-drums, piano (79th And Sunset)
B J Cole-steel guitar (Sour Grain, 79th And Sunset, A Song For Jenny)
Bobby Keys-sax (Big George)
The Soul Sisters (Doris Troy, P P Arnold, Claudia Lennear)-vocals (Shine On, A Song For Jenny)
Alexis Korner-vocals (Red Neck Jump)
§Cover Photo-John Kelly, Idea-Humble Pie
Produced by: Glyn Johns & Humble Pie


I Don't Need No Doctor³ / A Song For Jenny
Armstead-Ashford-Simpson (3:45) / Marriott (2:34)
A&M 1282, 9/71 BB

A Song For Jenny is the studio track from Rock On

Peter Frampton to solo career

Clem Clempson (from Colosseum) replaces him

Performance: Rockin' the Fillmore
A&M SP-3506
10/71 BB [UK: 11/71] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Four Day Creep Cox 3:48
I'm Ready Dixon, arr Humble Pie 8:30
Stone Cold Fever Humble Pie 6:20
Side Two
I Walk On Gilded Splinters Doctor John 24:30
Side Three
Rolling Stone Waters 16:10
Side Four
Hallelujah (I Love Her So) Charles 5:10
I Don't Need No Doctor Armstead-Ashford-Simpson 9:20
Steve Marriott-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Peter Frampton-guitar, vocals
Greg Ridley-bass
Jerry Shirley-drums
§Art Director-Roland Young
Produced by: Humble Pie

Note: Recorded live at the Fillmore East, 5/28-29/71
Both dates (all four sets) released in a box set in 2013

Frampton was replaced with Clem Clemson. Four more albums then done.
Back in 1980, but folded after Steve injured his hand and the band's equipment was stolen.
Shirley continued with his version of the Pie in the 80s.


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