Sex Pistols? Pshaw... The Stooges or MC5?
Nope, it was David Peel, a New York street poet/rocker whose songs about pot & cops started it all. John Lennon signed Peel to Apple Records and produced the album The Pope Smokes Dope, which was banned almost world-wide. Lennon & Peel performed together at the One-To-One concert, among others.

David started his own record label, Orange Records, so his music could be recorded uncensored.

Note: No singles released (two promos on Apple in 1972—see 45Cat link below)

David Peel & The Lower East Side:
Have A Marijuana
Elektra EKS-74032
11/68 BB [UK: 6/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Mother Where Is My Father Peel 3:00
I Like Marijuana Barnum-Cooper-Goldsmith-Peel-Smith 5:05
Here Comes A Cop Peel 2:30
I've Got Some Grass Peel 0:30
Happy Mother's Day Peel 2:10
Up Against The Wall Peel 2:31
Side Two
I Do My Bawling In The Bathroom Peel 6:50
The Alphabet Song Peel 2:24
Show Me The Way To Get Stoned Peel 2:36
We Love You Peel 3:06
David Peel-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Harold C Black-tambourine, congas, vocals
Billy Joe White-guitar, vocals
Larry Adam-guitar
George Cori-bass
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: uncredited

Note: Recorded live on the streets of New York
Cannabis Sativa courtesy of The American Museum Of Natural History

David Peel & The Lower East Side:
The American Revolution
Elektra EKS-74069
2/70 [UK: 3/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Lower East Side Peel-White 3:14
Pledge of Allegiance Peel 0:35
Legalize Marijuana Peel 2:52
Oink, Oink Peel 4:30
I Want to Get High Peel 2:27
Side Two
I Want to Kill You Peel 4:18
Girls, Girls, Girls Peel 3:55
Hey, Mr Draft Board De Lory-Peel-Van Winkle 3:42
God Peel 2:23
David Peel-guitar, vocals
Harold C Black-tambourine, vocals
Billy Joe White-guitar, vocals
Herb Bushler-bass
Tony Bartoli-drums
David Horowitz-organ
Richard Grando-saxophone
Marshall Efron-actor
§Cover Design-Robert L Heimall; Photos-Joel Brodsky
Produced by: Peter K Siegel


David Peel & The Lower East Side:
The Pope Smokes Dope
Apple SW-3391
4/72 BB [UK: 5/72]
Back Cover


Sleeve Front (lyrics on back)


Side One
I'm A Runway Peel 3:39
Everybody's Smoking Marijuana Peel 4:06
F Is Not A Dirty Word Peel 3:12
The Hippy From New York City Peel 3:01
McDonalds Farm Peel 3:13
The Ballad Of New York City
   (John Lennon And Yoko Ono)
Peel 3:19
Side Two
The Ballad Of Bob Dylan Peel 4:12
The Chicago Conspiracy Peel 3:47
The Hip Generation Peel 1:50
I'm Going To Start Another Riot Peel 2:37
The Birth Control Blues Peel 4:48
The Pope Smokes Dope Peel 2:15
David Peel-guitar, vocals
John & Yoko-voices (The Ballad Of New York City)
Lenny Mars-harp, flute, piano, percussions, banjo, mandolin
Eddie Mottau, Chris Osborne, Charlie Wolff, John Robertson–guitar
Tom Doyle-guitar, backing vocals
Billy Minelli-bass
Eddie Ryan, Frank Lanci-drums
Bruce Bierman-backing vocals
The Lower East Side Friends-chorus
§Cover Design-Bagtwo [Jeffery Levy]
Produced by: John Lennon & Yoko Ono



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