H P Lovecraft

Gotta Start Somewhere...

George Edwards
Norwegian Wood / Never Mind, I'm Freezing
Lennon-McCartney (2:00) / Edwards (2:30)
Dunwich 45-117, 3/66


Anyway That You Want Me¹ / It's All Over For You¹
Taylor (2:40) / Lovecraft (2:37)
Philips 40464, 6/67


H P Lovecraft
Philips PHS 600-252
9/67 [UK: 2/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Wayfaring Stranger Edwards 2:35
Let's Get Together Powers 4:35
I've Been Wrong Before Newman 2:46
The Drifter Edmundson 4:11
That's The Bag I'm In Neil 1:46
Side Two
The White Ship Cavallari-Edwards-Michaels 6:37
Country Boy/Bleeker Street Neil/Nell 2:35
The Time Machine Edwards-Michaels 2:05
That's How Much I Love You, Baby (More Or Less) Cavallari-Edwards-Michaels 3:55
Gloria Patria trad 0:26
Tony Cavallari-guitar, vocals
George Edwards-guitar, guitarron, bass, vocals
Dave Michaels-organ, clarinet, piano, harpsichord, keyboards, recorder, vocals
Jerry McGeorge-bass, vocals
Michael Tegza-drums, tympani, assorted percussion, vocals
Len Druss-clarinet, piccolo, English horn, bass & tenor sax
Jack Henningbaum, Paul Tervelt-French horn
Herb Weiss, Ralph Craig-trombone
Bill Traub-reeds
Clyde Bachand-tuba
Edward Higgins-vibraphone, horn arrangements
Bill Traut-1811 Ship's Bell (The White Ship)
§Cover Art-John Cabalka; Photo-Mike Stone
Produced by: George Badonsky


Wayfaring Stranger / The Time Machine
Edwards (2:35) / Edwards-Michaels (2:05)
Philips 40491, 10/67

The White Ship (Edited Version)³ / The White Ship (Complete Version)
Cavallari-Edwards-Michaels (2:55) / Cavallari-Edwards-Michaels (6:17)
Philips 40506, 12/67


 ➜ Live: 5/11/68, Fillmore West; released 1991: Live—May 11, 1968 

Sky River Rock Festival & Lighter Than Air Fair(8/31-9/2/68)

Philips PHS 600-279
9/68 [UK: 4/69]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Spin, Spin, Spin Callier 3:26
It's About Time Callier 5:20
Blue Jack Of Diamonds Boyan 2:55
Electrallentando Edwards 6:27
Side Two
At The Mountains Of Madness Cavallari-Edwards-Michaels 4:48
Mobius Trip Edwards 2:46
High Flying Bird Wheeler 3:15
Nothing's Boy Nordine 0:40
Keeper Of The Keys Brewer-Shipley 3:06
Tony Cavallari-guitar, vocals
Dave Michaels-keyboards, vocals
George Edwards-bass, guitar, vocals
Jeffrey Boylan-bass
Michael Tegza-drums, vocals
Ken Nordine-voice (Nothing's Boy)
§Cover Art-Bob Schnepf
Produced by: George Badonsky


Keeper Of The Keys² / Blue Jack Of Diamonds
Brewer-Shipley (2:56) / Boyan (3:08)
Philips 40578, 11/68

Edwards and Tegza try to keep going with guys from Aorta, shorten name, change sound, disappear

Valley Of The Moon
Reprise RS-6419
12/70 [UK: 1/71]
Back Cover

Side One
We Can All Have It Together Been-Donlinger 3:55
Brother I Wonder Been-Donlinger 2:22
Love Has Come To Me Grebb 3:11
Will I Know When My Time Comes Been-Donlinger-Donlinger 3:00
Two Step Tussle Grebb 3:34
Take Me By The Hand Been-Donlinger 3:10
Side Two
Lady Come Softly Been-Donlinger-Donlinger 2:36
The Dawn Grebb-Wolfson 4:56
Never Gonna Go Back Been-Donlinger-Tegza 3:42
Dear Been-Donlinger 3:11
Hopefully We'll All Remain Together Been-Donlinger 4:20
Jim Donlinger-guitar, vocals
Marty Grebb-keyboards, guitar
Michael Been-bass
Michael Tegza-drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Robert F Boudreaux
Produced by: Lovecraft


We Can All Have It Together³ / Will I Know When My Time Comes
Been-Donlinger (3:15) / Been-Donlinger-Donlinger (3:00)
Reprise 0996, 3/71



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