Ian & Sylvia
Great Speckled Bird
All composing credits labeled "Tyson" are for Ian Tyson, except "S Tyson" for Sylvia.

Ian & Sylvia
Vanguard VSD-2113
Back Cover

Side One
Rocks And Gravel Fricker-Tyson 3:25
Old Blue Fricker-Tyson 3:25
C C Rider Trad 2:52
Un Canadien Errant Trad 2:55
Handsome Molly Trad 2:04
Mary Anne Trad 3:10
Pride Of Petrovar Trad 2:42
Side Two
Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad Trad 2:39
Rambler Gambler Trad 2:56
Down By The Willow Garden Trad 2:55
Got No More Home Than A Dog Handy 3:20
When First Unto This Country Trad 2:33
Live A-Humble Trad 2:41
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Fricker-autoharp (When First Unto This Country), vocals
Bill Lee-string bass
John Herald-guitar (Old Blue, Handsome Molly, Down By The Willow Garden, When First Unto This Country)
Art Davis-string bass (Un Canadien Errant, Got No More Home Than A Dog)
Produced by: not noted, Sam Charters?


Four Strong Winds¹ / C C Rider
Tyson (2:35) / trad (2:40)
Vanguard VRS-35021, 9/63

This version of Four Strong Winds is different from later album recording
You Were On My Mind / Some Day Soon
Fricker (2:45) / Tyson (2:00)
Vanguard VRS-35025, 1/64


Four Strong Winds
Vanguard VSD-2149
2/64 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Jesus Met The Woman At The Well Trad 2:09
Tomorrow Is A Long Time Dylan 3:15
Katy Dear Trad 2:58
Poor Lazarus Trad 4:00
Four Strong Winds Tyson 3:24
Ella Speed Trad 2:24
Long Lonesome Road Trad 2:25
Side Two
V'la l'Bon Vent Trad 1:40
Royal Canal Trad 3:34
The Lady Of Carlisle Trad 3:34
Spanish Is A Loving Tongue Trad 3:25
The Greenwood Sidie (The Cruel Mother) Trad 2:25
Every Night When The Sun Comes Down Trad, arr Fricker 4:12
Every Time I Feel The Spirit Trad 1:46
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Fricker-guitar, autoharp, vocals
John Herald-guitar
Eric Weissberg-bass
Wendell Marshall-bass (Poor Lazarus)
Paul Weidman-bass (Royal Canal)
Produced by: not noted, Sam Charters?


Married, June 64

Northern Journey
Vanguard VSD-79154
7/64 BB
Back Cover

Side One
You Were on My Mind Fricker 2:22
Moonshine Can Trad 2:12
The Jealous Lover Trad 2:52
Four Rode By Tyson 2:49
Brave Wolfe Trad 5:23
Nova Scotia Farewell Trad 2:45
Side Two
Someday Soon Tyson 2:18
Little Beggarman Makem 2:20
Texas Rangers Trad 3:24
The Ghost Lover Trad 2:43
Captain Woodstock's Courtship Trad 2:53
Green Valley Trad 4:00
Swing Down, Chariot Trad 2:06
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
John Herald-guitar
Eric Weissberg-bass
Monte Dunn-guitar, mandolin
Russ Savakus-bass
Produced by:


Early Morning Rain
Vanguard VSD-79175
5/65 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Come in Stranger Cash 1:52
Early Morning Rain Lightfoot 3:55
Nancy Whiskey Trad 2:35
Awake Ye Drowsy Sleepers Trad 4:00
Marlborough Street Blues Tyson 2:15
Darcy Farrow Campbell-Gillette 3:30
Side Two
Travelling Drummer Tyson 2:25
Maude's Blues Tyson 3:56
Red Velvet Tyson 2:16
I'll Bid My Heart Be Still Trad 2:16
For Lovin' Me Lightfoot 2:16
Song for Canada Gzowski-Tyson 4:06
Ian Tyson-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, guitar, vocals
Monte Dunn-guitar
Russ Savakus-bass
Produced by:


The French Girl / Play One More
Fricker-Tyson (2:40) / Tyson (2:58)
Vanguard VRS-35035, 1/66


Play One More
Vanguard VSD-79215
2/66 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Short Grass Fricker-Tyson 2:15
The French Girl Fricker-Tyson 2:40
When I Was A Cowboy Trad, arr Fricker-Tyson 3:47
Changes Ochs 3:30
Gifts Are for Giving Fricker 3:13
Molly And Tenbrooks Monroe 3:26
Side Two
Hey, What About Me McKenzie 3:21
Lonely Girls Tyson-S Tyson 2:37
Satisfied Mind Hayes-Rhodes 3:32
Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa Bacharach-David 3:02
Friends Of Mine Tyson 3:36
Play One More Tyson 2:58
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Fricker-autoharp, vocals
Rick Turner-guitar
Felix Pappalardi-bass, conductor (The French Girl)
Eric Weissberg-banjo, guitar
Paul Griffin-organ
Al Gorgoni-conductor (Play One More)
Produced by:


