Kensington Market

Mr John¹ / Kensington Market¹
McKie (3:23) / McKie (2:28)
Stone 714, 9/67 [Canada]

Bobby's Birthday¹ / I Would Be The One²
McKie (3:46) / McKie (3:34)
Stone 721, 12/67 [Canada]

I Would Be The One / Speaking Of Dreams
McKie (2:37) / Gibson (2:26)
Warner Bros 7221, 8/68


Avenue Road
Warner Bros WS-1754
8/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
I Would Be The One McKie 2:37
Speaking Of Dreams Gibson 2:26
Colour Her Sunshine McKie 3:00
Phoebe Martynec 3:38
Aunt Violet's Knee McKie 4:21
Side Two
Coming Home Soon McKie 2:45
Presenting Myself Lightly Martynec 2:15
Looking Glass McKie 3:21
Beatrice Martynec 2:20
Girl Is Young McKie 3:08
Keith McKie-guitar, lead vocals
Gene Martynec-lead guitar, piano, vocals (Presenting Myself Lightly)
Luke Gibson-guitar, vocals (Speaking Of Dreams, Beatrice)
Alex Darou-bass
Jimmy Watson-drums, sitar
§Cover Photo-Bart Schoales
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: Album was reissued with new cover shortly after first release (see note 2).

Witch's Stone¹ / Side I Am
Martynec-McKie (?) / Martynec-McKie (3:17)
Warner Bros 7265, 2/69

Witch's Stone is a reworking of Ow-ing Man

Warner Bros WS-1780
5/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Help Me Martynec-Pappalardi 2:45
If It Is Love McKie 2:42
I Know You Martynec-McKie 1:58
The Thinker Gibson-Martynec 2:27
Half Closed Eyes McKie 2:29
Said I Could Be Happy Gibson-Martynec-McKie 2:21
Ciao Pappalardi 1:13
Ow-ing Man Martynec-McKie 2:35
Side Two
Side I Am Martynec-McKie 3:17
Think About The Times McKie 2:53
Have You Come To See Martynec-McKie 3:03
Cartoon Finkelstein-Martynec 2:30
Dorian Gibson-Pappalardi 6:46
Keith McKie-guitar, lead vocals
Gene Martynec-lead guitar, piano, vocals
Luke Gibson-guitar, vocals
Alex Darou-bass
Jimmy Watson-drums
Felix Pappalardi-bass, organ, piano, trumpet
John Mills-Cockell-organ, Moog synthesizer
§Aardvark sculpture-Mieke; Cover Photo-Fred Bird; Design Concept, Illustration–Bruce Meek
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi


Toronto Pop Festival(6/21/69)
All done


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