The Doors

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Rick & The Ravens
Big Bucket "T" / Rampage
Manczarek (2:35) / Manczarek (2:30)
Posae 101, ?/65


Rick & The Ravens Featuring Ray Daniels
Henrietta / Just For You
Fore-Hitzfeld (2:02) / Manczarek (2:10)
Aura 4506, ?/65


Rick & The Ravens Featuring Ray Daniels
Soul Train / Geraldine
Jesie (3:04) / Manczarek (2:43)
Aura 4511, ?/65

Ray Daniels [Manzarek]-vocals, piano
Rick Manzarek-guitar
Jim Manzarek-organ, harmonica
Roland Biscaluz-bass
Vince Thomas-drums
Pat Stonner-sax

Note: Add a poet as a vocalist, a drummer & guitarist from The Psychedelic Rangers, choose a name from William Blake,
and you gotch yourself a hit band (eventually).

 ➜ Many, many concert recordings released by Bright Midnight, see Wiki 

Break On Through (To The Other Side) / End Of The Night
Doors (2:25) / Doors (2:49)
Elektra 45611, 1/67


The Doors
Elektra EKS-74007
1/4/67 T20 RS500 [UK: 3/67]
Back Cover

Side One
Break On Through (To The Other Side) Doors 2:25
Soul Kitchen† Doors 3:30
The Crystal Ship Doors 2:30
Twentieth Century Fox† Doors 2:30
Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) Brecht-Weill 3:15
Light My Fire† Doors 6:50
Side Two
Back Door Man Burnett-Dixon 3:30
I Looked At You Doors 2:18
End Of The Night Doors 2:49
Take It As It Comes Doors 2:13
The End Doors 11:35
Jim Morrison-vocals
Robbie Krieger-guitar, bass (Back Door Man)
Ray Manzarek-organ, piano, keyboard bass, marxophone (Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar))
John Densmore-drums
Larry Knechtel-bass† [uncredited]
§Cover Photo-Joel Brodsky
Produced by: Paul Rothchild


Light My Fire³ / The Crystal Ship
Doors (2:52) / Doors (2:30)
Elektra 45615, 5/67  #1  UK

Magic Mountain Music Festival(6/10/67)
People Are Strange / Unhappy Girl
Doors (2:10) / Doors (1:58)
Elektra 45621, 9/67 T20

The Ed Sullivan Show: 9/17/67,
Jimbo doesn't change a word.

Strange Days
Elektra EKS-74014
9/25/67 T20 RS500 [UK: 12/67]
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve Front

Inner Sleeve Back

Side One
Strange Days Doors 3:05
You're Lost Little Girl Doors 3:01
Love Me Two Times Doors 3:23
Unhappy Girl Doors 2:00
Horse Latitudes Doors 1:30
Moonlight Drive Doors 3:00
Side Two
People Are Strange Doors 2:10
My Eyes Have Seen You Doors 2:22
I Can't See Your Face In My Mind Doors 3:18
When The Music's Over Doors 11:00
Jim Morrison-vocals, Moog synthesizer (Strange Days)
Robbie Krieger-guitar
Ray Manzarek-keyboards, marimba
John Densmore-drums
Doug Lubahn-bass
§Album Design-William S Harvey; Cover Photo-Joel Brodsky (@ Sniffen Court, NYC)
Produced by: Paul Rothchild


Love Me Two Times³ / Moonlight Drive³
Doors (2:37) / Doors (2:16)
Elektra 45624, 12/67 BB

TV Guide Program Close-up

Jonathan Winters Show: "Premiere Episode ," 12/27/67,
The Doors were playing at Winterland. Stopped the show and brought out a big TV to watch themselves!
The Unknown Soldier³ / We Could Be So Good Together
Doors (2:51) / Doors (2:25)
Elektra 45628, 3/68 BB

