The Incredible String Band
Mike Heron

The Incredible String Band
Elektra EKS-7322
4/67 [UK: 6/66] UK
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Maybe Someday Heron 2:16
October Song Williamson 2:56
When The Music Starts To Play Heron 2:39
Schaeffer's Jig Trad :59
Womankind Williamson 3:43
The Tree Heron 2:46
Whistle Tune Trad :55
Dandelion Blues Williamson 2:55
Side Two
How Happy I Am Heron 2:10
Empty Pocket Blues Palmer 4:37
Smoke Shovelling Song Williamson 3:35
Can't Keep Me Here Heron 2:11
Good As Gone Williamson 3:19
Footsteps Of The Heron Heron 3:10
Niggertown Trad 2:07
Everything's Fine Right Now Heron 2:15
Robin Williamson-fiddle, guitar, mandolin, violin, keyboards, vocals, whistle
Mike Heron-bass, guitar, horn, keyboards, vocals
Clive Palmer-banjo, guitar, kazoo, vocals, lead vocal (Empty Pocket Blues)
§Cover Photo-John Brooke
Produced by: Joe Boyd


Clive went to Afganistan and India.

Newport Folk Festival(7/16/67)

5,000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion
Elektra EKS-74010
12/67 [UK: 7/67] UK
Back Cover

UK Back Cover

Inner Sleeve with lyrics

Inner Sleeve with lyrics

Side One
Chinese White Heron 3:35
No Sleep Blues Williamson 3:50
Painting Box Heron 4:00
The Mad Hatter's Song Williamson 5:35
Little Cloud Heron 4:02
The Eyes Of Fate Williamson 4:57
Side Two
Blues For The Muse Williamson 2:43
The Hedgehog's Song Heron 3:25
First Girl I Loved Williamson 4:50
You Know What You Could Be Heron 2:45
My Name Is Death Williamson 2:42
Gently Tender Heron 4:42
Way Back In The 1960s Williamson 3:07
Robin Williamson-flute, guitar, violin, drums, keyboards, sitar, vocals, tamboura, oud, finger cymbals, gimbri, rattles, bass gimbri
Mike Heron-bass, guitar, harmonica, horn, keyboards, vocals
John Hopkins-piano
Licorice McKechnie-vocals, percussion
Danny Thompson-double bass
Soma [Nazir Jairazbhoy]-sitar, tabla
§Cover Art-The Fool (Simon Postuma and Marijke Koger)
Produced by: Joe Boyd


The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter
Elektra EKS-74021
6/68 BB [UK: 3/68] T20
Back Cover

UK Front Cover

Back cover was the US front cover
Side One
Koeeoaddi There Williamson 4:41
The Minotaur's Song Williamson 3:18
Witches Hat Williamson 2:30
A Very Cellular Song Heron 12:55
Side Two
Mercy I Cry City Heron 2:40
Waltz Of The New Moon Williamson 5:01
The Water Song Williamson 2:41
Three Is A Green Crown Williamson 7:40
Swift As The Wind Heron 4:50
Nightfall Williamson 2:29
Robin Williamson-guitar, harmonica, mandolin, percussion, piano, violin, harp, keyboards, vocals, oud, gimbri
Mike Heron-organ, dulcimer, bass, guitar, harpsichord, horn, keyboards, sitar, vocals
Dolly Collins-flute organ, piano
Licorice McKechnie-vocals, finger cymbals
Rose Simpson-bass, percussion
David Snell-harp
Richard Thompson-vocals (The Minotaur's Song)
Judy Dyble-vocals (The Minotaur's Song)
§Cover Photo-Iain Skinner
Produced by: Joe Boyd


 ➜ 6/5/68, Fillmore East; released 2013: Live At The Fillmore—1968 

The Big Huge
Elektra EKS-74037
3/69 BB [UK: 10/68]
Back Cover

UK Back Covers were very similar
UK Double Album Cover

UK Double Album Back Cover

UK Double Album Inside Cover

UK Insert

This insert appeared in all UK albums
UK Single Album Cover

Side One
Maya Williamson 9:24
Greatest Friend Heron 3:30
The Son Of Noah's Brother Williamson 0:16
Lordly Nightshade Williamson 5:13
The Mountain Of God Williamson 1:51
Side Two
Cousin Caterpillar Heron 5:15
The Iron Stone Williamson 6:33
Douglas Traherne Hardine Heron 6:15
The Circle Is Unbroken Williamson 4:47
Robin Williamson-guitar, violin, keyboards, vocals
Mike Heron-bass, guitar, horn, keyboards, vocals
Licorice McKechnie-violin, keyboards
Rose Simpson-bass, percussion
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Joe Boyd

Note: Originally released in the UK as a double album and as single albums(see notes).

