The Deviants

Note: no US singles

The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream(4/29/67)

Sire SES-97001
11/68 [UK: 5/69]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Ad in Melody Maker (6/68)

Side One
Opening Farren-Hunter-Sparks 0:05
I'm Coming Home Bishop-Farren-Hunter 5:52
Child Of The Sky Farren-Hammond 4:25
Charlie Bishop-Farren 3:30
Nothing Man Farren-Moore 4:22
Side Two
Garbage Bishop-Farren-Hunter 5:32
Bun Deviants 2:35
Deviation Street Farren 9:08
Mick Farren-lead vocals, piano
Sid Bishop-guitar, sitar
Cord Rees-Spanish guitar
M J McDonnell-bass
Duncan Sanderson-bass
Russ Hunter-drums, vocals
§Cover Art-Kipps
Produced by: Johnathon Weber

Note: Album was originally released in UK in June, 1968 via underground press like International Times and Oz with a 6-page fold-out.
Check out this Discogs link for pictures!
UK release date is for the Decca album.

Sire SES-97005
3/69 [UK: 10/68]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Somewhere To Go Farren-Sanderson 7:17
Sparrows And Wires Bishop-Sparkes 0:28
Jamies Song Farren-Hunter 3:28
You've Got To Hold On Bishop-Farren-Hunter 3:47
Fire In The City Farren-Sanderson 2:57
Let's Loot The Supermarket Farren 2:21
Side Two
Pappa-Oo-Mao-Mao Frazier-Harris-White-Wilson 2:20
Slum Lord Bishop-Farren 2:08
Blind Joe McTurks Last Session Farren 1:17
Normality Jam Hughes-Hunter-McDonnell-Sanderson 4:20
Guaranteed To Bleed Ferguson-Sanderson 2:35
Sidney B Goode Bishop 0:50
Last Man Farren 5:36
Mick [Farren]-vocals
Sid [Bishop]-guitar
Dennis [Hughes]-piano
Sandy [Duncan Sanderson]-bass
Mac [M J McDonnell]-bass, harmonica
Russ [Hunter]-drums
Tony Ferguson-organ
Dick Heckstall-Smith, George-tenor sax (Fire In The City)
Pete Brown-trumpet (Fire In The City)
The Mighty Boss-vocal (Pappa-Oo-Mao-Mao)
§Cover Art-Mean & Filthy
Produced by: Mick Farren, Stephen Sparkes


Sire SES-97016
11/69 [UK: 3/69]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Booklet

Side One
Billy The Monster Rudolph 3:23
Broken Biscuits Hunter-Rudolph-Sanderson 2:09
First Line (Seven The Row) Rudolph 2:43
The People Suite Rudolph 2:24
Ramblin B(l)ack Transit Blues Hunter-Rudolph-Sanderson 5:32
Side Two
Death Of A Dream Machine Rudolph 2:45
Playtime Rudolph 3:05
Black George Does It With His Tongue Rudolph 1:19
The Junior Narco Rangers
   (If We Gotta Get Raleigh From Chicago, We're Gonna)
Rudolph 0:15
Let's Drink To The People Rudolph 1:27
Metamorphosis Exploration Hunter-Rudolph-Sanderson 8:49
Mick Farren-lead vocals
Paul Rudolph-guitar, vocals, mouth music
Duncan Sanderson-bass, vocals
Russell Hunter-percussion, vocals, stereo panning
Tony Ferguson-organ
Tony Wiggens-lead vocal (First Line)
David Goodman-backing vocals
Jenny Ashworth-vocals
§Cover Design-Diogenic Attempts Ltd; Photo-Keith Morris
Produced by: Mick Farren


11/1-2/70: The Matrix
Mick was fired after Vancouver show, then onto SF
Mick is fired during West Coast tour; rest (after awhile) form Pink Fairies


The Deviants Were The People Who Perverted Your Children And Led Them Astray


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