Fever Tree

Hey Mister / I Can Beat Your Drum¹
Holtzman-Holtzman (2:05) / Holtzman-Holtzman (2:02)
Mainstream 661, 3/67

Girl, Oh Girl (Don't Push Me) / Steve Lenore¹
Holtzman-Holtzman (2:27) / Holtzman-Holtzman-Landes (2:10)
Mainstream 665, 5/67

San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Native)³ / Come With Me (Rainsong)³
Holtzman-Holtzman-Michael (3:05) / Holtzman-Holtzman-Landes (2:30)
Uni 55060, 4/68 BB


Fever Tree
Uni 73024
4/68 BB [UK: 8/68]
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Imitation Situation 1 (Toccata And Fugue) Bach-Holtzman-Holtzman-Landes 2:32
Where Do You Go? Holtzman-Holtzman-Michael 2:25
San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Native) Holtzman-Holtzman-Michael 3:58
Ninety-Nine And A Half Cropper-Pickett 2:45
Man Who Paints The Pictures Holtzman-Holtzman-Michael 2:32
Filigree & Shadow Holtzman-Holtzman 3:51
Side Two
The Sun Also Rises Holtzman-Holtzman-Landes 2:41
Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out Lennon-McCartney 3:27
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing Young 3:00
Unlock My Door Holtzman-Holtzman-Landes 3:45
Come With Me (Rainsong) Holtzman-Holtzman-Landes 3:45
Dennis Keller-vocals
Rob Landes-piano, organ, harp, flute, recorder, clavinet, harpsichord, cello
Michael [Knust]-guitar
EE Wolfe III-bass
John Tuttle-percussion
§Cover Photo-Jill Gibson
Produced by: Scott & Vivian Holtzman


What Time Did You Say It Is in Salt Lake?³ / Where Do You Go?¹
Holtzman-Holtzman (2:45) / Holtzman-Holtzman-Michael (2:25)
Uni 55095, 11/68


Another Time, Another Place
Uni 73040
12/68 BB [UK: 12/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Man Who Paints The Pictures, Pt 2 Holtzman-Holtzman-Knust 6:51
What Time Did You Say It Is In Salt Lake? Holtzman-Holtzman 3:16
Don't Come Crying To Me Girl Holtzman-Holtzman-Landes 2:35
Fever Cooley-Davenport 3:43
Grand Candy Young Sweet Davis 1:53
Side Two
Jokes Are For Sad People Holtzman-Holtzman-Landes 7:17
I've Never Seen Evergreen Holtzman-Holtzman-Knust-Krust 3:25
Peace Of Mind Woods 3:14
Death Is The Dancer Holtzman-Holtzman-Landes 3:56
Dennis Keller-vocals
Michael Knust-guitar
Rob Landes-keyboards, wind
E E Wolfe-bass
John Tuttle-drums, percussion
§Cover Design-Susan Williams; Photo-Babette Dodson
Produced by: Scott & Vivian Holtzman


Love Makes The Sun Rise / Filligree And Shadow
Davis-Holtzman/Holtzman (2:32) / Holtzman-Holtzman (3:51)
Uni 55146, 9/69

Clancy (Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing) / Love Makes the Sun Rise
Young (3:08) / Landes-Holtzman-Holtzman (2:30)
Uni 55172, 11/69


Uni 73067
1/70 BB [UK: 2/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Woman, Woman (Woman) Tyler 2:33
Love Makes The Sun Rise Davis-Holtzman-Holtzman 2:32
Catcher In The Rye Landes-Holtzman-Holtzman 3:12
Wild Woman Ways Tyler 4:05
Fever Blue† Holtzman-Holtzman 3:33
Side Two
Run Past My Window Tyler 3:25
Imitation Situation (Complete And Unabridged) Landes-Holtzman-Holtzman 4:47
Time Is Now Holtzman-Holtzman 4:05
The God Game Landes-Holtzman-Holtzman 4:35
Dennis Keller-vocals
Michael Knust-guitar
Rob Landes-keyboards, wind
E E Wolfe-bass
John Tuttle-drums, percussion
§Cover Painting-Dub Wethersby III
Produced by: Scott & Vivian Holtzman

Note: †On the back cover, this is shown as the title:
Fever Blue (Song For A Bunch Of Tired Black And White Musicians After A Gig In An East Texas Honky Tonk)

Catcher In The Rye³ / What Time Did You Say It Is In Salt Lake?
Davis-Holtzman-Holtzman (2:45) / Holtzman/Holtzman (2:45)
Uni 55202, 2/70

I Am¹ / Grand Candy Young Sweet
Levine-Wine (2:30) / Davis (1:53)
Uni 55228, 5/70


For Sale
Ampex A-10113
2/71 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
I Put A Spell On You Hawkins-Slotkin 3:23
Come On In Bonniwell 2:50
She Comes In Colors Lee 3:04
Girl Don't Push Me† Holtzman-Holtzman 2:39
You're Not The Same Baby Holtzman-Holtzman 3:46
Hey Mister† Holtzman-Holtzman 2:06
Side Two
Hey Joe Roberts 12:56
Dennis Keller-lead vocals
David Cohen, Michael [Knust], Walt Mescal-guitar
Rob Landes-keyboards, wind
E E Wolfe, Joe Osborne-bass
John Tuttle-drums†
Grant Johnson-keyboards
Larry Knechtal-piano
Hal Blaine, Kevin Kelley-drums
The Blackberries-backing vocals
§Cover Art-Dean Torrence
Produced by: Mike Leitz, Scott & Vivian Holtzman

Note: Side One is record order
†These tracks are from early singles (see top) 

She Comes In Colors³ / You're Not The Same Baby
Lee (2:50) / Holtzman-Holtzman (3:44)
Ampex 11013, 5/71

I Put a Spell on You / Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go³
Hawkins (3:20/ Roberts (3:21)
Ampex 11028, 9/71

Done after For Sale.
Knust tried to revive band in 78.



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