Bonzo Dog Band
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

Magical Mystery Tour: 12/26/67, BBC1
Paul's avant-garde masterpiece, with the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band singing Death Cab For Cutie.

Imperial LP-12370
Back Cover

Side One
Cool Brittania arr Innes-Stanshall 1:00
The Equestrian Statue Innes 2:49
Jollity Farm Sarony 2:23
I Left My Heart In San Francisco Cross-Cross 1:02
Look Out, There's A Monster Coming Stanshall 2:53
Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold! Ash-Innes-Norwell-Slater-Smith-Spear-Stanshall 3:07
Death Cab For Cutie Innes-Stanshall 2:53
Narcissus Nevin :20
Side Two
The Intro And The Outro Stanshall 3:06
Mickey's Son And Daughter Connor-Lisbonna 2:39
Music For The Head Ballet Innes 1:41
Piggy Bank Love Innes 2:58
I'm Bored Stanshall 2:58
The Sound Of Music Hammerstein II-Rodgers 1:17
Viv Stanshall-vocals, trumpet, tuba, arranger, euphonium, ukulele
Neil Innes-guitar, piano, harpsichord, vocals, musical direction
Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell-bass, banjo, saxes, nightingale
Sam Spoons-string bass, percussion, rhythm pole, spoons
"Legs" Larry Smith-drums, tuba, tap-dancing
Roger Ruskin Spear-electronics, trumpet, sax, xylophone, tree felling and overstuffed closet
Bob Kerr-horn, vocals
Rodney Slater-saxes, clarinet, trombone
Produced by: Gerry Bron

Note: Album dedicated to: King Kong who must have been a great bloke.
Group dropped the Doo-Dah after this album. Big Shot deleted from US release.
Initial releases also had 12-pg booklet. Check Discogs link.

I'm The Urban Spaceman / Canyons Of Your Mind
Innes (2:22) / Innes-Stanshall (3:01)
Imperial 66345, 10/68

produced by Apollo C Vermouth [Paul McCartney]

Urban Spaceman
Imperial LP-12432
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

UK release called: The Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse
Side One
I'm The Urban Spaceman Innes 2:23
We Are Normal Innes-Stanshall 4:50
Postcard Innes-Stanshall 4:19
Beautiful Zelda Innes 2:25
Can Blue Men Sing The Whites? Stanshall 2:48
Hello Mabel Innes 2:48
Kama Sutra Innes-Stanshall :39
Side Two
Humanoid Boogie Innes 3:00
Trouser Press Spear 2:17
My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe Stanshall 3:29
Rockaliser Baby Innes-Stanshall 3:27
Rhinocratic Oaths Innes-Stanshall 3:23
11 Moustachioed Daughters Stanshall 3:51
Viv Stanshall-percussion, trumpet, vocals
Neil Innes-guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Legs Larry Smith-drums
Roger Ruskin Spear-sax
Bob Kerr-horn, vocals
Produced by: Gerry Bron, Gus Dudgeon, Apollo C Vermouth [Paul McCartney]

Note: Contained photo-packed booklet

Mr Apollo / Ready-Mades
Innes-Stanshall (4:21) / Innes-Stanshall (3:40)
Imperial 66373, 7/69


Imperial LP-12445
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Slide That Sleeve!

Side One
Hunting Tigers Out In "Indiah" Damerell-Evans-Hargreaves 3:04
Shirt Spear 4:25
Tubas In The Moonlight Spear 2:20
Doctor Jazz King Oliver-Melrose 2:38
Monster Mash Capizzi-Pickett 3:03
Ready-Mades Innes-Stanshall 3:09
Side Two
Ali Baba's Camel Gay 3:30
Laughing Blues Bradley 3:44
By A Waterfall Fain-Kahal 3:05
Mr. Apollo Innes-Stanshall 4:18
Canyons Of Your Mind Innes-Stanshall 3:01
Viv Stanshall-percussion, trumpet, vocals
Neil Innes-guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Dennis Cowan-bass, vocals
Legs Larry Smith-drums
Rodney Slater-sax
Roger Ruskin Spear-sax
Produced by: Gus Dudgeon

Note: Cover featured die cut outs for the eyes that "looked" through to the inner sleeve—see note 3 to view.

Isle of Wight Festival of Music [69](August 30-31)

Imperial LP-12457
Back Cover

UK Cover

Original cover was printed on foil
Side One
You Done My Brain In Innes 1:41
Keynsham Innes 2:22
Quiet Talks & Summer Walks Innes 3:23
Tent Stanshall 3:27
We Were Wrong Stanshall 2:32
Joke Shop Man Innes 1:23
The Bride Stripped Bare By "Bachelors" Innes-Stanshall 2:40
Look At Me, I'm Wonderful Stanshall 1:50
Side Two
What Do You Do? Innes 3:11
Mr Slater's Parrot Stanshall 2:28
Sport (The Odd Boy) Stanshall 3:32
I Want To Be With You Innes 2:54
Noises For The Leg Stanshall 2:19
Busted Innes-Stanshall 5:56
Viv Stanshall-percussion, trumpet, vocals
Neil Innes-bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dennis Cowan-bass, vocals
Legs Larry Smith-drums
Roger Ruskin Spear-sax
Rodney Slater-sax
Produced by: Viv Stanshall & Neil Innes


Didn't Neil Innes make a documentary about a rock group from Liverpool ?? 


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