So Much For Dreaming
Vanguard VRS-9241
2/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Circle Game Mitchell 2:58
So Much For Dreaming Tyson 3:00
Wild Geese Tyson 3:54
Child Apart Tyson 3:26
Summer Wages Tyson 4:01
Hold Tight Fricker 2:38
Side Two
Cutty Wren Trad 2:55
Si Les Bateaux Vignault 3:40
Catfish Blues Trad 3:33
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies Trad 3:23
January Morning Tyson 3:03
Grey Morning Fricker 2:48
Ian Tyson-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
David Rae-guitar
Robert Bushnell-bass
Al Rogers-drums
Trade Martin-Orchestration
Produced by: Samuel Charters


Lovin' Sound / Pilgrimmage To Paradise
Tyson (2:34) / Tyson (3:24)
MGM K-13686, 2/67


Lovin' Sound
MGM SE-4388
4/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Windy Weather Tyson 3:04
Hang On To A Dream Hardin 2:15
I Don't Believe You Dylan 3:08
Where Did All The Love Go? Fricker 2:41
Mr Spoons Tyson 2:21
National Hotel Tyson 2:05
Side Two
Sunday Fricker-Tyson 1:55
Pilgrimage To Paradise Rea 3:07
(Find A) Reason To Believe Hardin 2:15
Big River Cash 2:00
Trilogy Fricker 2:46
Lovin' Sound Tyson 2:32
Ian Tyson-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, piano (National Hotel), vocals with:
David Rea-guitar
Paul Harris-keyboards
Harvey Brooks-bass
Bill LaVorna-drums
Don Payne-bass ((Find A) Reason To Believe)
Donald McDonald-drums ((Find A) Reason To Believe)
Produced by: John Court


90 X 90 / House Of Cards
Rae (2:43) / Fricker-Tyson (4:00)
Vanguard VRS-35062, 1/68


Vanguard VSD-79284
Back Cover

Side One
The Mighty Quinn Dylan 2:52
This Wheel's On Fire Dylan 3:48
Farewell To The North Tyson 3:45
Taking Care Of Business Tyson 3:14
Southern Comfort Fricker 5:04
Side Two
Ballad Of The Ugly Man Fricker-Tyson 2:35
90 X 90 Rea 2:41
She'll Be Gone Fricker 2:42
London Life Fricker 2:45
The Renegade Fricker-Tyson 3:40
House Of Cards Tyson 4:02
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
Harold Bradley, Fred Carter-guitar
Pete Drake-steel guitar
Kenny Salmusky, Bob Moore, Norbert Putnam-bass
Buddy Saltzman, Kenneth Buttrey-drums
David Rea-banjo
Jerry Reed-guitar (Farewell To The North, Taking Care Of Business)
Tommy Jackson, Buddy Spicher-fiddle (The Mighty Quinn, 90 X 90)
Produced by: Ian Tyson


Full Circle
MGM SE-4550
Back Cover

Side One
Here's To You Camp 2:32
I Learned From Leah Fricker-Tyson 3:05
Woman's World Fricker 5:25
Mr Spoons Tyson 2:49
Shinbone Alley Fricker 2:34
Please Think McKei 4:35
Side Two
Stories He'd Tell - 5:48
Jickson Johnson Trad 4:00
Tears Of Rage Dylan-Manuel 4:22
The Minstral Rea 4:18
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
others unknown
Produced by: Elliot Mazer


Give It To The World¹ / Shinbone Alley
S Tyson (2:35) / S Tyson (2:40)
MGM K-14082, 9/69

A-side produced by Todd Rundgren

Note: Ian & Sylvia form short-lived Great Speckled Bird:

Great Speckled Bird
Ampex A-10103
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Love What You're Doing Child Tyson 3:37
Calgary Tyson-S Tyson 3:00
Trucker's Cafe S Tyson 3:19
Long Long Time To Get Old Tyson 3:08
Flies In The Bottle Tyson 3:43
Bloodshot Beholder Tyson 2:56
Side Two
Crazy Arms Mooney-Seals 2:51
This Dream Tyson 3:36
Smiling Wine S Tyson 3:05
Rio Grande Garrett-Tyson 3:49
Disappearing Woman S Tyson 2:10
We Sail S Tyson 4:33
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
Amos Garrett-guitar, backing vocals
Buddy Cage-steel guitar
David Briggs-piano
Norman D Smart-drums, backing vocals
Produced by: Todd Rundgren


We Sail / Disappearing Woman
S Tyson (4:33) / S Tyson (2:10)
Ampex X11003, 5/70

Trucker's Cafe / Smiling Wine
S Tyson (3:19) / S Tyson (3:05)
Ampex X11006, 6/70

Festival Express
Creators Of Rain / Summer Wages
Smokey (2:46) / Tyson (3:22)
Columbia 4-45430, 7/71


Ian & Sylvia
Columbia C-30736
Back Cover

Side One
More Often Than Not Wiffen 3:06
Creators Of Rain Smokey 2:50
Summer Wages Tyson 3:27
Midnight - 4:14
Barney Tyson-S Tyson 4:34
Side Two
Some Kind Of Fool Tyson 2:39
Shark And The Cockroach Tyson 2:39
Last Lonely Eagle Dawson 5:08
Lincoln Freed Me Patton 2:53
Needle Of Death Jansch 3:51
Everybody Has To Say Goodbye S Tyson 2:27
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
David Wilcox-guitar
others unknown
Produced by: ?


Some Kind Of Fool / More Often Than Not
Tyson (2:39) / Wiffen (3:06)
Columbia 4-45475, 9/71



The Legendary Ian Tyson
Ian and Sylvia


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