Bonzo Dog Band
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band ♦ Vivian Stanshall 

My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies / I'm Gonna Bring A Watermelon To My Gal Tonight
Amberg-Bernauer-Raymond (3:00) / Conrad (2:01)
Parlophone R-5430 [UK], 4/66

Their first UK single
Magical Mystery Tour: 12/26/67, BBC1
Paul's avant-garde masterpiece, with the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band singing Death Cab For Cutie.

Imperial LP-12370
3/68 [UK: 10/67]
Back Cover

12-pg Booklet Cover

Booklet Back Cover

Side One
Cool Brittania arr Innes-Stanshall 1:00
The Equestrian Statue Innes 2:49
Jollity Farm Sarony 2:23
I Left My Heart In San Francisco Cross-Cross 1:02
Look Out, There's A Monster Coming Stanshall 2:53
Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold! Ash-Innes-Norwell-Slater-Smith-Spear-Stanshall 3:07
Death Cab For Cutie Innes-Stanshall 2:53
Narcissus Nevin :20
Side Two
The Intro And The Outro Stanshall 3:06
Mickey's Son And Daughter Connor-Lisbonna 2:39
Music For The Head Ballet Innes 1:41
Piggy Bank Love Innes 2:58
I'm Bored Stanshall 2:58
The Sound Of Music Hammerstein II-Rodgers 1:17
Viv Stanshall-vocals, trumpet, tuba, arranger, euphonium, ukulele
Neil Innes-guitar, piano, harpsichord, vocals, musical direction
Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell-bass, banjo, saxes, nightingale
Sam Spoons-string bass, percussion, rhythm pole, spoons
"Legs" Larry Smith-drums, tuba, tap-dancing
Roger Ruskin Spear-electronics, trumpet, sax, xylophone, tree felling and overstuffed closet
Bob Kerr-horn, vocals
Rodney Slater-saxes, clarinet, trombone
§Cover Art-Viv Stanshall
Produced by: Gerry Bron

Note: Album dedicated to: King Kong who must have been a great bloke.
Group dropped the Doo-Dah after this album. Big Shot deleted from US release (was after Mickey's Son And Daughter).
Initial releases also had 12-pg booklet. Use this 45worlds link .

I'm The Urban Spaceman / Canyons Of Your Mind
Innes (2:22) / Innes-Stanshall (3:01)
Imperial 66345, 10/68 T20

produced by Apollo C Vermouth [Paul McCartney]
5/23-24/1969: Boston Tea Party, Boston
with It's A Beautiful Day

Urban Spaceman
Imperial LP-12432
6/69 [UK: 11/68] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

12-pg Booklet Cover

Booklet Back Cover

UK Cover

UK release called: The Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse
Side One
I'm The Urban Spaceman Innes 2:23
We Are Normal Innes-Stanshall 4:50
Postcard Innes-Stanshall 4:19
Beautiful Zelda Innes 2:25
Can Blue Men Sing The Whites? Stanshall 2:48
Hello Mabel Innes 2:48
Kama Sutra Innes-Stanshall :39
Side Two
Humanoid Boogie Innes 3:00
Trouser Press Spear 2:17
My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe Stanshall 3:29
Rockaliser Baby Innes-Stanshall 3:27
Rhinocratic Oaths Innes-Stanshall 3:23
11 Moustachioed Daughters Stanshall 3:51
Viv Stanshall-percussion, trumpet, vocals
Neil Innes-guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
"Legs" Larry Smith-drums
Roger Ruskin Spear-sax
Bob Kerr-horn, vocals
§Cover Design-Viv Stanshall
Produced by: Gerry Bron, Gus Dudgeon, Apollo C Vermouth [Paul McCartney]

Note: US added the hit single to lead off the album. UK album titled: The Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse
Contained photo-packed booklet (see it at Discogs ). It sez: The noises of your bodies are a part of this record.

Mr Apollo / Ready-Mades
Innes-Stanshall (4:21) / Innes-Stanshall (3:40)
Imperial 66373, 7/69

Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/30/69)

Imperial LP-12445
11/69 [UK: 8/69] UK
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Slide That Sleeve!

Side One
Hunting Tigers Out In "Indiah" Damerell-Evans-Hargreaves 3:04
Shirt Spear 4:25
Tubas In The Moonlight Spear 2:20
Doctor Jazz King Oliver-Melrose 2:38
Monster Mash Capizzi-Pickett 3:03
Ready-Mades Innes-Stanshall 3:09
Side Two
Ali Baba's Camel Gay 3:30
Laughing Blues Bradley 3:44
By A Waterfall Fain-Kahal 3:05
Mr. Apollo Innes-Stanshall 4:18
Canyons Of Your Mind Innes-Stanshall 3:01
Viv Stanshall-percussion, trumpet, vocals
Neil Innes-guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Dennis Cowan-bass, vocals
"Legs" Larry Smith-drums
Rodney Slater-sax
Roger Ruskin Spear-sax
§Cover Art-Ian Butcher, Vivian Stanshall
Produced by: Gus Dudgeon

Note: Cover featured die cut outs for the eyes that "looked" through to the inner sleeve—see note 3 to view.

Labio-Dental Fricative / Paper-Round
Stanshall-Clapton-Cowan-Kabaka (3:06) / Stanshall-Clapton-Cowan-Kabaka (2:03)
Liberty 56171, 5/70

The UK issue notes the Sean Head Showband (which included Clapton)

Imperial LP-12457
5/70 [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

Original cover was printed on foil
UK Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
You Done My Brain In Innes 1:41
Keynsham Innes 2:22
Quiet Talks & Summer Walks Innes 3:23
Tent Stanshall 3:27
We Were Wrong Stanshall 2:32
Joke Shop Man Innes 1:23
The Bride Stripped Bare By "Bachelors" Innes-Stanshall 2:40
Look At Me, I'm Wonderful Stanshall 1:50
Side Two
What Do You Do? Innes 3:11
Mr Slater's Parrot Stanshall 2:28
Sport (The Odd Boy) Stanshall 3:32
I Want To Be With You Innes 2:54
Noises For The Leg Stanshall 2:19
Busted Innes-Stanshall 5:56
Viv Stanshall-percussion, trumpet, vocals
Neil Innes-bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dennis Cowan-bass, vocals
"Legs" Larry Smith-drums
Roger Ruskin Spear-sax
Rodney Slater-sax
§Cover Art-Viv Stanshall
Produced by: Viv Stanshall & Neil Innes

Note: Album states: Mothers with children please note. This record is inedible!

Beast Of The Bonzos
Beast Of The Bonzos

United Artists UAS-5517, 7/71 [UK: N/R]
no unique tracks—hold out for the much better The History Of The Bonzos, 1974

Didn't Neil Innes make a documentary in 1978 about a rock group from Liverpool  ?? 

Broke-up after UK tour in spring 70.
Forced to record album in 72, reformed in 1988 for single that wasn't released until 1992.
Held 40th anniversary concert in Jan 2006 (minus Viv, who passed in 95).


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