Gene Clark
Dillard & Clark ♦ The Dillards 

Echoes / I Found You
Clark (3:15) / Clark (2:58)
Columbia 43903, 12/66

Picture sleeve is from promo issue

With The Gosdin Brothers
Columbia CS-9418
2/67 [UK: 10/67]
Back Cover

1972 Reissue

Side One
Echoes† Clark 3:14
I Think I'm Gonna Feel Better Clark 1:32
Tried So Hard Clark 2:20
Is Yours Is Mine Clark 2:26
Keep On Pushin' Clark-Rinehart 1:44
I Found You Clark 2:58
Side Two
So You Say You Lost Your Baby† Clark 2:06
Elevator Operator Clark-Rinehart 2:28
The Same One Clark 3:27
Couldn't Believe Her Clark 1:52
Needing Someone Clark 2:02
Gene Clark-guitar, harmonica, vocal
Rex & Vern Gosdin-backing vocals
Bill Rinehart-guitar
Glen Campbell-guitar
Jerry Cole-guitar
Clarence White-guitar (Tried So Hard, The Same One, Needing Someone)
Van Dyke Parks-keyboards
Leon Russell-piano, harpsichord, arranger/conductor†
Chris Hillman-bass
Mike Clarke-drums
Jim Gordon-drums
Douglas Dillard-electric banjo (Keep On Pushin')
§Cover Photo-Gene Trindl
Produced by: Gary Usher, Larry Marks

Note: The 1972 reissue (note 2) has re-recorded vocals and remixing as Gene wasn't satisfied with original recordings.

So You Say You Lost Your Baby / Is Yours Is Mine
Clark (2:06) / Clark (2:26)
Columbia 44088, 4/67


The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark
A&M 4159
10/68 [UK: 10/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Out On The Side Clark 3:47
She Darked The Sun Clark-Leadon 3:12
Don't Come Rollin' Clark-Dillard-Leadon 2:49
Train Leaves Here This Morning Clark-Leadon 3:53
Side Two
With Care From Someone Clark-Dillard-Leadon 3:49
The Radio Song Clark-Leadon 3:03
Git It On Brother (Git In Line Brother) Flatt 2:50
In The Plan Clark-Dillard-Leadon 2:06
Something's Wrong Clark-Dillard 2:55
Gene Clark-guitar, harmonica, lead vocals
Doug Dillard-banjo, fiddle, vocals
Bernie Leadon-banjo, guitar
Don Beck-dobro, mandolin
David Jackson-bass
Chris Hillman-mandolin (Git It On Brother (Git In Line Brother), Something's Wrong)
Andy Belling-electric harpsichord
Joel Larson-drums (Out On The Side)
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Larry Marks


Train Leaves Here This Mornin' / Out On The Side
Clark-Leadon (3:53) / Clark (3:47)
A&M 995, 11/68

Reason To Believe / Nobody Knows
Hardin (2:25) / Dillard-Jayne (2:15)
Elektra EK-45641, 11/68

The Dillards & Bluegrass

The Dillards (Doug & Rodney) were at the forefront of "progressive bluegrass." They were experimenting with orchestral backing and use of drums and other "electric" instruments. Doug didn't like the approach and quit to hook up with Gene Clark. Rodney and the rest of the group released these two outstanding records (there are more Dillard albums in the standard bluegrass groove, just not listed here).

You might remember The Dillards when they portrayed "The Darlings" on that comfy show from Mayberry.

Wheatstraw Suite
Elektra EKS-74035
12/68 [UK: 12/68]
Back Cover

Side One
I'll Fly Away trad 0:39
Nobody Knows Dillard-Jayne 2:15
Hey Boys Dillard-Jayne-Pedersen-Webb 2:27
The Biggest Whatever Dillard-Martin 2:15
Listen To The Sound Jayne-Pedersen 2:36
Little Pete Pedersen 1:58
Reason To Believe Hardin 2:25
Side Two
Single Saddle Altman-Durbid 1:22
I've Just Seen A Face Lennon-McCartney 1:55
Lemon Chimes Martin 3:12
Don't You Cry Dillard-Dillard 1:50
Bending The Strings Shelton 1:26
She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune Kincaid 3:20
Rodney Dillard-dobro, guitar, pedal steel, vocals
Herb Pedersen-banjo, guitar
Dean Webb-mandolin, vocal (I've Just Seen A Face)
Mitch Jayne-acoustic bass, vocals
Buddy Emmons-pedal steel guitar
Joe Osborne-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
Toxey French-drums
Al Capps-orchestral arrangements
§Cover Art-Guy Webster
Produced by: Rodney Dillard & Jimmy Hilton


