Leon Russell
Asylum Choir ♦ Marc Benno

Sad September / Tryin' To Be Someone
MacRae-Paxton (2:18) / Gates (2:15)
G.S.P. GSP-1, 10/62

as by David & Lee [David Gates & Leon Russell)
Cindy / Misty
arr Russell (2:07) / Burke-Garner (1:50)
A&M 734, 5/64

Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout The Young / It's Alright With Me
Cale-Lesslie-Russell (1:46) / Blackwell-Lesslie-Russell (3:10)
Dot 16771, 9/65


Look Inside
Smash SRS-67107
9/68 [UK: ?/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Welcome To Hollywood Benno-Russell 2:35
Soul Food Benno-Boatman-Markham-Russell 2:05
Icicle Star Tree Benno-Russell-Wilson 2:55
Death Of The Flowers Benno-Dempsey-Russel 2:08
Indian Style Benno-Russell 3:30
Side Two
Episode Containg 3 Songs:
   NY OP
   Land Of Dog
   Mr Henri The Clown
Benno-Russell 6:07
Thieves In The Choir Benno-Riopell-Russell 4:04
Black Sheep Boogaloo Benno-Russell 2:29
Leon Russell-bass, guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals
Marc Benno-guitar
§Album Design-Lou Kimzey; Photos-Ralph Poole
Produced by: Leon Russell & Marc Benno


Welcome To Hollywood² / Soul Food
Russell-Benno (2:35) / Russell-Benno-Boatman-Markham (2:05)
Smash 2186, 10/68

Isicle Star Tree / Indian Style
Russell-Benno-Wilson (3:05) / Russell-Benno (3:40)
Smash 2204, 1/69

note spelling of A-side
 Mad Dogs & Englishmen Leon assembles band for Joe Cocker tour

Leon Russell
Shelter SHE-1001
3/24/70 BB [UK: 6/70]
Back Cover

Egg Carton Inner Sleeve

UK Cover

Side One
A Song For You Russell 4:08
Dixie Lullably Russell-Stainton 2:30
I Put A Spell On You Russell 4:10
Shoot Out On The Plantation Russell 3:10
Hummingbird Russell 3:57
Side Two
Delta Lady Russell 4:00
Prince Of Peace Dempsey-Russell 3:05
Old Masters Dylan 1:20
Give Peace A Chance Bramlett-Russell 2:15
Hurtsome Body Russell 3:35
Pisces Apple Lady Russell 2:50
Roll Away The Stone Dempsey-Russell 3:06
Leon Russell-vocals, piano, guitar, bass
Delaney Bramlett-guitar
Alan Spenner-bass
Buddy Harman-drums
Jim Gordon-drums
Jim Horn-saxophone
Bonnie Bramlett, Merry Clayton, Joe Cocker-vocals
George Harrison-guitar (Dixie Lullaby, Shoot Out On The Plantation, Hurtsome Body)
Eric Clapton-guitar (Prince Of Peace)
Chris Stainton-keyboards (Dixie Lullaby, Hurtsome Body)
Steve Winwood-keyboards (Roll Away The Stone)
Bill Wyman-bass guitar (Roll Away The Stone)
Charlie Watts-drums (Roll Away The Stone)
B J Wilson-drums (Hurtsome Body)
Ringo Starr-drums (Dixie Lullaby, Shoot Out On The Plantation, Hurtsome Body)
§Album Design-Tom Wilkes; Photo-Jim McCrary
Produced by: Denny Cordell, Leon Russell

Note: When distributed by Capitol in the fall, Old Masters (set to The Star-Spangled Banner) was deleted
Credits from wiki

B B King recorded an outstanding version of Hummingbird for his album, Indianola Mississippi Seeds.
Leon helped out by playing and bringing his choir. Carole King played on a quartet of songs, too.
Roll Away The Stone / Hummingbird
Russell-Dempsey (3:06) / Russell (3:57)
Shelter 301, 6/70


Marc Benno
A&M SP-4273
10/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Good Year Benno 3:00
Try It Just Once Benno 3:04
I'm Alone I'm Afraid Benno 4:14
Two Day Love Affair Benno 2:47
Second Story Window Benno 4:19
Side Two
Teach It To The Children Benno 3:15
Family Of Soul Benno 2:56
Hard Road Benno-Dempsey 3:38
Nice Feelin Benno 5:50
Marc Benno-guitar, piano, vocals
Jerry McGee-guitar, dobro
Ry Cooder-bottleneck guitar
Booker T Jones-piano, electric piano, organ
Jerry Scheff-bass
Jimmy Karstein-drums
Sandy Konikoff-hambone
Jim Horn-saxes, flutes
Priscilla & Rita Coolidge-backing vocals
§Art Direction-Tom Wilkes
Produced by: David Anderle


Home Sweet Oklahoma / It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
Russell (3:26) / Dylan (4:00)
Shelter 7302, 11/70

as by Leon Russell & The Shelter People
2/2/71: Royal Albert Hall, London
with Juicy Lucy, The Grease Band, Status Quo
The Ballad Of Mad Dogs And Englishmen / Let It Be
Russell (3:55) / Russell (3:25)
A&M 1253, 3/71

