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People You Were Going To¹ / Firebrand¹
Hammill (2:44) / Hammill (4:08)
Polydor 56758, 1/69 [UK]

Afterwards / Necromancer
Kirtley (4:53) / Hammill (3:30)
Mercury 72979, 4/69


The Aerosol Grey Machine
Mercury SRS-61238
Back Cover

Side One
Afterwards Kirtley 4:53
Orthenthian St (Part 1) Hammill 2:23
Orthenthian St (Part 2) Hammill 3:53
Running Back Hammill 6:32
Into A Game Hammill 5:56
Side Two
Aerosol Grey Machine Hammill :56
Black Smoke Yen Banton-Ellis-Evans 1:18
Aguarian Hammill 8:27
Necromancer Hammill 3:30
Octopus Hammill 7:41
Peter Hammill-vocals, acoustic guitar
Hugh Banton-piano, organ, percussion, backing vocals
Keith Ellis-bass
Guy Evans-drums, percussion
Jeff Peach-flute
Chris Judge Smith-vocals (Firebrand)
Produced by: John Anthony


The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other
Probe 4515
Back Cover

UK Full Cover

UK Inside Cover

UK Poster

Side One
Darkness (11/11) Hammill 7:27
Refugees Hammill 6:22
White Hammer Hammill 8:15
Side Two
Whatever Would Robert Have Said? Hammill 6:07
Out Of My Book Hammill-Jackson 4:07
After The Flood Hammill 11:28
Peter Hammill-acoustic guitar and lead vocals, piano (Refugees)
Hugh Banton-organ, piano and backing vocals
Nic Potter-bass guitar and electric guitar
Guy Evans-drums and percussion
David Jackson-tenor and alto sax, flute and backing vocals
Gerry Salisbury-cornet (White Hammer)
Mike Hurvitz-cello (Refugees)
Produced by: John Anthony


Refugees²/The Boat Of Millions Of Years¹
Hamill (5:24) / Hamill (3:50)
Charisma 122, 4/70


H To He Who Am The Only One
Dunhill 50097
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Killer Banton-Hammill-Smith 8:07
House With No Door Hammill-Jackson 6:03
The Emperor In His War Room
   Part 1: The Emperor
   Part 2: The Room
Hammill 9:04
Side Two
   Part 1: The Dance In Sand And Sea
   Part 2: The Dance In The Frost
Hammill 11:13
Pioneers Over C Hammill-Jackson 12:25
Peter Hammill-lead vocals, acoustic guitar, and piano on 2
Hugh Banton-Hammond and Farfisa organs, piano, oscillator, vocals; bass guitar on 2 and 5
David Jackson-alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone, flute, and vocals
Guy Evans-drums, tympani, percussion
Nic Potter-bass guitar on 1, 3, 4, and 7
Robert Fripp-guitar (The Emperor In His War Room)
Produced by: John Anthony


Pawn Hearts
Charisma CAS 1051
Back Cover

UK Full Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Lemmings (Including cog) Hammill 11:35
Theme One Martin 2:55
Man-Erg Hammill 10:19
Side Two
A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers 23:07
   Eyewitness Hammill
   Pictures/Lighthouse Banton-Jackson
   Eyewitness Hammill
   SHM Hammill
   Presence Of The Night Hammill
   Kosmos Tours Evans
   (Custard's) Last Stand Hammill
   The Clot Thickens Hammill-Banton-Evans-Jackson
   Land's End (Sineline) Hammill
   We Go Now Jackson-Banton
Peter Hammill-lead vocals, acoustic and slide guitar, electric piano, piano
Hugh Banton-Hammond and Farfisa organs, piano, mellotron, ARP synthesizer, bass pedals, bass guitar, vocals
David Jackson-alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones, flute, and vocals
Guy Evans-drums, tympani, percussion, piano
Robert Fripp-electric guitar
Produced by: John Anthony

Note: The US release added Theme One (from a single) in between the two tracks on side one.
The first US releases were in a single sleeve (with no credits); the gatefold was adapted for the 1972 reissue.



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