Wee Tam
Elektra EKS-74036
3/69 BB [UK: 10/68]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Job's Tears Williamson 6:40
Puppies Heron 5:30
Beyond The See Heron 2:16
Yellow Snake Williamson 2:04
Log Cabin Home In The Sky Heron 4:00
Side Two
You Get Brighter Heron 5:44
Half Remarkable Question Williamson 5:01
Air Heron 3:12
Ducks On A Pond Williamson 9:17
Robin Williamson-organ, bass, flute, guitar, percussion, piano, violin, drums, harpsichord, kazoo, whistle, sarangui, gimbri, Irish harp
Mike Heron-organ, bass, guitar, harmonica, harpsichord, sitar, washboard
Licorice McKechnie-percussion, Irish harp
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Joe Boyd


Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/16/69)
Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/23/69)
Texas International Pop Festival(8/31/69)

Changing Horses
Elektra EKS-74057
11/69 BB [UK: 11/69] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Big Ted Williamson 4:21
White Bird Heron 14:46
Dust Be Diamonds Heron-Williamson 6:14
Side Two
Sleepers, Awake! Heron 3:44
Mr And Mrs Williamson 4:54
Creation Williamson 16:04
Robin Williamson-organ, flute, guitar, percussion, piano, violin, keyboards, vocals, washboard, gimbri, Chinese banjo
Mike Heron-bass, guitar, mandolin, percussion, piano, guitar, horn, keyboards, sitar, vocals, vibraphone
Licorice McKechnie-organ, guitar, percussion, violin, kazoo, keyboards, vocals
Rose Simpson-bass, percussion, vocals
Walter Grundy-harmonica
Ivan Pawler-organ, piano, keyboards
§Cover Photo-Janet Shankman
§Inside Art (L)-Robin Williamson; Inside Art (R)-Mike Heron
Produced by: Joe Boyd


I Looked Up
Elektra EKS-74061
5/70 BB [UK: 4/70] UK
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Black Jack Davey Heron 3:59
The Letter Heron 3:08
Picture's In A Mirror Williamson 10:43
Side Two
This Moment Heron 6:07
When You Find Out Who You Are Williamson 10:58
Fair As You Heron 6:27
Robin Williamson-flute, guitar, percussion, violin, keyboards, vocals, gimbri
Mike Heron-organ, bass, guitar, piano, harpsichord, horn, keyboards, vocals
Licorice McKechnie-dulcimer, bass, violin, drums, keyboards, vocals
Rose Simpson-bass, percussion, violin, vocals
John Gimbri-flute
Dave Mattacks-drums
§US Cover Photo-Ian Skinner; UK Cover Art-Janet Shankman
Produced by: Joe Boyd


This Moment³ / Big Ted
Heron (3:08) / Williamson (4:21)
Elektra EKS-45696, 7/70


Elektra 7E-2002
12/70 BB [UK: 10/70] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Booklet

Side One
El Wool Suite Heron 8:28
The Juggler's Song Williamson 3:10
Time Williamson 3:57
Bad Sadie Lee Shankman 3:48
Queen Of Love Williamson 8:36
Side Two
Partial Belated Overture Heron 2:54
Light In Time Of Darkness/Glad To See You Heron 10:18
Walking Along With You Heron 3:58
Hirem Pawnitof/Fairies' Hornpipe Heron/Trad 6:18
Bridge Theme Heron 2:15
Side Three
Bridge Song Heron 8:47
Astral Plane Theme Williamson 4:55
Invocation Williamson 4:48
Robot Blues Williamson 4:07
Puppet Song Williamson 6:15
Side Four
Cutting The Strings Williamson 5:08
I Know You McKechnie 3:22
Rainbow Heron 15:39
Robin Williamson-guitar, violin, keyboards, vocals
Mike Heron-bass, guitar, horn, keyboards, vocals
Peter Grant-banjo
Greg Heat-sitar
Licorice McKechnie-violin, keyboards
Janet Shankman-harpsichord, vocals
Rose Simpson-bass, percussion
§Cover Art-Janet Shankman
Produced by: Joe Boyd


Smiling Men With Bad Reputations
Elektra EKS-74093
5/71 [UK: 4/71]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Call Me Diamond Heron 5:15
Flowers Of The Forest Heron 5:44
Audrey Heron 4:09
Brindaban Heron 3:50
Feast Of Stephen Heron 4:37
Side Two
Spirit Beautiful Heron 5:15
Warm Heart Pastry Heron 6:57
Beautiful Stranger Heron 7:18
No Turning Back(Mike solo) Heron 3:12
Mike Heron-vocals, organ, bass, guitar, keyboards
John Cale-bass, harmonium, piano, viola (Audrey, Feast Of Stephen, Beautiful Stranger)
Dudu Pukwana-piano, alto sax (Call Me Diamond)
Dave Pegg-bass (Call Me Diamond)
Mike Kowalski-drums (Call Me Diamond)
Richard Thompson-lead guitar (Flowers Of The Forest)
Steve Winwood-organ (Flowers Of The Forest)
Rose Simpson-bass (Flowers Of The Forest)
Dave Mattacks-drums (Flowers Of The Forest)
Simon Nicol-guitar (Feast Of Stephen)
Tony Cox-synthesizer (Beautiful Stranger)
Pat Donaldson-bass (Beautiful Stranger)
Gerry Conway-drums (Feast Of Stephen, Beautiful Stranger)
Tommy & The Bijoux [Townshend, Ronnie Lane, & Moon]-guitar, bass, drums (Warm Heart Pastry, with Cale on viola)
§Cover Design-Nigel Waymouth, Photo-Karl Stoeker-
Produced by: Joe Boyd


Call Me Diamond³ / Brindaban
Heron (3:45) / Heron (3:50)
Elektra EKS-45739, 6/71

ISB's move into multi-media culminated in "U" which failed on the concert circuit.
Four more records followed and then solo careers.


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