The 13th Floor Elevators
The Spades

You're Gonna Miss Me² / We Sell Soul¹
Erickson (2:55) / Erickson (3:21)
Zero 10002, ?/65

You're Gonna Miss Me / Tried To Hide
Erickson (2:20) / Hall-Sutherland (2:15)
International Artists IA-107, 5/66 BB

Reverbaration (Doubt)² / Fire Engine²
Ericson-Hall-Sutherland () / Ericson-Hall-Sutherland (2:30)
International Artists IA-111, 10/66


The Psychedelic Sounds Of
International Artists IA-LP-1
Back Cover

Side One
You're Gonna Miss Me Ericson 2:24
Roller Coaster Ericson-Hall 5:00
Splash 1 (Now I'm Home) Ericson-C Hall 3:50
Reverbaration Ericson-Hall-Sutherland 2:46
Don't Fall Down Ericson-Hall 3:00
Side Two
Fire Engine Ericson-Hall-Sutherland 3:22
Thru The Rhythm Hall-Sutherland 3:05
You Don't Know St John 2:38
Kingdom Of Heaven St John 3:05
Monkey Island St John 2:38
Tried To Hide Hall-Sutherland 2:43
Roky Erickson-vocals, rhythm guitar
Stacy Sutherland-lead guitar
Tommy Hall-amplified jug
Benny Thurman-bass, violin
Ronnie Leatherman-bass
John Ike Walton-drums
Produced by: Lelan Rogers


Before You Accuse Me¹ / I've Got Levitation
Diddley (2:29) / Hall-Sutherland (2:23)
International Artists IA-113, 2/67

She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own) / Baby Blue
Ericson-Hall (2:54) / Dylan (5:05)
International Artists IA-121, 9/67


Easter Everywhere
International Artists IA-LP-5
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Slip Inside This House Ericson-Hall 7:55
Slide Machine St John 3:38
She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own) Ericson-Hall 2:53
Nobody To Love Sutherland 2:50
Baby Blue Dylan 5:05
Side Two
Earthquake Ericson-Hall 4:43
Dust Erickson-Hall 3:55
I've Got Levitation Hall-Sutherland 2:37
I Had To Tell You Ericson-C Hall 2:23
Postures (Leave Your Body Behind) Ericson-Hall 6:20
Roky Erickson-vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Stacy Sutherland-lead guitar
Tommy Hall-electric jug
Dan Galindo-bass
Danny Thomas-drums
John Ike Walton-drums (She Lives (In A Time of Her Own) and Levitation)
Ronnie Leatherman-bass (She Lives (In A Time of Her Own) and Levitation)
Clementine Hall-backing vocals (I Had To Tell You)
Produced by: Lelan Rogers


Slip Inside This House³ / Splash 1
Erickson-Hall (3:53) / Erickson-Hall (3:40)
International Artists IA 122, 2/68


International Artists IA-LP-8
Back Cover

Side One
Before You Accuse Me Diddley 3:55
She Lives In A Time Of Her Own Erickson-Hall 3:08
Tried To Hide Hall-Sutherland 3:07
You Gotta Take That Girl St John 3:15
I'm Gonna Love You Too Mauldin-Petty-Sullivan 2:15
Side Two
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love Burke-Russell-Wexler 4:03
I've Got Levitation Hall-Sutherland 2:52
You Can't Hurt Me Anymore Erickson-Hall 3:55
Roller Coaster Erickson-Hall 5:09
You're Gonna Miss Me Erickson 2:30

Note: As per several "live" albums of the 60s, studio outtakes that were overdubbed with phony cheering and applause

I'm Gonna Love You Too / May The Circle Remain Unbroken
Mauldin-Petty-Sullivan (1:57) / Erickson (2:36)
International Artists IA 126, 12/68

Scarlet And Gold / Livin' On
Sutherland (4:50) / Hall-Sutherland (3:15)
International Artists IA 130, 2/69


Bull Of The Woods
International Artists IA-LP 9
Back Cover

Side One
Livin' On Hall-Sutherland 3:20
Barnyard Blues Sutherland 2:50
Till Then Hall-Sutherland 3:18
Never Another Erickson-Hall 2:26
Rose And The Thorn Sutherland 3:40
Down By The River Sutherland 1:55
Side Two
Scarlet And Gold Sutherland 4:50
Street Song Sutherland 4:55
Dear Dr Doom Hall-Sutherland 3:10
With You Leatherman 2:10
May The Circle Remain Unbroken Erickson 2:40
Roky Erickson-vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Stacy Sutherland-lead guitar
Tommy Hall-electric jug
Duke Davis-bass
Ronnie Leatherman-bass
Danny Thomas-drums
Produced by: Ray Rush



Texas Psychedelic Ranch
1960s Texas Music


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