Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Iveys
Maybe Tomorrow / And Her Daddy's A Millionaire
Evans (2:50) / Evans-Ham (2:08)
Apple 1803, 1/69 BB


Come And Get It / Rock Of All Ages
McCartney (2:21) / Evans-Gibbons-Ham (3:22)
Apple 1815, 2/70 T20 T20


Magic Christian Music
Apple ST-3364
2/70 BB [UK: 1/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Come And Get It†(From "The Magic Christian") McCartney 2:22
Crimson Ship‡ Evans-Ham 3:45
Dear Angie Griffiths 2:41
Midnight Sun Ham 2:49
Beautiful And Blue Evans 2:43
Rock Of All Ages†(From "The Magic Christian") Evans-Gibbons-Ham 2:28
Side Two
Carry On Till Tomorrow(From "The Magic Christian") Evans-Ham 3:17
I'm In Love† Ham 4:49
Walk In The Rain Ham 3:28
Fisherman Evans 2:26
Knocking Down Our Home Ham 3:42
Maybe Tomorrow† Evans 2:56
Pete Ham-guitar, vocals
Tom Evans-rhythm guitar, vocals
Ron Griffith-bass
Mike Gibbins-drums
Paul McCartney-piano (Rock Of All Ages), percussion (Come And Get It)
§Cover Design-David King
Produced by: Mal Evans, except:
Paul McCartney†
Tony Visconti‡

Note: This album is a combination of tracks from the movie and tracks from their UK only first album (Maybe Tomorrow), when they were
known as The Iveys. They are: Dear Angie, Beautiful And Blue, I'm In Love, Fisherman, Knocking Down Our Home, and Maybe Tomorrow

Joey Molland joins on lead guitar, replacing Griffiths (moving Evans to bass)

The Magic Christian(2/11/70)
3 Badfinger cuts
9/25/1970: UND Fieldhouse, Grand Forks, ND
University Of North Dakota
No Matter What / Carry on Till Tomorrow
Ham (2:57) / Evans-Ham (3:38)
Apple 1822, 10/70 T20 T20


No Dice
Apple SKAO-3367
11/70 BB [UK: 11/70]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
I Can't Take It Ham 2:54
I Don't Mind Evans-Molland 3:13
Love Me Do Molland 2:57
Midnight Caller Ham 2:48
No Matter What Ham 2:59
Without You Evans-Ham 4:42
Side Two
Blodwyn Ham 3:24
Better Days Evans-Molland 3:59
It Had To Be Gibbins 2:27
Watford John Evans-Gibbins-Ham-Molland 3:21
Believe Me Evans 2:58
We're For The Dark Ham 3:51
Pete Ham-guitar, piano, vocals
Tom Evans-bass, vocals
Joey Molland-guitar, vocals
Mike Gibbins-drums, vocals
§Cover Model-Kathy
Produced by: Geoff Emerick & Mal Evans


Day After Day / Money
Ham (3:02) / Evans (3:34)
Apple 1841, 11/71 T20 T20


Straight Up
Apple SW-3387
11/71 BB [UK: 2/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Take It All Ham 4:25
Baby Blue Ham 3:38
Money Evans 3:31
Flying Evans-Molland 2:37
I'd Die Babe† Molland 2:05
Name Of The Game† Ham 5:49
Side Two
Suitcase† Molland 2:53
Sweet Tuesday Morning Molland 2:31
Day After Day† Ham 3:10
Sometimes Molland 2:57
Perfection Ham 5:10
It's Over Evans 3:24
Pete Ham-guitar, piano, synthesizer, vocals
Tom Evans-guitar, bass, vocals
Joey Molland-guitar, vocals
Mike Gibbins-drums, vocals
George Harrison-slide guitar (Day After Day)
Leon Russell-piano (Day After Day)
Produced by: George Harrison† or Todd Rundgren


One more album with Apple, then onto Warner Bros.
But conflicts with manager led to breakup and Tom Ham's suicide in 1975.


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