The Chocolate Watchband
The Hogs

Blues Theme / Loose Lip Sync Ship
Curb (2:10) / Aguilar-Loomis (3:02)
HBR HBR-511, 12/66

A-side from the film The Wild Angels
Contrary to popular myths, not produced by Frank Zappa
Sweet Young Thing¹ / Baby Blue²
Cobb (2:41) / Dylan (2:43)
Uptown 740, 1/67

Baby Blue is a different recording
Riot On Sunset Strip
Misty Lane¹ / She Weaves A Tender Trap¹
Siegel (3:05) / Cobb (2:33)
Uptown 749, 7/67


No Way Out
Tower ST-5096
Back Cover

Side One
Let's Talk About Girls Freiser 2:30
In The Midnight Hour Cropper-Pickett 4:26
Come On Berry 1:50
Dark Side Of The Mushroom Cooper-Podolor 2:26
Hot Dusty Roads Stills 2:26
Side Two
Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In) Bennett-McElroy 2:24
Gone And Passes By Aguilar 3:09
No Way Out Cobb 2:25
Expo 2000† Podolor 2:33
Gossamer Wings† Bennett-McElroy 3:34
David Aguilar-lead vocals
Don Bennett-lead vocals
Mark Loomis-lead guitar
Sean Tolby-rhythm guitar
Bill Flores-bass guitar
Gary Andrijasevich-drums
Produced by: Ed Cobb

Note: Strange, convoluted group and producer. Tracks marked † are actually by Richie Podolor and studio musicians.
Check links at bottom for details.

Are You Gonna Be There? (At The Love-In) / No Way Out
Bennett-McElroy (2:24) / Cobb (2:22)
Tower 373, 10/67


The Inner Mystique
Tower ST-5106
Back Cover

Side One
Voyage Of The Trieste† Cobb 3:39
In The Past† Proctor 3:08
Inner Mystique† Cobb 5:34
Side Two
I'm Not Like Everybody Else Davies 3:43
Medication Alton-Di Tosti 2:04
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go‡ Ballard 2:16
Baby Blue Dylan 3:14
I Ain't No Miracle Worker Mantz-Tucker 2:51
David Aguilar-lead vocals, harmonica, percussion
Sean Tolby-lead guitar
Mark Loomis-rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Bill Flores-bass guitar
Gary Andrijasevich-drums, backing vocals
Produced by: Ed Cobb

Note: Strange, convoluted group and producer. Tracks marked † are actually by The Yo-Yoz and ‡ is by The Inmates.
Check links at bottom for details.

One Step Beyond
Tower ST-5153
Back Cover

Side One
Uncle Morris Andrijasevich-Loomis 3:00
How Ya Been Andrijasevich-Phay 3:08
Devil's Motorcycle Andrijasevich-Tolby 2:59
I Don't Need No Doctor Ashford-Simpson 4:00
Side Two
Flowers Andrijasevich-Phay 2:48
Fireface Tolby 2:47
And She's Lonely Loomis-Tolby 4:11
Danny Phay-vocals
Sean Tolby-guitar
Mark Loomis-guitar
Ned Torney-guitar
Bill "Flo" Flores-bass
Gary Andrijasevich-drums
Jerry Miller-guitar (Devil's Motorcycle) [uncredited]
Produced by: Ed Cobb



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