Blue Cheer
Leigh Stephens ♦ Kak ♦ Silver Metre 

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Group "B"
Stop Calling Me / She's Gone
Hille-King (2:23) / Hille-King (2:29)
Scorpio 402, ?/65

included Dickie Peterson

Group "B"
I Know Your Name Girl / I Never Really Knew
Hille-King-Mays (2:22) / Peterson-Peterson (2:28)
Scorpio 406, 3/66

Jim King-vocals
Roger Hille-guitar
Jack May-guitar
Dickie Peterson-guitar
Jerri Peterson-guitar
Dave Damrell-bass
Danny Mihm-drums


Oxford Circle
Foolish Woman / Mind Destruction
Oxford Circle (2:30) / Oxford Circle (5:10)
World United 1002, 11/66

Dehner Patten-lead guitar
Gary Yoder-rhythm guitar, vocals
Jim Keylor-bass
Paul Whaley-drums


Yoder & Patten to Kak; Dickie Peterson and Whaley to Blue Cheer; Danny Mihm to Flamin' Groovies

Festival Of Growing Things(7/1/67)

Vincebus Eruptium
Philips PHS-600-264
1/16/68 T20 [UK: 7/68]
Back Cover

Back Cover

"Augustus Stanley Owsley III" reduced to just "Owsley"
Side One
Summertime Blues Capehart-Cochran 3:43
Rock Me Baby Josea-King 4:18
Doctor Please Peterson 8:50
Side Two
Out Of Focus Peterson 3:52
Parchment Farm Allison 5:48
Second Time Around Peterson 6:18
Leigh Stephens-guitar
Dickie Peterson-bass, vocals
Paul Whaley-drums
§Cover Art-Gut
Produced by: Abe "Voco" Kesh

Note: Original issue printed on silver, textured paper.

Summertime Blues / Out Of Focus
Capehart-Cochran (3:43) / Peterson (3:52)
Philips 40516, 2/68 T20

reverse of picture sleeve is blank!
Miami Pop Festival(5/18/68)
Just A Little Bit / Gypsy Ball
Peterson (3:24) / Peterson-Stephens (2:57)
Philips 40541, 6/68 BB

Newport Pop Festival(8/4/68)

Philips PHS-600-278
9/68 BB [UK: 10/68]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Fold-up Inside Cover

How It Opens

Album Sticker

Side One
Feathers From Your Tree Peterson-Stephens-Wagner 3:29
Sun Cycle Peterson-Stephens-Wagner 4:12
Just A Little Bit Peterson 3:24
Gypsy Ball Peterson-Stephens 2:57
Come And Get It Peterson-Stephens-Wagner 3:13
Side Two
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Jagger-Richards 5:07
The Hunter Jackson-Jones-Wells 4:22
Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger Peterson-Stephens 1:38
Babylon Peterson 4:22
Leigh Stephens-guitar
Dickie Peterson-bass, guitar, vocals
Paul Whaley-drums
Ralph Burns Kellogg-keyboards, reeds
§Cover Painting-Arab
Produced by: Abe "Voco" Kesh


Leigh Stephens to solo career, replaced by Randy Holden

Everything's Changing / Rain³
Yoder (4:05) / Yoder (1:58)
Epic 10383, 9/68

Feathers From Your Tree / Sun Cycle
Peterson-Stephens-Wagner (3:29) / Peterson-Stephens-Wagner (4:12)
Philips 40561, 10/68

10/15/68: Blaises Club, London

Randy Holden out, replaced by Bruce Stephens

Epic BN-26429
2/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
HCO 97658 Damrell-Grelecki-Lockheed-Patten-Yoder 1:35
Everything's Changing Grelecki-Yoder 4:02
Electric Sailor Damrell-Lockheed-Patten-Yoder 3:04
Disbelievin' Yoder 3:56
I've Got Time Yoder 3:37
Flowing By Grelecki-Yoder 3:55
Side Two
Bryte 'N' Clear Day Grelecki-Yoder 3:45
Trieulogy:   8:13
   Golgotha Yoder  
   Mirage Grelecki-Yoder  
   Rain Grelecki-Yoder  
Lemonaide Kid Yoder 6:00
Gary Yoder-guitar, vocals
Dehner Patten-guitar, vocals
Joseph Damrell-bass, sitar, tambourine, vocals
Chris Lockheed-drums, tabla, harpsichord, maracas, vocals
§Cover Design-Gary Grelecki, painting by Edward Kasper
Produced by: Gary Grelecki


