The group from Liverpool (in an alternate universe).

The Pre-fab Four

Neil Innes and Eric Idle (along with help from Some Of The Not Ready For Prime Time Players, a Python and a few genuine rock stars) created a mockumentary on The Rutles, who appear (and sound) just like another famous band from Liverpool. The film premiered on NBC in March, 1978 to dismal ratings, but has since been taught in film school.

The Rutles actually began on Rutland Weekend Television, a BBC variety show created by Eric Idle—complete history here . The film was based on an early documentary on The Beatles called The Long And Winding Road, which became Beatles Anthology many years later.

Besides the spot-on parody of The Beatles and Beatlemania, the songs are clever imitations of Beatle songs written by Neil Innes. Cheese And Onions actually appeared on a Beatles bootleg, credited to John Lennon! The album, released shortly after the broadcast featured most of the songs.

The DVD belongs in your cloud, folder, shelf, or where ever you keep great films.

All You Need Is Cash  
Filmed, 1977
Broadcast, 3/22/78, NBC
At the Cellar Club

Narrator & Stanley J Krammerhead III, Jr

The Interviewer

The Interviewer with Lawyer

The Interviewer with a Hells Angel

Cheese And Onions

Rooftop Concert

Includes performances by:
Get Up And Go The Rutles -
Goose-Step Mama - -
Number One - -
Between Us (Made For Each Other) - -
With A Girl Like You - -
Hold My Hand - -
I Must Be In Love - -
Living In Hope - -
O-U-C-H! - -
It's Looking Good - -
Another Day(buried under dialogue) - -
Good Times Roll(buried under dialogue) - -
Love Life - -
Nevertheless(buried under dialogue) - -
Piggy In The Middle - -
Cheese And Onions - -
Let's Be Natural - -
You Need Feet Bernard Bresslaw -
Get Up And Go The Rutles -
Doubleback Alley(under credits) - -

WARNING: The BlueRay of this is "chopped wide screen" — by the older DVD instead.

The Rutles
Warner Bros HS-3151
2/78 BB [UK: 4/78]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One (1962-1967)
Hold My Hand Nasty-McQuickly 2:31
Number One Nasty-McQuickly 2:50
With A Girl Like You Nasty-McQuickly 1:50
I Must Be In Love Nasty-McQuickly 2:04
OUCH! Nasty-McQuickly 1:49
Living In Hope Womble 2:37
Love Life Nasty-McQuickly 2:50
Nevertheless O'Hara 1:29
Side Two (1967-1970)
Good Times Roll Nasty-McQuickly 3:03
Doubleback Alley Nasty-McQuickly 2:54
Cheese And Onions Nasty-McQuickly 2:37
Another Day Nasty-McQuickly 2:09
Piggy In The Middle Nasty-McQuickly 4:07
Let's Be Natural Nasty-McQuickly 3:23
Ron Nasty [Neil Innes]-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dirk McQuickly [Ollie Halsall]-guitar, vocals, keyboards
Stig O'Hara [Rikki Fataar]-guitar, bass, sitar, tabla, vocal (Nevertheless)
Barry Wom [John Halsey]-percussion, vocal (Living In Hope)
Andy Brown-bass
Brass, strings arrangements by John Altman
§Art Direction–Tony Cohen
Produced by: Neil Innes

Note: Album contained a 14-page booklet documenting the Rutles history, conceived and written by Eric Idle.
Neil Innes composed all the songs


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