Melanie (Safka)

My Beautiful People¹ / God's Only Daughter¹
Safka (3:05) / Safka (2:32)
Columbia 4-44349, 10/67

Garden In The City¹ / Why Didn't My Mother Tell Me¹
Safka (2:45) / Safka (2:45)
Columbia 4-44524, 5/68


Born To Be
Buddah BDS-5024
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
In The Hour Safka 3:04
I'm Back In Town Safka 2:17
Bo Bo's Party Safka 3:58
Mr Tambourine Man Dylan 4:20
Momma Momma Safka 4:00
Side Two
I Really Loved Harold Safka 4:05
Animal Crackers Safka 2:12
Cristopher Robin (Is Saying His Prayer) Milne-Safka 2:35
Close To It All Safka 3:22
Merry Christmas Safka 2:50
Melanie-guitar, vocals
Produced by: Peter Schekeryk

Note: Reissued in 1970 as My First Album (see note 3)

I'm Back In Town / Bobo's Party
Safka (2:17) / Safka (3:58)
Buddah BDA-113, 4/69

Beautiful People / Any Guy
Safka (3:35) / Safka (2:50)
Buddah BDA-135, 8/69

re-recording of Columbia single
Woodstock Music & Art Fair(Aug 15-18)

Buddah BDS-5041
11/69 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
I'm Back In Town Safka 0:13
Tuning My Guitar Safka 4:02
Soul Sister Annie Safka 3:30
Any Guy Safka 2:50
Uptown Down Safka 2:10
Again Safka 3:32
Side Two
Beautiful People Safka 3:35
Johnny Boy Safka 2:41
Baby Guitar Safka 3:33
Deep Down Low Safka 3:20
For My Father Safka 2:23
Take Me Home Safka 2:21
Melanie-guitar, vocals
Produced by: Peter Schekeryk

Note: released in UK as Affectionately Melanie (see BRG notes)

Take Me Home / Again
Safka (2:21) / Safka (3:32)
Buddah BDA-161, 2/70

Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) / Candles In The Rain
Safka (3:49) / Safka (1:42)
Buddah BDA-167, 4/70 BB

as by Melanie With The Edwin Hawkins Singers

Candles In The Rain
Buddah BDS-5060
4/70 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Candles In The Rain‡ Safka 1:42
Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) Safka 3:49
Carolina In My Mind† Taylor 3:37
Citiest People Safka 3:32
What Have They Done To My Song Ma Safka 4:02
Side Two
Alexander Beetle Milne-Safka 2:55
The Good Guys† Safka 3:08
Lovin' Baby Girl† Safka 4:20
Ruby Tuesday Jagger-Richards 4:31
Leftover Wine† Safka 6:06
Melanie-guitar, vocals
Alan Parker-lead guitar†
Alan Hackshaw-organ†
Herbie Flower-bass†
Barry Morgan-drums†
Harold McNair-flute†
and on Candles In The Rain:
Edwin Hawkins-piano
The Edwin Hawkins Singers-vocals
Ricky Reyes-congo drums
Produced by: Peter Schekeryk

Note: "Alexander Beetle" was pulled from subsequent releases due to objections from Milne estate.
†recorded at Wessex Studio, London

Peace Will Come (According To Plan) / Close To It All¹
Safka (4:47) / Safka (3:32)
Buddah BDA-186, 7/70 BB

also issued with Stop! I Don't Wanna' Hear It Anymore as alternate B-side, from movie RPM
Powder Ridge

Note: Powder Ridge was cancelled, by Nutmegger Melanie played anyway.

