The Paupers

Early Canadian singles

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Never Send You Flowers / Sooner Than Soon
Prokop-Marion (?) / Prokop-Marion (?)
Red Leaf DG-65002, 2/65 [Canada]

If I Told My Baby / Like You Like Me
Prokop-Marion (2:15) / ? (?)
Red Leaf DG-65003, 3/65 [Canada]

For What I Am / Free As A Bird
Prokop-Marion (2:10) / ? (?)
Roman DR-1103, 8/65 [Canada]

Long Tall Sally / Sooner Than Soon
Blackwell-Johnson-Penniman (?) / Prokop-Marion (2:55)
Roman DR-1111, ?/66 [Canada]


If I Call You By Some Name¹ / Copper Penny¹
Shorter (2:50) / Mitchell-Prokop (2:36)
Verve/Forecast 5033, 11/66

Simple Deed / Let Me Be
Mitchell-Prokop (2:43) / Mitchell-Prokop (2:39
Verve/Forecast 5043, 2/67

One Rainy Day / Tudor Impressions
Mitchell-Prokop (2:20) / Mitchell-Prokop (4:13)
Verve/Forecast 5056, 5/67

Monterey International Pop Festival(6/18/67)
Magic People / Black Thank You Package³
Mitchell-Prokop (2:43) / Mitchell-Prokop (2:59)
Verve/Forecast 5062, 7/67


Magic People
Verve/Forecast FTS-3026
7/67 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Magic People Mitchell-Prokop 2:43
It's Your Mind Mitchell-Prokop 5:20
Black Thank You Package Mitchell-Prokop 3:12
Let Me Be Mitchell-Prokop 3:10
Think I Care Mitchell-Prokop 3:55
Side Two
One Rainy Day Mitchell-Prokop 2:20
Tudor Impressions Mitchell-Prokop 4:13
Simple Deed Mitchell-Prokop 2:43
My Love Hides Your View Mitchell-Prokop 3:20
You And Me Mitchell-Prokop 2:40
Adam Mitchell-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Chuck Beal-guitar, mandolin
Denny Gerrard-bass
Skip Prokop-drums, vocals
§Cover Design–David Krieger; Photos-Jerrold N. Schatzberg
Produced by: Rick Shorter


Think I Care³ / White Song¹
Mitchell-Prokop (2:58) / Mitchell-Prokop (2:54)
Verve/Forecast 5074, 11/67


Ellis Island
Verve/Forecast FTS-3051
7/68 [UK: N/R]
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What's This?
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Cool, make a flick book...
Finished Flick Book

And we're done!
Side One
South Down Road Mitchell-Prokop 8:30
Cairo Hotel Mitchell 4:10
Can't Go On Mitchell-Prokop 3:35
Another Man's Hair On My Razor Mitchell 4:15
Side Two
Numbers Mitchell-Prokop 5:33
Oh That She Might Prokop 4:56
Yes I Know Campbell-Mitchell-Prokop 6:23
Ask Her Again Mitchell-Prokop 4:00
Julliana Mitchell 2:49
Adam Mitchell-organ, guitar, piano, vocals
Chuck Beal-guitar, mandolin, steel guitar
Brad Campbell-bass, vocals
Skip Prokop-drums, koto, guitar, vocals
Al Kooper-keyboards
§Design-Acy R Lehman; Cover Art-Ollie Alpert
Produced by: Elliot Mazer


Prokop to session work, including a Live Adventure , later forms Lighthouse (look down). Campbell joins Joplin's Kosmic Blues Band and it's succesor, Full Tilt Boogie Band
Another Man's Hair on My Razor³ / Cairo Hotel
Mitchell (2:52) / Mitchell (4:10)
Verve/Forecast 5094, 11/68


RCA Victor LSP-4173
5/69 [UK: 7/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Mountain Man Cole-Devereux-Prokop 4:18
If There Ever Was A Time Prokop 5:01
No Opportunity Necessary Havens-Price-Williams 3:00
Never Say Goodbye Hoffert-Hoffert 3:00
Follow the Stars Prokop 4:00
Side Two
Whatever Forever Hoffert-Prokop 4:59
Eight Miles High Clark-Crosby-McGuinn 5:08
Marsha Marsha Prokop 3:22
Ah I Can Feel It Prokop 4:49
Life Can Be So Simple Devereux-Prokop 4:57
Pinky Dauvin-percussion, lead vocals
Paul Hoffert-keyboards, vibes
Ralph Cole-guitar, vocals
Grant Fullerton-bass, vocals
Skip Prokop-drums, vocals
Freddy Stone-trumpet, flugel
Arnie Chycoski-trumpet, flugel
Howard Shore-alto sax
Russ Little-trombone
Ian Guenther-violin
Don DiNovo-violin, viola
Don Whitton-cello
Leslie Schneider-cello
§Cover Art-Robert Burns
Produced by: Skip Prokop & Paul Hoffert


Atlantic City Pop Festival(8/2/69) Lighthouse
Newport Jazz Festival(7/6/69)
If There Ever Was A Time³ / Eight Miles High³
Prokop (2:55) / Clark-Crosby-McGuinn (3:28)
RCA 74-0224, 8/69