Don't Be Cruel¹ / Lyin' Down The Middle¹
Blackwell-Presley (1:48) / Clark-Smith (2:13)
A&M 1033, 2/69

Listen To The Sound / The Biggest Whatever
Jayne-Pedersen (2:36) / Dillard-Martin (2:15)
Elektra EK-45661, 6/69

Why Not Your Baby¹ / The Radio Song
Clark (3:41) / Clark-Leadon (3:01)
A&M 1087, 7/69


Through The Morning, Through the Night
A&M 4203
10/69 [UK: ?/69]
Back Cover

Side One
No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine Reno-Smiley-Swift 3:12
Through The Morning, Through The Night Clark 4:04
Rocky Top Bryant 2:46
So Sad Everly-Everly 3:19
Corner Street Bar Clark 3:34
I Bowed My Head And Cried Holy arr Clark-Dillard 3:31
Side Two
Kansas City Southern Clark 3:39
Four Walls Campbell-Moore 3:39
Polly Clark 4:20
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms Monroe 2:49
Don't Let Me Down Lennon-McCartney 3:52
Gene Clark-guitar, harp, lead vocals
Doug Dillard-banjo, fiddle, guitar, vocals (lead on Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms)
Donna Washburn-tambourine, guitar, vocals (lead on Rocky Top)
Byron Berline-fiddle
David Jackson-bass, piano, cello, vocals
Jon Corneal-drums, tambourine
Bernie Leadon-guitar, bass
Chris Hillman-mandolin
Sneaky Pete Kleinow-steel guitar
§Cover Art-Tom Wilkes
Produced by: Larry Marks


Rainmaker† / West Montana Hanna
Martin-Nilsson (2:15) / Dillard-Jayne-Pedersen (2:30)
Elektra EKS-45679, 10/69

†arrangement and new lyrics by John Boylan

Elektra EKS-74054
10/69 [UK: 10/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Rainmaker Martin-Nilsson 2:25
In Our Time Dillard-Jayne 2:39
Old Man At The Mill Dillard-Jayne-Pedersen 2:47
Touch Her If You Can Dillard-Jayne 3:58
Woman Turn Around O'Dell 2:08
Yesterday Lennon-McCartney 1:02
Brother John Howard-Pedersen 2:52
Side Two
Copperfields Pedersen 2:16
West Montana Hanna Jayne-Pedersen 2:23
Close The Door Lightly Andersen 2:53
Pictures Dillard-Smith 2:35
Ebo Walker Dillard-Jayne 2:10
Sundown Pedersen 2:00
Rodney Dillard-dobro, guitar, vocals
Herb Pedersen-banjo, guitar, vocals (Copperfields, West Montana Hanna)
Dean Webb-mandolin
Mitch Jayne-acoustic bass, vocals
Paul York-percussion, drums
Byron Berline-fiddle
Jimmie Haskell-string & woodwind orchestration
§Cover Photo-Ed Caraeff
Produced by: John Boylan


Close The Door Lightly (When You Go) / Touch Her If You Can
Andersen (2:53) / Dillard-Jayne (3:58)
Elektra EKS-45681, 1/70

Don't Let Me Down / Rocky Top
Lennon-McCartney (3:00) / Bryant (2:46)
A&M 1165, 2/70

One Too Many Mornings¹ / Turn It Around¹
Dylan (2:40) / Reed (2:40)
White Whale WW-351, 4/70

Comin' Home Again¹ / Fields Have Turned Brown¹
Pederson (2:27) / Carter (2:56)
White Whale WW-359, 9/70


White Light
A&M SP-4292
8/71 [UK: 11/71]
Back Cover

Side One
The Virgin Clark 3:35
With Tomorrow Clark-Davis 2:25
White Light Clark 3:38
Because Of You Clark 4:03
One In A Hundred Clark 3:30
Side Two
For A Spanish Guitar Clark 4:57
Where My Love Lies Asleep Clark 4:20
Tears Of Rage Dylan-Manuel 4:11
1975 Clark 4:28
Gene Clark-guitar, vocals
Jesse Ed Davis-guitar
John Selk-acoustic guitar
Ben Sidran-keyboards
Mike Utley-keyboards
Chris Ethridge-bass
Gary Mallaber-drums
Bobbye Hall-percussion
§Cover Art-John Dietrich
Produced by: Jesse Ed Davis



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