Blodwyn Pig
Mick Abrahams

Walk On The Water / Summer Day
Abrahams (3:42) / Abrahams (3:45)
Chrysalis WIP-6059 [UK], 5/69

Noted here because ... well, you'll find out
Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/30/69)
Dear Jill³ / Sweet Caroline¹
Abrahams (4:44) / Abrahams (2:48)
Island WIP-6069 [UK], 9/69

Noted here because of the non-LP B-side
Dear Jill³ / Summer Day
Abrahams (3:20) / Abrahams-Pyle (3:43)
A&M 1158, 10/69


Ahead Rings Out
A&M SP-4210
10/69 BB [UK: 7/4/69] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
It's Only Love Abrahams 3:22
Dear Jill Abrahams 5:08
Walk On The Water Abrahams 3:43
The Modern Alchemist Lancaster 5:40
Side Two
See My Way Abrahams 5:00
Summer Day Abrahams-Pyle 3:43
The Change Song Abrahams 3:42
Backwash Abrahams-Berg-Lancaster-Pyle :51
Ain't Ya Coming Home? Abrahams-Lancaster-Pyle 5:35
Mick Abrahams-guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Jack Lancaster-flute, saxes, violin
Andy Pyle-bass
Ron Berg-drums
§Cover Design-John Williams
Produced by: Andy Johns


10/9-12/69: Fillmore West, San Francisco
with Country Joe & The Fish (headliners) and Albert King

Getting To This
A&M SP-4243
5/70 BB [UK: 4/70] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Drive Me Abrahams 3:23
Variations On Nainos Abrahams 3:47
Meanie Mornay Abrahams 4:45
Long Bomb Blues Abrahams 1:07
The Squirreling Must Go On Abrahams-Pyle 4:27
Side Two
San Francisco Sketches
   a) Beach Scape
   b) Fisherman's Wharf
   c) Telegraph Hill
   d) Close The Door I'm Falling Out Of The Room
Worry Pyle 3:43
Toys Abrahams 3:04
Send Your Son To Die Abrahams 4:25
Mick Abrahams-guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Jack Lancaster-flute, saxes, electric violin
Andy Pyle-bass
Ron Berg-drums, timpani
Graham Waller-piano (Drive Me, Beach Scape)
§Cover Design-John Williams, Mick Abrahams, Stephen Kingston
Produced by: Andy Johns


Same Old Story¹ / Slow Down¹
Abrahams (2:28) / Williams (4:18)
Chrysalis WIP-6078 [UK], 10/70

Noted here because both are non-LP tracks and it was the end of the line
Mick Abrahams goes solo

An Evening With
A&M SP-4312
6/71 [UK: 5/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Greyhound Bus Abrahams 4:50
Awake Abrahams 8:49
Winds Of Change Abrahams 4:50
Why Do You Do Me This Way? Abrahams-Sargeant 3:31
Side Two
Big Queen Abrahams 4:27
Not To Rearrange Abrahams-Sargeant 3:25
Seasons Abrahams 15:02
Mick Abrahams-guitar, mandolin, pedal steel guitar, vocals
Bob Sargeant-organ, piano, guitar, vocals
Walt Monaghan-bass, vocals
Ritchie Dharma-drums, percussion, conga
§Cover Art-CCS Associates
Produced by: Chris Thomas


Mick continued with his band and various reincarnation of the Pig.


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