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The Zombies Alpha Listing
Complete title listing for UK/US 45s/EPs/LPs.
She's Not There / You Make Me Feel Good
Argent (2:25) / White (2:40)
Parrot 9695, 8/64 T20 T20

Was also their first UK single (Decca F-11940, 7/64)
Tell Her No / Leave Me Be
Argent (2:05) / White (2:00)
Parrot 9723, 12/64 T20 UK

12/25/64-1/2/65: Fox Theatre, Brooklyn, NY
part of Murray The K's Christmas Show

The Zombies
Parrot PAS-71001
1/65 BB [UK: 4/65]
Back Cover

Most Of The First UK Album

Side One
She's Not There Argent 2:20
Summertime Gershwin-Gershwin-Heyward 2:12
It's Alright With Me Argent 1:49
You've Really Got A Hold On Me/Bring It On Robinson/Cooke 3:36
Sometimes Argent 2:02
Woman Argent 2:24
Side Two
Tell Her No Argent 2:08
I Don't Want To Know White 2:03
Work 'N' Play Jones 2:01
Can't Nobody Love You Mitchell 2:12
What More Can I Do White 1:36
I Got My Mojo Working Morganfield 3:32
Colin Blunstone-vocals
Rod Argent-organ, piano, mellotron, vocals
Paul Atkinson-guitar
Chris White-bass, vocals
Hugh Grundy-drums
§Cover Photo-uncredited; UK Cover Photo-Dezo Hoffmann
Produced by: Ken Jones


She's Coming Home¹ / I Must Move
Argent (2:35) / White (1:55)
Parrot 9713, 3/65 BB

I Want You Back Again / Remember When I Loved Her¹
Argent (1:58) / Argent (2:10)
Parrot 9769, 6/65 BB

Whenever You're Ready / I Love You
Argent (2:40) / White (3:20)
Parrot 9786, 8/65

Bunny Lake Is Missing(10/3/65)
3 songs on the soundtrack album not available elsewhere.
Just Out Of Reach¹ / Remember You¹
Blunstone (2:09) / White (1:58)
Parrot 9797, 10/65

From the movie Bunny Lake Is Missing
Is This The Dream?¹ / Don't Go Away
Argent (2:40) / White (2:30)
Parrot 9821, 2/66

Indication / How Were We Before¹
Argent (2:07) / Blunstone (2:05)
Parrot 3004, 6/66

Care Of Cell 44³ / Maybe After He's Gone
Argent (3:17) / White (2:32)
Columbia 44363, 11/67

Disbanded before Odessey & Oracle released
Time Of The Season / I'll Call You Mine²
Argent (3:32) / White (2:36)
Date 1604, 4/68

first issue went nowhere
Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) / This Will Be Our Year
White (2:44) / White (2:05)
Date 1612, 6/68


Odessey & Oracle
Date TES-4013
6/68 BB RS500 [UK: 4/68]
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

1969 Reissue Cover

Horrible reissue cover from Feb 69
Side One
Care Of Cell 44 Argent 3:58
A Rose For Emily Argent 2:17
Maybe After He's Gone White 2:31
Beechwood Park White 2:43
Brief Candles White 3:28
Hung Up On A Dream Argent 3:00
Side Two
Changes White 3:17
I Want Her She Wants Me Argent 2:50
This Will Be Our Year White 2:06
Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) White 2:45
Friends Of Mine White 2:16
Time Of The Season Argent 3:32
Colin Blunstone-vocals
Rod Argent-organ, piano, mellotron, vocals
Paul Atkinson-guitar
Chris White-bass, vocals
Hugh Grundy-drums
§Cover Art-Terry Quirk
Produced by The Zombies


Time Of The Season³ / Friends Of Mine
Argent (3:32) / White (2:16)
Date 1628, 11/68 T20

Big hit on second issue


Note: After The Zombies broke up, Colin recorded three singles as Neil MacArthur. No, really.