Red Weather
Philips PHS-600-294
3/69 [UK: 7/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Another Dose Of Life Stephens 4:47
Drifting Stephens 6:41
Indians Koske-Stephens 4:47
I Grow Higher Albronda-Stephens 5:39
Side Two
Red Weather Stephens 3:14
If You Choose Too Albronda-Stephens 5:10
Joannie Mann Stephens 5:05
Chicken Pot Pie Stephens 3:12
Leigh Stephens-guitar, bass, vocals
Ian Stewart-keyboards
Nicky Hopkins-piano (Drifting, Chicken Pot Pie)
Kevin Westlake-drums
Mick Waller-drums
Eric Albronda-vocals (Another Dose Of Life)
Kevin Westlake-vocals (Another Dose Of Life)
§Cover Art-Bob O'Connor, Bruce Steinheimer
Produced by: Leigh Stephens & Eric Albronda

Note: Sessions evolved into Silver Metre (see below)

New! Improved!
Philips PHS-600-305
4/69 BB [UK: 7/69]
Back Cover

Side One
When It All Gets Old Kellogg 2:51
West Coast Child Of Sunshine Stephens 2:35
I Want My Baby Back Stephens 3:12
Aces 'N' Eights Peterson-Kellogg-Stephens 2:43
As Long As I Live Peterson-Stephens 2:18
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry Dylan 3:13
Side Two
Peace Of Mind Holden 7:17
Fruit & Iceburgs Holden 6:05
Honey Butter Lover Holden 1:21
Musicians on side one:
Bruce Stephens-guitar, tortoise shell, woodblocks
Burns Kellogg-piano, organ
Dick Peterson-bass, 12-string guitar, vocals
Paul Whaley-drums, percussion
Gene Estes-percussion
Musicians on side two:
Randy Holden-all guitar, vocals
Dick Peterson-bass
Paul Whaley-drums
§Cover Art-Greg Irons
Produced by Milan Melvin


I've Got Time³ / Disbelievin'
Yoder (2:56) / Yoder (3:59)
Epic 10446, 5/69

West Coast Child Of Sunshine / When It All Gets Old
Stephens (2:35) / Kellogg (2:51)
Philips 40602, 5/69

Saki Zwadoo¹ / Red Weather
Stevens (2:30) / Stevens (3:14)
Philips 40628, 8/69

All Night Long¹ / Fortunes¹
Kellogg (2:06) / Peterson (2:20)
Philips 40651, 11/69


Blue Cheer
Philips PHS-600-333
1/70 [UK: 2/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Fool Grelecki-Yoder 3:31
You're Gonna Need Someone Mayell-Stephens 3:32
Hello LA, Bye-Bye Birmingham Bramlett-McDavis 3:31
Saturday Freedom Stephens 5:55
Ain't That The Way (Love's Supposed To Be) Kellogg-Peterson 3:10
Side Two
Rock And Roll Queens Kellogg-Peterson 2:42
Better When We Try Kellogg 2:48
Natural Man Kellogg-Peterson 3:35
Lovin' You's Easy Stephens 3:59
The Same Old Story Grelecki-Yoder 4:12
Dickie Peterson-bass, guitar, vocals
Bruce Stephens-guitar
Ralph Burns Kellogg-keyboards
Norman Mayell-guitar
Gary Yoder-guitar, harmonica, vocals
§Cover Design-John Craig
Produced by Michael Sunday & Eric Albronda


Good Time Music¹ / Flight From The East¹
Yoder (2:18) / Yoder (4:10)
Epic 10560, 1/70

Gary Lee Yoder solo single

Gary Yoder to Blue Cheer

Superstar / Now They've Found Me (Ballad Of A Well Known Gun)
Rice-Weber (3:45) / John-Taupin (3:39)
National General NGR-001, 2/70

Hello LA, Bye-Bye Birmingham³ / Natural Man
Bramlett-McDavis (2:50) / Kellogg-Peterson (3:24)
Philips 40664, 3/70


