The Velvet Underground
Nico ♦ John Cale 

I'm Not Sayin'¹ / The Last Mile¹
Lighfoot (2:48) / Oldham-Page (2:27)
Immediate 003, 8/65 [UK]

Jimmy Page arranged and played guitar on this single

Note: Andy Warhol was a major influence on (and in) The Velvet Underground during the early years.
Check the bottom of this page to find a link to a video of Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable.

All Tomorrow's Parties³ / I'll Be Your Mirror
Reed (2:55) / Reed (2:16)
Verve VK-10427, 7/66

Sunday Morning / Femme Fatale
Reed (2:51) / Reed (2:35)
Verve VK-10466, 12/66


& Nico
Verve V6-5008
3/12/67 BB RS500
Back Cover (Original version)

Original back cover with Eric Emerson torso - lawsuit threatened
Back Cover (Sticker version)

MGM pulled the record, slapped a black sticker on it
Back Cover (Airbrushed version)

Then, re-released with torso airbrushed out
Inside Cover

Peel That Banana!

UK Back Cover

Front cover was "airbrushed" version of US back cover
Side One
Sunday Morning Reed 2:53
I'm Waiting For The Man Reed 4:37
Femme Fatale Reed 2:35
Venus In Furs Reed 5:07
Run Run Run Reed 4:18
All Tomorrow's Parties Reed 5:55
Side Two
Heroin Reed 7:05
There She Goes Again Reed 2:36
I'll Be Your Mirror Reed 2:07
The Black Angel's Death Song Cale-Reed 3:10
European Son To Delmore Schwartz Cale-Morrison-Reed-Tucker 7:44
Lou Reed-guitar, ostrich guitar, vocals
John Cale-bass, piano, electric viola
Sterling Morrison-bass, rhythm guitar
Maureen Tucker-percussion
Nico-chanteuse [vocals] (Femme Fatale, All Tomorrow's Parties, I'll Be Your Mirror)
Produced by: Andy Warhol, except Sunday Morning by Tom Wilson

Note: Cover art by Andy Warhol. Back cover controversy discussed in notes

Chelsea Girl
Verve V6-5032
Back Cover

Side One
The Fairest Of The Seasons Browne-Copland 4:06
These Days Browne 3:30
Little Sister Cale-Reed 4:22
Winter Song Cale-Reed 3:17
It Was A Pleasure Then Cale-Nico-Reed 8:02
Side Two
Chelsea Girls Morrison-Reed 7:22
I'll Keep It With Mine Dylan 3:17
Somewhere There's A Feather Browne 2:16
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams Cale-Reed 5:07
Eulogy To Lenny Bruce Hardin 3:45
Jackson Browne-guitar (Side 1: 1, 2. Side 2: 2, 3, 4)
Lou Reed-guitar
John Cale-electric viola, piano, bass
Produced by: Tom Wilson


White Light/White Heat / Here She Comes Now
Reed (2:44) / Cale-Morrison-Reed-Tucker (2:00)
Verve VK-10560, 12/67


White Light/White Heat
Verve V6-5046
1/30/68 BB RS500
Back Cover

Side One
White Light/White Heat Reed 2:44
The Gift Cale-Morrison-Reed-Tucker 8:14
Lady Godiva's Operation Reed 4:52
Here She Comes Now Cale-Morrison-Reed-Tucker 2:00
Side Two
I Heard Her Call My Name Reed 4:05
Sister Ray Cale-Morrison-Reed-Tucker 17:00
John Cale-organ, bass, keyboards, electric viola, vocals
Lou Reed-guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals
Sterling Morrison-bass, vocals
Maureen Tucker-drums, percussion
Produced by: The Velvet Underground

Note: Early releases misprint: There She Goes Now
Hard to see here, but there's a skull on the front cover

John Cale to solo career
What Goes On³ / Jesus
Reed (2:40) / Reed (2:55)
MGM K-14057, 3/69

B-side listed as 2:55, is actually album length (3:22)

Velvet Underground
MGM SE-4617
4/69 RS500
Back Cover

UK Back Cover

Horizontal split instead of vertical
Side One
Candy Says Reed 4:02
What Goes On Reed 4:52
Some Kinda Love Reed 4:00
Pale Blue Eyes Reed 5:38
Jesus Reed 3:22
Side Two
Beginning To See The Light Reed 4:38
I'm Set Free Reed 4:01
That's The Story Of My Life Reed 1:56
The Murder Mystery Reed 8:53
After Hours Reed 2:07
Lou Reed-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Sterling Morrison-guitar, vocals
Doug Yule-organ, bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, vocals (lead on Candy Says)
Maureen Tucker-percussion, drums, vocals (lead on After Hours)
Produced by: The Velvet Underground