Suite Feeling
RCA Victor LSP-4241
10/69 [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Chest Fever Robertson 5:02
Feel So Good Fullerton-Hoffert-Prokop 2:59
Places on Faces Four Blue Carpet Traces Cole-Fullerton-Hoffert-Prokop 10:51
Could You Be Concerned Hoffert-Prokop 4:16
Side Two
Presents of Presence Hoffert-Prokop 3:52
Taking A Walk Hoffert-Prokop 4:37
Eight Loaves of Bread Hoffert-Prokop 3:31
What Sense Hoffert-Prokop 3:31
A Day in the Life Lennon-McCartney 6:19
Pinky Dauvin-lead vocals
Ralph Cole-guitar, vocals
Paul Hoffert-keyboards, vibes
Grant Fullerton-bass, vocals
Skip Prokop-drums, vocals
Leslie Schneider-cello
Paul Adamson-trumpet
Bruce Cassidy-trumpet
Russ Little-trombone
Howard Shore-alto sax, flute, arranger
Paul Armin-violin
Myron Moskalyk-violin
Don DiNovo-viola
Dick Armin-violin
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Skip Prokop & Paul Hoffert


Feel So Good / Places On Faces Four Blue Carpet Traces³
Fullerton-Hoffert-Prokop (2:59) / Cole-Fullerton-Hoffert-Prokop (4:05)
RCA 74-0285, 11/69

The Chant (Nam Myo-Ho Renge Kyo) / Could You Be Concerned¹
Hoffert-Prokop (2:26) / Hoffert-Prokop (3:39)
RCA 47-9808, 2/70

Strawberry Fields Festival(8/8, 9/70)
Isle of Wight Festival(8/28, 29/70)

Peacing It All Together
RCA Victor LSP-4325
3/70 BB [UK: 9/70]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Letter from manager Vincent A. Fusco

Side One
Nam Myoho Renge' Kyo Hoffert-Prokop 4:04
Let The Happines Begin Cole-Hoffert-Prokop
Every Day I Am Reminded Beethoven, arr Hoffert-Prokop 4:12
The Country Song Hoffert-Prokop 2:26
Sausalito Hoffert-Prokop 3:02
The Fiction Of Twenty-Six Million Hoffert-Prokop 2:28
The Chant (Nam Myoho Renge' Kyo) Hoffert-Prokop 2:27
Side Two
Mr Candleman Hoffert-Prokop 3:12
On My Way To L A Hoffert-Prokop 4:25
Daughters And Sons Fullerton 3:12
Just A Little More Time Hoffert-Prokop 2:16
Little People Hoffert-Prokop 3:58
Nam Myoho Renge' Kyo Hoffert-Prokop
Skip Prokop-drums, vocals
Ralph Cole-guitar, vocals
Paul Hoffert-keyboards, vibes
Grant Fullerton-bass, vocals
Dick Armin, Leslie Snider-cello
Howard Shore-saxophone, flute
Russ Little-trombone
Arnie Chycoski, Bruce Cassidy-trumpet
Don DiNovo-viola
Paul Armin-violin
Pinky Dauvin-vocals
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Skip Prokop, Paul Hoffert, Mike Lipskin


Hats Off (To The Stranger) / Sing, Sing, Sing
Prokop-McBride (3:17) / Prokop (3:15)
Evolution 1041, 3/71


One Fine Morning
Evolution 3007
6/71 BB [UK: 11/71]
Back Cover

UK Front Cover

UK Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Love Of A Woman Cole-Prokop 5:47
Little Kind Words Prokop 4:11
Old Man Smith 5:35
Sing, Sing, Sing Cole-Prokop 3:19
1849 Cole-Prokop 6:12
Side Two
One Fine Morning Prokop 5:11
Hats Off (To The Stranger) McBride-McGraw-Prokop 3:37
Show Me The Way Prokop 2:25
Step Out On The Sea Prokop 5:04
Sweet Lullabye Prokop 4:53
Skip Prokop-drums, percussion, vocals
Bob McBride-vocals, percussion
Ralph Cole-guitar, vocals
Paul Hoffert-piano, vibes
Louie Yacknin-bass
Howard Shore-saxophone
Keith Jollimore-saxophone, flute, vocals
Larry Smith-trombone, vocals
Pete Pantaluk-trumpet
Don Dinovo-viola
Dick Armin-cello
The Edmonton Hawks-percussion
§Cover Art-Brad Johannsen; UK Cover Art-Roger Dean
Produced by: Jimmy Ienner


One Fine Morning³ / Little Kind Words³
Prokop (3:16) / Prokop (2:54)
Evolution 1048, 8/71 BB

Take It Slow (Out In The Country) / Sweet Lullabye³
Cole-Jollimore-Smith (3:07) / Prokop (3:57)
Evolution 1052, 10/71 BB

Five more albums (big success in Canada) before breaking up in late 74.
Prokop fielded a few more bands, Howard Shore went on to write the scores for LOTR series (won three Oscars).


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