Cold Blood

Cold Blood
San Francisco Records SD-200
11/69 BB
Back Cover

Side One
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free Dallas-Taylor 5:58
If You Will Matute 5:35
You Got Me Hummin' Hayes-Porter 5:47
Side Two
I Just Want To Make Love To You Dixon 5:13
I'm A Good Woman Ozen 3:00
Let Me Down Easy Holloway-MacDougal 5:35
Watch Your Step Parker 5:27
Lydia Pense-lead vocals
Larry Field-guitar
Raúl Matute-piano, organ
Rod Ellicott-bass
Frank J Davis-drums
Danny Hull-tenor sax
Jerry Jonutz-alto and baritone sax
Carl Leach, David Padrón, Larry Jonutz, Mick Gillette-trumpets
Produced by: David Rubinson


You Got Me Hummin³ / If You Will³
Hayes-Porter (2:39) / Matute (3:15)
San Francisco Records SF-60, 12/69

I'm A Good Woman / I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free³
Ozen (3:00) / Dallas-Taylor (3:10)
San Francisco Records SF-61, 3/70

Too Many People³ / I Can't Stay
Ellicott-Field-Hull-Matute-Pense-Stoltie (3:24) / Field-Stoltie (4:19)
San Francisco SF-62, 9/70


San Francisco Records SD-205
12/70 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Shop Talk Cold Blood 7:23
Funky On My Back Cold Blood 6:55
Your Good Thing Hayes-Porter 5:22
Side Two
Understanding Cold Blood 6:35
I Can't Stay Cold Blood 4:26
Too Many People Cold Blood 4:06
Lydia Pense-lead vocals
Larry Field-guitar
Raúl Matute-organ, piano
Rod Ellicott-bass, percussion
Sandy McKee-drums, vocals, percussion
Danny Hull-tenor sax, flute
Larry Jonutz-trombone, trumpet
Mic Gillette-trombone, trumpet, flugelhorn
Chepito Areas-congas, timbales
The Pointer Sisters-backing vocals (Your Good Thing)
Produced by: Cold Blood, Fred Catero


Understanding³ / Shop Talk³
Cold Blood (3:07) / Cold Blood (5:05)
San Francisco SF-66, 5/71



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