The Marble Index
Elektra EKS-74029
Back Cover

Side One
Prelude Nico :50
Lawns Of Dawns Nico 3:12
No One Is There Nico 3:36
Ari's Song* Nico 3:20
Facing The Wind Nico 4:52
Side Two
Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie) Nico 4:57
Frozen Warnings Nico 4:00
Evening Of Light Nico 5:33
Nico-vocals, harmonium
John Cale-electric viola, piano, bass, guitar, glockenspiel, bells, mouth organ, bosun's pipe
*Nico-harpsichord, prompter
Produced by: Frazier Mohawk


Vintage Violence
Columbia CS-1037
Back Cover

Side One
Hello There Cale 2:48
Gideon's Bible Cale 3:24
Adelaide Cale 2:23
Big White Cloud Cale 3:33
Cleo Cale 2:36
Please Cale 4:20
Side Two
Charlemagne Cale 5:03
Bring It On Up Cale 2:26
Amsterdam Cale 3:13
Ghost Story Cale 3:48
Fairweather Friend Jeffreys 2:34
John Cale-bass, guitar, keyboards, viola
Garland Jeffreys-guitar, backing vocals
Ernire Coralla-guitar
Stan Szelest-piano
Harvey Brooks-bass
Sanford Konikoff-drums
Produced by: John Cale, Lewis Merenstein


Lou Reed quits after recording Loaded to persue solo career. Velvets carry on til 73.

Cotillion SD-9034
11/70 RS500
Back Cover

Side One
Who Loves The Sun Reed 2:50
Sweet Jane Morrison-Reed-Yule 3:55
Rock & Roll Morrison-Reed-Yule 4:47
Cool It Down Morrison-Reed-Yule 3:05
New Age Morrison-Reed-Yule 5:20
Side Two
Head Held High Morrison-Reed-Yule 2:52
Lonesome Cowboy Bill Morrison-Reed-Yule 2:48
I Found A Reason Morrison-Reed-Yule 4:15
Train Round The Bend Morrison-Reed-Yule 3:20
Oh! Sweet Nuthin' Morrison-Reed-Yule 7:23
Lou Reed-guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals
Maureen Tucker-bass, drums
Sterling Morrison-guitar
Billy Yule-drums, percussion
Doug Yule-organ, guitar, bass, guitar, piano, drums, keyboards, vocals
Produced by: Geoffrey Haslam, Shel Kagan, The Velvet Underground


Reprise RS-6424
Back Cover

Side One
Janitor Of Lunacy Nico 4:01
The Falconer Nico 5:39
My Only Child Nico 3:27
Le Petit Chevalier Nico 1:12
Side Two
Abscheid Nico 3:02
Afraid Nico 3:27
Mutterlein Nico 4:38
All That Is My Own Nico 3:54
Nico-vocal, harmonium
John Cale-all other instruments except trumpet
John Cale, Adam Miller & Annagh Wood-harmony voices
Produced by: John Cale


Who Loves The Sun / Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
Reed (2:50) / Morrison-Reed-Yule (7:23)
Cotillion 44107, 3/71


John Cale & Terry Riley
Church Of Anthrax
Columbia C-30131
Back Cover

Side One
Church Of Antrax Cale-Riley 9:00
The Hall Of Mirrors In The Palace At Versailles Cale-Riley 7:55
Side Two
The Soul Of Patrick Lee Cale 2:47
Ides Of March Cale-Riley 11:03
The Protege Cale-Riley 2:47
John Cale-keyboards, bass guitar, harpsichord, piano, guitar, viola, organ
Terry Riley-piano, organ, soprano saxophone
Adam Miller-vocal (The Soul of Patrick Lee)
Bobby Colomby-drums
Bobby Gregg-drums
Produced by: John Cale, John McClure



One Last Stand

Rumour has it that the Velvets were much, much better live than on the albums that nobody bought at the time, yet vividly remember listening to. There are crude videos around of Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable (Youtube link), but recordings of them live (during our time-frame) were non-existant. Then this little cheapo record (legit boot?) came out in the spring of 72. Hmm, warm breezes, leaves budding, birds frolicking, and The Velvets at Max's Kansas City.

While the last best incarnation of the Velvets were working on Loaded, they played a nine-week engagement at Max's whilst they worked things out. Recorded by Brigid Polk on a muggy August night (26th) in 1970 on a cassette recorder in mono on a table-top thru a hand-held mic, which was in the hand of Jim Carroll. Good times!

Live At Max's Kansas City
Cotillion SD-9500
Back Cover

Side One
I'm Waiting For The Man Reed 4:00
Sweet Jane Reed 4:52
Lonesome Cowboy Bill Reed 3:41
Beginning To See The Light Reed 5:00
Side Two
I'll Be Your Mirror Reed 1:55
Pale Blue Eyes Reed 5:38
Sunday Morning Cale-Reed 2:43
New Age Reed 5:58
Femme Fatale Reed 2:29
After Hours Reed 2:05
Lou Reed-Rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Sterling Morrison-lead guitar
Doug Yule-bass, vocals
Bill Yule-drums
Produced by: Geoff Haslam

Note: Recorded Augusy 23, 1970. A CD released in 2004 doubled the content.


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