She's Not There / World Of Glass
Argent (3:18) / Hurst (2:25)
Deram 45-7524, 1/69

Colin Blunstone recording as Neil MacArthur
Imagine The Swan¹ / Conversation On Floral Street¹
Argent-White (3:10) / Argent-White (2:42)
Date 1644, 5/69

If It Don't Work Out¹ / Don't Cry For Me¹
Argent (2:27) / White (2:11)
Date 1648, 6/69


Early Days
London PS-557
6/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Whenever You're Ready Argent 2:30
Don't Go Away White 2:28
She's Not There Argent 2:19
I Love You White 3:03
Leave Me Be White 2:01
Indication Argent 2:54
Side Two
She Does Everything For Me Argent 2:10
You Make Me Feel Good White 2:31
Tell Her No Argent 2:02
I Want You Back Again Argent 2:03
Kinda Girl Argent 2:04
I Must Move White 1:50
Colin Blunstone-lead vocals
Rod Argent-organ, electric piano, harmonica, vocals
Paul Atkinson-lead guitar
Chris White-bass guitar, vocals
Hugh Grundy-drums
§Cover Art-Victor Kahn
Produced by: ?

Note: US-only collection of singles, plus the two big hits.

Don't Try To Explain / Without Her
Vera (3:18) / Nilsson (3:10)
Deram 45-85050, 8/69

Colin Blunstone recording as Neil MacArthur
Liar / Schoolgirl
Ballard (3:14) / Ballard (3:25)
Date 1659, 10/69

It's Not Easy / Twelve Twenty Nine
Mann-Weil (2:45) / Sterling (3:00)
Deram 45-85054, 11/69

Colin Blunstone recording as Neil MacArthur

Epic BN-26525
11/69 [UK: 1/70]
Back Cover

One-sided lyric insert

Side One
Like Honey Argent-White 3:14
Liar Ballard 3:14
Be Free Argent-White 3:51
Schoolgirl Ballard 3:21
Dance In The Smoke Argent-White 6:18
Side Two
Lonely Hard Road Ballard 4:24
The Feeling's Inside Argent-White 3:50
Freefall Argent-White 3:20
Stepping Stone Argent-White 4:39
Bring You Joy Argent-White 4:11
Rod Argent-organ, piano, vocals
Russ Ballard-guitar, piano, vocals
Jim Rodford-bass, vocals
Robert Henrit-drums, percussion, piano, vocals
§Cover Design-Tony Lane; Argent Logo-James R Wilkinson
Produced by Chris White

Note: Ballard and Henrit were in Unit 4+2 before joining up with Rod.

3/8/70: University Of Dayton, Dayton, OH
UD Blues Festival with B B King, Canned Heat

Ring Of Hands
Epic BN-30128
2/71 [UK: 2/71]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Celebration Argent-White 2:52
Sweet Mary Argent-White 4:05
Cast Your Spell Uranus Ballard 4:29
Lothlorien Argent-White 7:50
Side Two
Chained Ballard 5:18
Rejoice Argent-White 3:44
Pleasure Argent-White 4:51
Sleep Won't Help Me Argent-White 5:09
Where Are We Going Wrong? Ballard 4:10
Rod Argent-organ, piano, vocals
Russ Ballard-guitar, piano, vocals
Jim Rodford-bass
Robert Henrit-drums
§Cover Design & Photo-Hipgnosis
Produced by: Chris White, Rod Argent


Rejoice / Sweet Mary
Argent-White (3:46) / Argent-White (4:07)
Epic 10718, 3/71

Celebration / Kingdom¹
Argent-White (2:55) / Argent-White (3:09)
Epic 10746, 5/71



Colin Gets A Reprive

When putting this together, inadvertently swapped Colin's solo album release dates. Didn't come out here until Feb 72, just outside our time zone. The UK release had a nice texured cover.

However, Colin has been here since before the beginning and has earned enough tenure to stay!

One Year
Epic E-30974
2/72 [UK: 11/71]
Full Cover

Side One
She Loves The Way They Love Her Argent-White 2:49
Misty Roses Hardin 5:04
Smokey Day Argent-White 3:13
Caroline Goodbye Blunstone 2:54
Though You Are Far Away Blunstone 3:24
Side Two
Mary, Won't You Warm My Bed D'Abo 3:11
Her Song Argent-White 3:31
I Can't Live Without You Blunstone 3:28
Let Me Come Closer To You Blunstone 2:24
Say You Don't Mind Laine 3:22
Rod Argent-keyboards, vocals
Russ Ballard-guitar, vocals
Jim Rodford-bass, vocals
Robert Henrit-drums
§Cover Photo-Paul Ostrer
Produced by Chris White and Rod Argent


Band continued until 1976. Rod made some solo albums.
Russ went the solo and songwriter route.


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