The Fraternity Of Man
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=KGO, San Francisco
F-Troop: "That's Show Biz," as The Bedbugs, 2/9/67,
Wrangler Jane sings Mr Tambourine Man, too!
Gomer Pyle, USMC: "Lost, the Colonel's Daughter," 3/22/67,
perfoming Lost and Candy Cane Madness.
Smile, Let Your Life Begin / When I Was A Apple
George (2:33) / Klein (1:45)
Uni 55005, 4/67

No Place I'd Rather Be / Do Biddley
George-Klein (2:25) / Diddley (2:05)
Uni 55027, 8/67

as by Emil Richards & The Factory
Lowell George-guitar
Warren Klein-guitar, sitar, tamboura
Martin Kibbee-bass
Dallas Taylor-drums (first single only)
Richard Hayward-drums
Emil Richards-percussion, vocals (second single only)


Lowell George to The Mothers

The Fraternity Of Man
Back Cover

Side One
In The Morning Fraternity Of Man 4:22
Plastic Rat Fraternity Of Man 3:41
Don't Bogart Me Fraternity Of Man 3:00
Stop Me Citate Me Fraternity Of Man 2:50
Bikini Babe Fraternity Of Man 2:03
Oh No! I Don't Believe It Zappa 6:15
Side Two
Whispy Paisley Skies Fraternity Of Man 2:22
Field Day Fraternity Of Man 3:59
Just Doin' Our Job Fraternity Of Man 2:21
Blue Guitar Fraternity Of Man 4:23
Last Call For Alcohol Fraternity Of Man 3:25
Candy Striped Lion's Tails Fraternity Of Man 5:17
Elliott Ingber-guitar
Lawrence "Stash" Wagner-vocals, guitar
Warren Klein-guitar, sitar, tamboura
Martin Kibbee-bass
Richard Hayward-drums, vocals
Produced by: Tom Wilson


Whispy Paisley Skies / Don't Bogart Me
Fraternity Of Man (2:22) / Fraternity Of Man (3:00)
ABC 11106, 7/68


Get It On
Dot 25955
Back Cover

Side One
Boo Man Williamson 3:14
Don't Start Me Talkin' Williamson 2:37
Pool Of Tears Fraternity of Man 2:48
The Throbber Fraternity of Man 3:40
Cat's Squirrel Fraternity of Man 3:18
Side Two
Too High To Eat Fraternity of Man 3:37
Forget Her Fraternity of Man 3:32
Coco Lollipop Fraternity of Man 3:03
Trick Bag Weeden 2:40
Mellow Token Fraternity of Man 3:28
Elliot Ingber-guitar
Lawrence "Stash" Wagner-guitar, vocals
Warren Klein-guitar, sitar, tamboura
Martin Kibbee-bass
Richard Hayward-drums, vocals
Lowell George-guitar
Bill Payne-piano
Produced by: Tom Wilson


Elliot Ingber to Capt Beefheart
Strawberry Flats / Hamburger Midnight
George-Payne (2:21) / Estrada-George (2:28)
Warners 7431, 5/70


Little Feat
Warner Bros WS-1890
Back Cover

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73 Reissue Back

Lyrics from first issue (now deleted) insert.
75 Reissue Back

And the group is gone!
Side One
Snakes On Everything Payne 3:04
Strawberry Flats George-Payne 2:20
Truck Stop Girl George-Payne 2:32
Brides Of Jesus George-Payne 3:20
Willin' George 2:24
Hamburger Midnight Estrada-George 2:30
Side Two
Forty-Four Blues/How Many More Years Burnett 6:25
Crack In Your Door George 2:16
I've Been The One George 2:20
Takin' My Time Payne 2:45
Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie George-Payne 1:55
Lowell George-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Bill Payne-keyboards, vocals
Roy Estrada-bass, vocals
Richard Hayward-drums, vocals
Ry Cooder-guitar, bottleneck guitar
Sneaky Pete Kleinow-pedal steel
Elliot Ingber-guitar [uncredited]
Fred Tackett-guitar, mandolin, trumpet [uncredited]
Russ Titelman-percussion, piano, vocals [uncredited]
Produced by: Russ Titelman



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