A-side by Leon Russell, B-side by Claudia Lennear. From the movie, not the album
Mad Dogs And Englishmen(3/29/71)
Joe's big tour—many unique songs in the film

& The Shelter People
Shelter SW-8903
5/3/71 T20 [UK: 6/71] UK
Back Cover

Lyric Insert Sheet

Side One
Stranger In A Strange Land ♦ Preston-Russell 3:58
Of Thee I Sing ♦ Russell 4:21
It's A Hard Rain Gonna Fall ♦ Dylan 5:10
Crystal Closet Queen ♦ Russell 2:57
Home Sweet Oklahoma ♦ Russell 3:25
Alcatraz ♦ Russell 3:50
Side Two
The Ballad Of Mad Dogs And Englishmen† Russell 3:55
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry ♦ Dylan 3:47
She Smiles Like A River ♦ Russell 2:56
Sweet Emily ♦ Russell 3:19
Beware Of Darkness ♦ Harrison 4:34
 ♦ The Shelter People:
Leon Russell-piano, organ, guitar, vocal
Don Preston-guitar, vocal
John Gallie-organ
Joey Cooper-guitar, vocal
Carl Radle-bass
Chuck Blackwell-drums
Claudia Lennear, Kathi McDonald-vocal

 ♦ Tulsa Tops:
Leon Russell-piano, vocal
Don Preston-guitar, vocal
Jesse Davis-guitar
Carl Radle-bass
Jim Keltner-drums

 ♦ Muscle Shoals Swampers:
Leon Russell-piano, guitar, vocal
Barry Becket-organ
Jimmy Johnson-guitar
David Hood-bass
Roger Hawkins-drums

 ♦ Friends In England:
Leon Russell-piano, guitar, vocal
Chris Stainton-guitar
Jim Price-organ
Carl Radle-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
§Album Design-Delusions Of Grandeur; Photo-Ed Caraeff
Produced by: Leon Russell & Denny Cordell

Note: †From the movie "Joe Cocker: Mad Dogs And Englishmen"

A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall / Me And Baby Jane
Dylan (5:10) / Russell (3:53)
Shelter 7305, 8/71


A&M SP-4303
11/71 [UK: ?/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Franny Benno 2:56
Put A Little Love In My Soul Benno 2:55
Stone Cottage Benno 4:46
Speak Your Mind Benno 4:57
Back Down Home Benno 4:41
Side Two
Good Times Benno 2:45
Baby I Love You Benno 3:07
Baby Like You Benno 6:37
Before I Go Benno 4:48
Don't Let The Sun Go Down Benno 2:55
Marc Benno-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Jerry McGee-guitar
Clarence White-acoustic guitar
Jesse Ed Davis-slide guitar
Gary Illingsworth-keyboards
Chuck Domanico-acoustic bass
Carl Radle-bass
Jim Keltner-drums
Nick DeCaro-accordion
Clydie King, Rita Coolidge, Venetta Fields-backing vocals
§Album Design, Photography–Barry Feinstein, Tom Wilkes
Produced by: David Anderle


Shelter SW-8910
11/15/71 BB [UK: ?/72]
Back Cover

Sleeve with lyrics

Sleeve with lyrics

Side One
Sweet Home Chicago Benno-Russell 3:20
Down On The Base Benno-Russell 2:18
Hello, Little Friend Russell 2:52
Salty Candy Benno-Russell 2:26
Tryin' To Stay 'Live Benno-Russell 2:50
Side Two
...Intro To Rita...   2:07
Straight Brother Benno-Russell 3:08
Learn How To Boogie Benno-Russell 2:40
Ballad For A Soldier Russell 4:24
When You Wish Upon A Fag Russell 4:10
Lady In Waiting Russell 3:37
Marc Benno-guitars, vocals
Leon Russell-bass, guitar, keyboards, piano, vocals
Jesse Ed Davis-guitars
Carl Radle-bass
Donald Dunn-bass
Chuck Blackwell-drums
§Cover Art-Gagliano
Produced by: Leon Russell & Marc Benno

Note: This album was recorded in 1969, but not released until 1971, when Russell was a "star."
Lyrics were printed on an insert sheet.

Tryin' To Stay 'Live / Straight Brother
Russell-Benno (2:50) / Russell-Benno (3:08)
Shelter 7313, 12/71






Shelter SW-8911
6/72 T20 [UK: 8/72]
Back Cover



Side One
Tight Rope Russell 2:59
Out In The Woods Russell 3:35
Me And Baby Jane Russell 3:53
Manhatten Island Serenade Russell 3:26
Cajun Love Song Russell 3:08
Roller Derby Russell 2:22
Side Two
Carney Russell 0:45
Acid Annapolis Preston-Russell 2:51
If The Shoe Fits Russell 2:23
My Cricket Russell 2:56
This Masquerade Russell 4:22
Magic Mirror Russell 4:54
Leon Russell-guitar, bass, piano, vocals
Don [Preston]-guitar, vocals
Joey [Cooper]-guitar
John [Gallie]-organ
Carl [Radle]-bass
Chuck [Blackwell]-drums
Jim [Keltner]-drums
§Cover Photo-Daniel Mayo; Lettering-John C LePrevost
Produced by: Denny Cordell, Leon Russell



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