Silver Metre
National General NG-2000
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Ballad Of A Well Known Gun John-Taupin 3:39
Naughty Lady Cowan-Sears 4:30
Gangbang Stephens 4:42
Country Comforts John-Taupin 3:23
Superstar Rice-Weber 3:45
Side Two
Sixty Years On John-Taupin 4:20
Compromising Situation Cowan-Stephens 3:46
Cocklewood Monster Cowan-Stephens 5:15
Nightflight Cowan-Sears 4:15
Dog End Cowan-Sears-Stephens 3:52
Jack Reynolds-vocals
Leigh Stephens-guitar
Pete Sears-organ, piano, bass
Tom Cowan-bass
Mick Waller-drums
Sue, Lesley, Sunny-backing vocals
§Cover Art-Bill Fallover
Produced by: Tom Donahue

Note: Group evolved into Pilot—album released in 72
Sue, Lesley, Sunny are: Sue Glover, Lesley Duncan, and Sunny Wheetman

Ballad Of A Well Known Gun / Compromising Situation
John-Taupin (3:39) / Coman-Stephens (3:46)
National General NGR-010, 6/70

Fool² / Ain't That The Way (Love's Supposed To Be)²
Grelecki-Yoder (2:40) / Kellogg-Peterson (2:27)
Philips 40682, 6/70

A-side: Gary Yoder-guitar, vocals, harp

BC#5 The Original Human Being
Philips PHS-600-347
9/70 BB [UK: 11/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Good Times Are So Hard To Find Housman-Mayell 3:22
Love Of A Woman Peterson 4:34
Make Me Laugh Kellogg 5:04
Pilot Grelecki-Yoder 4:49
Babaji (Twilight Raga) Mayell 3:47
Side Two
Preacher Grelecki-Yoder 4:03
Black Sun Grelecki-Yoder 3:30
Tears By My Bed Kellogg 2:04
Man On The Run Peterson 3:52
Sandwich Grelecki-Yoder 5:02
Rest At Ease Grelecki-Yoder 5:36
Dickie Peterson-bass, guitar, lead vocals (Love Of A Woman, Make Me Laugh, Man On The Run)
Gary Yoder-guitar, harp, lead vocals (all other tracks)
Norman Mayell-drums, percussion, guitar, sitar
Ralph Kellogg-piano, organ, synthesizer, bass
Bruce Stephens-guitar
Jack May-guitar
Doug Kilmer-bass
William Truckaway-synthesizer
Martin Fierro-sax
Frank Morin-sax
Mel Martin-sax
Bill Atwood-trumpet
Pat O'Hara-trombone
§Album Design-G R Grelecki
Produced by: Gary Yoder & Eric Albronda, Norman Mayell


Pilot³ / Babaji (Twilight Raga)
Grelecki-Yoder (3:20) / Mayell (3:47)
Philips 40691, 12/70


Oh! Pleasant Hope
Philips PHS-600-350
4/71 [UK: 11/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Hiway Man Mayell-Grelecki-Yoder 4:20
Believer Grelecki-Yoder 3:55
Money Troubles Peddicord 4:04
Traveling Man Grelecki-Yoder 3:08
Side Two
Oh! Pleasant Hope Peddicord 2:37
I'm The Light Housman-Mayell 5:43
Ecological Blues Mayell 2:23
Lester The Arrester Kellogg 3:09
Heart Full Of Soul Peterson 4:38
Dickie Peterson-bass, lead vocals (Ecological Blues, Lester The Arrester, Heart Full Of Soul)
Gary Yoder-guitar, lead vocals (all other tracks)
Ralph Kellogg-piano, organ, synthesizer, bass
Norman Mayell-drums, guitar, sitar, delruba, vocals
Richard Peddicord-guitar, vocals
Kent Housman-dobro, guitar, vocals
Jack May-guitar
Dehner Patten-guitar
Doug Kilmer-bass
Jim Keylor-bass
William Truckaway-synthesizer
Ronald Stallings-sax
Bob Gurland-mouth trumpet
Cynthia Jobse-harp
§Cover Concept-Norman Mayell
Produced by: Eric Albronda & Blue Cheer


All done—reformed for 1983 album.


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