Sea Train

The first recording by this line-up was issued as a Blues Project album: Planned Obsolescence.
Due to legal issues, they couldn't use the Sea Train name. Check it out and come right back, m'kay?

Let The Dutchess No / As I Lay Losing
Gregory-Roberts (3:23) / Kulberg-Roberts (5:05)
A&M 994, 11/68


Sea Train
A&M SP-4171
3/69 BB [UK: 6/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Sea Train Kulberg-Roberts 4:07
Let The Duchess No Gregory-Roberts 3:38
Pudding Street Kulberg 4:55
Portrait Of The Lady As A Young Artist Gregory-Roberts 3:45
Side Two
As I Lay Losing Kulberg-Roberts 4:57
Rondo Gregory-Roberts 3:24
Sweet Creek's Suite Kulberg 3:56
Outwear The Hills Kulberg-Roberts 5:15
John Gregory-guitar, vocals
Richard Greene-violin
Don Kretmar-bass, saxophone
Andy Kulberg-bass, flute
Roy Blumenfeld-percussion, drums
Jim Roberts-lyricist
§Art Direction, Photos-Tom Wilkes
Produced by: Henry Lewy


Caroline, Caroline¹ / Suite For Almond¹
Kulberg-Roberts (2:50) / Kulberg (2:37)
A&M 1106, 8/69


Peter Rowan from Earth Opera

Festival Express(7/27, 28/70)

Capitol SMAS-659
1/71 BB [UK: 4/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
I'm Willin' George 3:32
Song Of Job Kulberg-Roberts 6:04
Broken Morning Kulberg-Roberts 3:04
Home To You Rowan 3:22
Out Where The Hills Kulberg-Roberts 5:48
Side Two
Waiting For Elijah Rowan 3:35
13 Questions Kulberg-Roberts 2:58
Oh My Love Rowan 2:50
Sally Goodin' arr Greene 2:09
Creepin' Midnight Goffin-King 5:20
Orange Blossom Special Rouse, arr Greene 5:07
Peter Rowan-guitar, vocals
Richard Greene-violin, viola, keyboards, vocals
Lloyd Baskin-keyboards, vocals
Andy Kulberg-bass, flute, vocals
Larry Atamanuik-percussion, drums
Jim Roberts-lyricist
§Album Design, Photo-Bob Cato
Produced by: George Martin


13 Questions / Oh My Love/Sally Goodin'
Kulberg-Roberts (2:58) / Rowan/arr Greene (4:59)
Capitol 3067, 2/71 BB

Song Of Job / Waiting For Elijah
Kulberg-Roberts (6:04) / Rowan (3:35)
Capitol 3140, 7/71


Marblehead Messenger
Capitol SMAS-829
9/71 BB [UK: 10/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Gramercy Kulberg-Roberts 2:59
The State Of Georgia's Mind Kulberg-Roberts 4:01
Protestant Preacher Rowan 5:23
Lonely's Not The Only Way To Go Baskin 2:23
How Sweet Thy Song Rowan 5:00
Side Two
Marblehead Messenger Kulberg-Roberts 2:40
London Song Kulberg-Roberts 4:20
Mississippi Moon Rowan 3:13
Losing All The Years Kulberg-Roberts 4:34
Despair Tire Greene-Kulberg-Roberts 5:29
Peter Rowan-guitar, vocals
Richard Greene-mandolin, violin, vocals
Lloyd Baskin-keyboards, vocals
Andy Kulberg-bass, flute, vocals
Larry Atamanuik-percussion, drums
Jim Roberts-vocals, lyricist
§Cover Design-Bob Cato; Photos-Jim McGuire
Produced by: George Martin


9/23/71: Royal Albert Hall, London
Opened for Traffic
Marblehead Messenger / Despair Tire
Kulberg-Roberts (2:31) / Greene-Kulberg-Roberts (5:29)
Capitol 3201, 10/71

Rowan and Greene left for form Muleskinner. Kulberg and Roberts
fronted one more album in 73, Watch, then they were done.


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