The 13th Floor Elevators

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Spades
I Need A Girl / Do You Want To Dance?
Mac-Shrop (2:10) / Freeman (2:03)
Zero 10002, 4/65


The Spades
You're Gonna Miss Me / We Sell Soul
Erickson (2:55) / Erickson (3:21)
Zero 10002, 11/65


You're Gonna Miss Me / Tried To Hide
Erickson (2:20) / Hall-Sutherland (2:15)
International Artists IA-107, 5/66 BB

Reverbaration (Doubt)² / Fire Engine²
Ericson-Hall-Sutherland () / Ericson-Hall-Sutherland (2:30)
International Artists IA-111, 10/66


The Psychedelic Sounds Of
International Artists IA-LP-1
10/66 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
You're Gonna Miss Me Ericson 2:24
Roller Coaster Ericson-Hall 5:00
Splash 1 (Now I'm Home) Ericson-C Hall 3:50
Reverbaration Ericson-Hall-Sutherland 2:46
Don't Fall Down Ericson-Hall 3:00
Side Two
Fire Engine Ericson-Hall-Sutherland 3:22
Thru The Rhythm Hall-Sutherland 3:05
You Don't Know St John 2:38
Kingdom Of Heaven St John 3:05
Monkey Island St John 2:38
Tried To Hide Hall-Sutherland 2:43
Roky Erickson-vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Stacy Sutherland-lead guitar
Tommy Hall-amplified jug
Benny Thurman-bass (You're Gonna Miss Me, Splash 1 (Now I'm Home))
Ronnie Leatherman-bass
John Ike Walton-drums
§Cover Art-John Cleveland
Produced by: Lelan Rogers


Before You Accuse Me¹ / I've Got Levitation
Diddley (2:29) / Hall-Sutherland (2:23)
International Artists IA-113, 2/67

She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own) / Baby Blue
Ericson-Hall (2:54) / Dylan (5:05)
International Artists IA-121, 9/67


Easter Everywhere
International Artists IA-LP-5
11/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Slip Inside This House Ericson-Hall 7:55
Slide Machine St John 3:38
She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own) Ericson-Hall 2:53
Nobody To Love Sutherland 2:50
Baby Blue Dylan 5:05
Side Two
Earthquake Ericson-Hall 4:43
Dust Erickson-Hall 3:55
I've Got Levitation Hall-Sutherland 2:37
I Had To Tell You Ericson-C Hall 2:23
Postures (Leave Your Body Behind) Ericson-Hall 6:20
Roky Erickson-vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Stacy Sutherland-lead guitar, lead vocal (Nobody To Love)
Tommy Hall-electric jug
Dan Galindo-bass
Danny Thomas-drums
John Ike Walton-drums (She Lives (In A Time of Her Own) and Levitation)
Ronnie Leatherman-bass (She Lives (In A Time of Her Own) and Levitation)
Clementine Hall-backing vocals (I Had To Tell You)
§Cover Art-Flash Grapics
Produced by: Lelan Rogers


Slip Inside This House³ / Splash 1
Erickson-Hall (3:53) / Erickson-Hall (3:40)
International Artists IA 122, 2/68


International Artists IA-LP-8
8/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Before You Accuse Me Diddley 3:55
She Lives In A Time Of Her Own Erickson-Hall 3:08
Tried To Hide Hall-Sutherland 3:07
You Gotta Take That Girl St John 3:15
I'm Gonna Love You Too Mauldin-Petty-Sullivan 2:15
Side Two
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love Burke-Russell-Wexler 4:03
I've Got Levitation Hall-Sutherland 2:52
You Can't Hurt Me Anymore Erickson-Hall 3:55
Roller Coaster Erickson-Hall 5:09
You're Gonna Miss Me Erickson 2:30

Note: As per several "live" albums of the 60s, studio outtakes that were overdubbed with phony cheering and applause

Roky goes to psych ward, effectively ending the band
Stacy fininshes up last album.
I'm Gonna Love You Too / May The Circle Remain Unbroken
Mauldin-Petty-Sullivan (1:57) / Erickson (2:36)
International Artists IA 126, 12/68

Scarlet And Gold / Livin' On
Sutherland (4:50) / Hall-Sutherland (3:15)
International Artists IA 130, 2/69


Bull Of The Woods
International Artists IA-LP 9
3/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Livin' On† Hall-Sutherland 3:20
Barnyard Blues Sutherland 2:50
Till Then Hall-Sutherland 3:18
Never Another† Erickson-Hall 2:26
Rose And The Thorn Sutherland 3:40
Down By The River Sutherland 1:55
Side Two
Scarlet And Gold Sutherland 4:50
Street Song Sutherland 4:55
Dear Dr Doom† Hall-Sutherland 3:10
With You Leatherman 2:10
May The Circle Remain Unbroken† Erickson 2:40
Roky Erickson-vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica†
Stacy Sutherland-lead guitar, vocals
Tommy Hall-electric jug
Duke Davis-bass†
Ronnie Leatherman-bass (rest of tracks)
Danny Thomas-drums
§Cover Art-Lloyd Sepulveda
Produced by: Ray Rush

Note: Roky and Duke play on just four tracks


Texas Psychedelic Ranch
1960s Texas Music


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