Cat Stevens

I Love My Dog / Portobello Road¹
Stevens (2:20) / Fowley-Stevens (2:30)
Deram 45-7501, 11/66 UK

Was also his first UK single (Deram DM-102, 9/66)
Matthew And Son / Granny¹
Stevens (2:46) / Stevens (3:08)
Deram 45-7505, 1/67 T20


Matthew & Son
Deram DES-18005
5/67 [UK: 3/67] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Matthew And Son Stevens 2:46
I Love My Dog Stevens 2:23
Here Comes My Baby Stevens 2:58
Bring Another Bottle Stevens 2:44
I've Found A Love Stevens 2:32
Stevens 2:11
Side Two
I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun Stevens 2:11
School Is Out Stevens 2:55
Baby Get Your Head Screwed On Stevens 2:22
Speak To The Flowers Stevens 2:25
Humming Bird Stevens 2:36
Lady Stevens 3:04
Cat Stevens-vocals, guitars, piano, Hammond organ
John Paul Jones-bass guitar (Matthew And Son) [uncredited]
Nicky Hopkins-keyboards (Matthew And Son) [uncredited]
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Mike Hurst


I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun / School Is Out
Stevens (2:15) / Stevens (2:55)
Deram 45-85006, 5/67 T20

A Bad Night¹ / The Laughing Apple
Stevens (3:08) / Stevens (2:35)
Deram 45-85015, 9/67 T20


New Masters
Deram DES-18010
1/68 [UK: 12/67]
Back Cover

Side One
Kitty Stevens 2:23
I'm So Sleepy Stevens 2:23
Northern Wind Stevens 2:51
The Laughing Apple Stevens 2:39
Smash Your Heart Stevens 3:02
Moonstone Stevens 2:18
Side Two
The First Cut Is The Deepest Stevens 3:03
I'm Gonna Be King Stevens 2:30
Ceylon City Stevens 2:29
Blackness Of The Night Stevens 2:31
Come On Baby (Shift That Log) Stevens 3:52
I Love Them All Stevens 2:12
Cat Stevens-guitar, piano, vocals
Herbie Flowers-bass (The First Cut Is The Deepest)
Chris Hunt-drums (Lovely City)
§Cover Photo-Arkadi de Rakoff
Produced by: Mike Hurst, Noel Walker


Kitty / Blackness Of The Night
Stevens (2:19) / Stevens (2:27)
Deram 45-7518, 1/68 UK


Mona Bone Jakon
A&M SP-4260
7/70 BB [UK: 4/70] UK
Back Cover

Side One
Lady D'Arbanville Stevens 3:40
Maybe You're Right Stevens 3:20
Pop Star Stevens 4:10
I Think I See The Light† Stevens 4:00
Trouble† Stevens 2:50
Side Two
Mona Bone Jakon Stevens 1:38
I Wish, I Wish† Stevens 3:45
Katmandu Stevens 3:17
Time Stevens 1:26
Fill My Eyes Stevens 2:58
Lilywhite Stevens 3:40
Cat Stevens-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Alun Davies-guitar
John Ryan-bass
Harvey Burns-drums
Peter Gabriel-flute (Katmandu)
Jack Roestein-violin
Del Newman-string arrangements
§Cover Artwork-Cat Stevens
Produced by: Paul Samwell-Smith

Note: †featured in movie Harold & Maude

Lady D'Arbanville / Time/Fill My Eyes
Stevens (3:40) / Stevens (4:20)
A&M 1211, 9/70 T20

11/18-19/70: Fillmore East, New York City
with Hammer and Traffic (headliner)

Tea For The Tillerman
A&M SP-4280
1/71 T20 RS500 [UK: 11/70] T20
Back Cover

UK Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Where Do The Children Play?† Stevens 3:48
Hard Headed Woman Stevens 3:42
Wild World Stevens 3:15
Sad Lisa Stevens 3:39
Miles From Nowhere† Stevens 3:30
Side Two
But I Might Die Tonight(from the film "Deep End") Stevens 1:51
Longer Boats Stevens 3:07
Into White Stevens 3:23
On The Road To Find Out† Stevens 5:07
Father & Son(written for the film "Revolussia") Stevens 3:36
Tea For The Tillerman† Stevens 1:00
Cat Stevens-classical guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, lead vocals
Alun Davies-acoustic guitar, backing vocals
John Ryan-double bass
Harvey Burns-drums, congas, tambourine
John Rostein-violin
Del Newman-string arrangements
§Cover Artwork-Cat Stevens
Produced by: Paul Samwell-Smith

Note: †featured in movie Harold & Maude
The soundtrack, featuring these and other Cat songs, was released in 2007.

Wild World / Miles From Nowhere
Stevens (3:15) / Stevens (3:30)
A&M AM-1231, 1/71 T20


Note: The first two albums were repackaged as a 2-Fer in Feb 1971—cover art not changed

Moon Shadow / I Think I See The Light
Stevens (2:45) / Stevens (4:00)
A&M 1265-S, 6/71 BB UK

Peace Train³ / Where Do The Children Play
Stevens (3:40) / Stevens (3:48)
A&M 1291-S, 9/71 T20


Teaser And The Firecat
A&M SP-4313
9/71 T20 [UK: 9/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
The Wind Stevens 1:40
Rubylove Stevens 2:35
If I Laugh Stevens 3:20
Changes IV Stevens 3:27
How Can I Tell You Stevens 4:25
Side Two
Tuesday's Dead Stevens 3:34
Morning Has Broken arr Stevens, words: Farjeon 3:15
Bitterblue Stevens 3:07
Moonshadow Stevens 2:37
Peace Train Stevens 4:10
Cat Stevens-acoustic guitar, keyboards, vocals
Alun Davies-acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Larry Steele-bass guitar, congas
Gerry Conway-drums, percussion
Harvey Burns-drums, percussion
Jean Roussel-Hammond organ (Tuesday's Dead, Bitterblue, Peace Train)
Linda Lewis-backing vocals (How Can I Tell You)
Andy Roberts-Kriwaczek string organ(How Can I Tell You) [uncredited]
Rick Wakeman-piano (Morning Has Broken) [uncredited]
Andreas Toumazis, Angelos Harzipavli-bouzouki
Del Newman - string arrangements
§Cover Artwork-Cat Stevens
Produced by: Paul Samwell-Smith



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