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival(5/19/68)
Hello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name? / Love Street³
Doors (2:13) / Doors (2:50)
Elektra 45635, 6/68  #1  T20

first issues had long song title

Waiting For The Sun
Elektra EKS-74024
7/3/68  #1  [UK: 9/68] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Hello, I Love You Doors 2:22
Love Street Doors 3:06
Not To Touch The Earth Doors 3:54
Summer's Almost Gone Doors 3:20
Wintertime Love Doors 1:52
The Unknown Soldier Doors 3:10
Side Two
Spanish Caravan Doors 2:58
My Wild Love Doors 2:50
We Could Be So Good Together Doors 2:20
Yes, The River Knows Doors 2:35
Five To One Doors 4:22
Jim Morrison-vocals
Robbie Krieger-guitar
Ray Manzarek-keyboards
John Densmore-drums
Doug Lubahn-occasional bass
Kerry Magness-bass (The Unknown Soldier)
Leroy Vinegar-acoustic bass (Spanish Caravan)
§Cover Photo-Paul Farrara
Produced by: Paul Rothchild


 ➜ Live: 7/5, Hollywood Bowl; released 2012: Live At The Bowl '68 

9/6-7/68: Roundhouse, London
opening for Jeffferson Airplane
Touch Me / Wild Child
Krieger (3:09) / Morrison (2:34)
Elektra 45646, 12/68 T20

Wishful Sinful³ / Who Scared You?¹
Krieger (2:55) / Krieger-Morrison (3:51)
Elektra 45656, 3/69 BB

Tell All the People / Easy Ride
Krieger (3:25) / Morrison (2:40)
Elektra 45663, 6/69 BB


The Soft Parade
Elektra EKS-75005
7/18/69 T20 [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve Front

Inner Sleeve Back

Side One
Tell All The People Krieger 3:24
Touch Me Krieger 3:15
Shaman's Blues Morrison 4:45
Do It Krieger-Morrison 3:01
Easy Ride Morrison 2:35
Side Two
Wild Child Morrison 2:36
Runnin' Blue Krieger 2:27
Wishful Sinful Krieger 2:56
The Soft Parade Morrison 8:40
Jim Morrison-vocals
Robbie Krieger-guitar
Ray Manzarek-organ, piano, celesta (Touch Me), harpsichord (Shaman's Blues, The Soft Parade)
John Densmore-drums
Harvey Brooks-bass (except when Doug played)
Doug Lubahn-bass (Easy Ride, Wild Child, and Wishful Sinful)
Jesse McReynolds-mandolin (Runnin' Blue)
Jim Buchanan-violin (Runnin' Blue)
Reinol Andino-conga
Curtis Amy-saxophone solo (Touch Me)
George Bohannon-trombone
Champ Webb-English Horn
§Cover Photo-Joel Brodsky; Inside Illustration-Peter Schaumann
Produced by: Paul Rothchild


Seattle Pop Festival(7/27/69)
Runnin' Blue / Do It
Krieger (2:27) / Krieger-Morrison (3:01)
Elektra 45675, 8/69 BB

Toronto Rock & Roll Revival(9/13/69)

Morrison Hotel
Elektra EKS-75007
2/9/70 T20 [UK: 4/70] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

One: Hard Rock Cafe
Roadhouse Blues Doors 4:04
Waiting For The Sun Morrison 3:58
You Make Me Real Morrison 2:50
Peace Frog Krieger-Morrison 2:52
Blue Sunday Morrison 2:08
Ship Of Fools Krieger-Morrison 3:06
Two: Morrison Hotel
Land Ho Krieger-Morrison 4:08
The Spy Morrison 4:15
Queen Of The Highway Krieger-Morrison 2:47
Indian Summer Krieger-Morrison 2:33
Maggie M'Gill Doors-Morrison 4:24
Jim Morrison-vocals
Robbie Krieger-guitar
Ray Manzarek-organ, piano, tack piano (Roadhouse Blues)
John Densmore-drums
Ray Neapolitan-bass
Lonnie Mack-bass (Roadhouse Blues and Maggie M'Gill)
G Puglese [John Sebastian]-harmonica (Roadhouse Blues)
Paul Beaver-Moog synthesizer (Waiting For The Sun)
§Cover Photos-Henry Diltz (S Hope St, LA)
Produced by: Paul Rothchild