Strawberry Fields Festival(August 7-9)
Isle of Wight Festival of Music [70](August 26-30)

Leftover Wine
Buddah BDS-5066
9/70 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Close To It All Safka 3:25
(talk) - 0:22
Uptown And Down Safka 2:53
(talk) - 0:18
Momma Momma Safka 4:30
(talk) - 0:15
The Saddest Thing Safka 3:46
(talk) - 0:11
Beautiful People Safka 4:17
(talk) - 0:21
Animal Crackers Safka 2:30
Side Two
(talk) - 0:17
I Don't Eat Animals Safka 2:10
Happy Birthday (Talk) Safka 0:35
Happy Birthday (Song) Safka 0:17
Tuning My Guitar Safka 4:00
(talk) - 0:37
Psychotherapy Safka 4:55
(talk) - 0:30
Leftover Wine Safka 4:42
(talk) - 0:27
Peace Will Come (According To Plan) Safka 4:47
Melanie-guitar, vocals
Al Gorgoni, Sol Ditroia-guitar
Ronald Frangipare-keyboards
Joseph Macho-bass
Gregg Diamond-drums
George Devens-percussion
Art Kaplan-woodwind
Produced by: Peter Schekeryk

Note: Also known as: Live: Recorded at Margie's Birthday Party
Recorded live, 6/13/70, Carnegie Hall, New York City, except Peace

Ruby Tuesday / Merry Christmas
Jagger-Richards (4:31) / Safka (2:50)
Buddah BDA-202, 11/70 BB

The Good Book / We Don't Know Where We're Going¹
Safka (2:33) / DeVorzon-Botkin (2:34)
Buddah BDA-224, 4/71

B-side also from movie RPM

The Good Book
Buddah BDS-95,000
2/71 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inside Cover, Page2

Side One
Good Book Safka 4:02
Babe Rainbow Safka 5:41
Sign In The Window Dylan 2:10
Saddest Thing Safka 4:58
Nickel Song Safka 3:42
Isn't It A Pity Safka 0:31
Side Two
My Father Collins 4:59
Chords Of Fame Ochs 4:56
You Can Go Fishin' Safka 4:09
Birthday Of The Rain Safka 6:10
The Prize Safka 4:38
Babe Rainbow (Reprise) Safka :50
Melanie-nylon guitar, banjo, vocals
Vinnie Bell-electric guitar
Sal DiTroia-classical and steel guitar
Hugh McCracken-classical guitar
Ron Frangipane-keyboards
Joe Mack-bass
Buddy Saltzman, George Devens-drums, percussion
Eric Weissberg-fiddle
Margie English-banjo
Dave Melaney-accordion
George March-woodwind
The Pennywhistlers-backing vocals
John Abbott, Lee Holdridge, Ron Frangipane-arrangements
Produced by: Peter Schekeryk


Singin' In The Neighborhood
Melanie leaves Buddah Records to form her own label, Neighborhood. Like any respectable record company, Buddah begins endless repackaging of her earlier albums (almost always with a "previously unreleased" track). None of those records are listed here.

Brand New Key / Some Say (I Got Devil)
Safka (2:26) / Safka (3:07)
Neighborhood NRA-4201, 10/71  1 


Gather Me
Neigborhood NRS-47001
10/71 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover


Other Side

Side One
Little Bit Of Me Safka 4:11
Some Day I'll Be A Farmer Safka 2:50
Steppin' Safka 3:26
Brand New Key Safka 2:26
Ring Around The Moon Safka 0:40
Ring The Living Bell Safka  
   Shine The Living Light (Chant)   0:27
   Ring The Living Bell   3:38
   Shine The Living Light (Chant Reprised)   1:38
Side Two
Railroad Safka 2:50
Kansas Safka 1:47
Some Say (I Got Devil) Safka 3:07
Centre Of The Circle Safka 4:39
What Wondrous Love arr Safka 4:52
Baby Day Safka 3:43
Tell Me Why Edwards-Parish-Speath 1:27
Melanie-guitar, vocals
Sal DiTroia-nylon and electric guitar
Roger Kellerway-piano
Don Payne-bass
Donald MacDonald, Buddy Saltzman, Robert J Gregg-drums
Johnny Pacheco-conga drum
George March-woodwinds
Jean (Toots) Thielemans-lead harmonica
Gilbert Chimes, Michael Chimes-chord harmonica
Produced by: Peter Schekeryk



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