You Make Me Real / Roadhouse Blues
Morrison (2:50) / Doors (3:50)
Elektra 45685, 3/70 BB


Absolutely Live
Elektra EKS-9002
7/20/70 T20 [UK: 9/70] UK
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Who Do You Love McDaniel 19:17
Medley: Alabama Song
   Back Door Man
   Love Hides
   Five To One
Side Two
Build Me A Woman Morrison-Doors 18:33
When The Music's Over Morrison-Doors  
Side Three
Close To You Dixon 18:00
Universal Mind Morrison-Krieger  
Break on Through (To The Other Side) Morrison-Doors  
Side Four
The Celebration Of The Lizard Morrison-Doors 21:52
Soul Kitchen Morrison  
Jim Morrison-vocals
Robbie Krieger-guitar
Ray Manzarek-organ, keyboard bass, vocal (Close To You)
John Densmore-drums
§Cover Photo-Frank Lisciandro
Produced by: Paul Rothchild

Album Note:
"This album was compiled from live performances recorded in cities throughout the United States between August 1969 and June 1970. Aside from the editing necessary to assemble the music into album form, the recording is an organic documentary and absolutely live!"

Or so the album states—read extended info at the Blue Note.

Isle of Wight Festival(8/29/70)

Elektra EKS-74079, 11/70 BB [UK: 3/71]
no unique tracks
Love Her Madly³ / (You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further¹
Doors (2:45) / Dixon (3:37)
Elektra 45726, 3/71 T20

Yup, that Ray on vocals on the B-side!

L A Woman
Elektra EKS-75011
4/19/71 T20 RS500 [UK: 6/71] UK
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Side One
The Changeling Doors 4:21
Love Her Madly Doors 3:20
Been Down So Long† Doors 4:12
Cars Hiss By My Window† Doors 4:41
L A Woman† Doors 7:53
Side Two
L' America Doors 4:38
Hyacinth House Doors 3:12
Crawling King Snake† Doors 5:00
The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat) Doors 4:15
Riders On The Storm Doors 7:15
Jim Morrison-vocals
Robbie Krieger-guitar
Ray Manzarek-organ, piano
John Densmore-drums
Marc Benno-guitar†
Jerry Scheff-bass
§Cover Design-Carl Cossick; Photos-Wendell Hamick
Produced by: The Doors, Bruce Botnick

Note: First issues had rounded corners and see-thru window (with the group) to the yellow inner sleeve

Riders On The Storm³ / The Changeling³
Doors (4:35) / Doors (3:27)
Elektra 45738, 6/71 T20 UK

Jim Morrison July 3, 1971, Paris, heart attack
Lots of tin-foil hats about this event.

Other Voices
Elektra EKS-75017
10/18/71 BB [UK: 12/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Sheet Insert

Lyric Sheet Insert

Side One
In The Eye Of The Sun Manzarek 4:48
Variety Is The Spice Of Life Krieger 2:50
Ships w/Sails Krieger-Densmore 7:38
Tightrope Ride Krieger-Manzarek 4:15
Side Two
Down On The Farm Krieger 4:15
I'm Horny, I'm Stoned Krieger 3:55
Wandering Musician Krieger 6:25
Hang On To Your Life Krieger-Manzarek 5:36
Ray Manzarek-keyboards, vocals
Robby Krieger-guitars, vocals
John Densmore-drums
Jack Conrad, Jerry Scheff, Wolfgang Melz, Ray Neapolitan-bass
Willie Ruff-acoustic bass
Francisco Aguabella-percussion
Emil Richards-marimba, kickshaws, whimwhams
§Cover Photo-Ron Raffaelli
Produced by: The Doors & Bruce Botnick


Tightrope Ride³ / Variety Is The Spice Of Life
Krieger-Manzarek (3:30) / Krieger (2:50)
Elektra 45757, 11/71 BB

One more trio album, Full Circle in 1972 and then the door closed forever.
Ray and Robby started/stopped bands.


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