The 60s produced by far the most songs ever written in opposition to the military adventures of the day. From Tom Paxton's Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation to The Fugs' Kill For Peace, we tried (and partially suceeded) to stop the senseless activities of the US military.

There are humorous songs (Romping Thru The Swamp, Draft Dodger Rag) to deadly serious (Some Mother's Son, What Now America?) and everything in-between.

President Johnson may have lamented that when "you've lost Cronkite, you've lost the nation," but when Grand Funk Railroad records a 'get out of Vietnam now' song, you're really in trouble.

I tried to be fair & balanced, but after SSgt Barry Sanders' Ballad Of The Green Beret† and the totally distorted The Battle Hymn of Lt Calley, there just aren't that many songs exploring the joys of killing people.

Just so we're clear here: Anti-war anti-soldier. Ask Country Joe or many other rockers who support our soldiers, but have a real problem with never-endings wars for "democracy."

2 + 2 = ? The Bob Seger System 4/68
7 O'Clock News/Silent Night Simon & Garfunkel 10/66
Alice's Restaurant Arlo Guthrie 10/67
American Woman The Guess Who 1/70
Ball Of Confusion The Temptations 7/70
A Ballad From Vietnam (The Rain On The Leaves)  Mitch Miller & The Gang
   (yes, you read that right, listen to it)
The Ballad Of A Crystal Man Donovan 11/65
Brainwashed David Clayton-Thomas With The Bossmen 7/66
Bring 'Em Home Pete Seeger 8/69
Bring The Boys Home Freda Payne 5/71
Child In Time Deep Purple 7/70
Come Away Melinda The Big 3 12/63
  Tim Rose 11/67
Cops Of The World Phil Ochs 3/66
The Cruel War Peter, Paul & Mary 5/62
  Chad & Jill Stuart 3/66
Despair Tire Sea Train 9/71
Does Anybody Know I'm Here The Dells 12/68
Draft Dodger Rag The Chad Mitchell Trio 9/64
  Phil Ochs 2/65
  Pete Seeger 6/66
Draft Morning The Byrds 1/68
Draft Resister Steppenwolf 11/69
Draft Time Blues The Midnight Sons ?/67
Eve Of Destruction Barry McGuire 8/65
The Fiddle And The Drum Joni Mitchell 5/69
Find The Cost Of Freedom Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 5/70
Fighting For Strangers Steeleye Span 1/68
For What It's Worth (Stop, Hey What's That Sound) Buffalo Springfield 12/66
  King Curtis & The Kingpins 11/67
  Cher 7/69
For What Was Gained Eric Andersen 8/68
Foreign Policy The Buckinghams 5/67
Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival 9/69
Fourth Day Of July Tom Rapp 11/72

Get Together[some as Let's Get Together] The Kingston Trio 6/64
  Hamilton Camp 12/64
  Jefferson Airplane 9/66
  The Youngbloods 7/67
  H P Lovecraft 9/67
  The Stone Poneys 4/68
  Buzzy Linhart 9/71
Give Peace A Chance John Lennon 7/69
Give Peace A Chance[different song] Joe Cocker 8/70
God Sheds His Grace On Thee Al Kooper 8/70
Goodbye And Hello Tim Buckley 9/67
The Great American Eagle Tragedy Earth Opera 3/69
Handsome Johnny Richie Havens 8/67
Hey, Mr Draft Board David Peel & The Lower East Side 2/70
I Ain't Marching Anymore Phil Ochs 2/65
I Come And Stand At Every Door The Byrds 7/66
I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama, I Don't Want To Die John Lennon 9/71
I Don't Wanna Go To Vietnam John Lee Hooker 4/69
I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag Country Joe & The Fish 10/65
I Should Be Proud Martha Reeves 2/70
It Better End Soon suite Chicago 1/70
Industrial Military Complex Hex Steve Miller Band 7/70
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) Bob Dylan 3/65
Jackson-Kent Blues Steve Miller Band 7/70
Jimmy Newman Tom Paxton 12/69
Keep Your Mind Open Kaleidoscope 3/67
Kill For Peace The Fugs 3/66
Kiss My Ass Country Joe McDonald 5/71
Lives And Ladies Family 11/70
Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation Tom Paxton 10/65
Machine Gun Jimi Hendrix 3/70
Man In Black Johnny Cash 5/71
Marblehead Messenger Sea Train 9/71
Masters Of War Bob Dylan 5/63
[as Old Masters] Leon Russell 2/70
Moratorium Buffy Saint-Marie 3/71
Mushroom Clouds Love 3/66
My Son, John Tom Paxton 9/66
My Uncle The Flying Burrito Brothers 3/69

The New Recruit Michael Blessing [Michael Nesmith] 10/65
No Man Can Find The War Tim Buckley 9/67
Ohio Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 5/70
Ohio/Machine Gun The Isley Bros[killer version] 9/71
One More Parade Phil Ochs 4/64
One Tin Soldier The Original Caste 8/69
Only A Pawn In Their Game Bob Dylan 1/64
Orange Fire Mad River 12/67
The Patriot Game Judy Collins 11/70
Peace Brother Peace Bill Medley 10/68
Peace Song Jesse Colin Young 6/70
Peace Will Come (According To Plan) Melanie 7/70
People Got To Be Free The Rascals 7/68
People Let's Stop The War Grand Funk Railroad 11/71
Requiem For The Masses The Association 6/67
Roll Call Johnny Cash 11/67
Romping Through The Swamp Dave Van Ronk & The Hudson Dusters 3/68
Run Through The Jungle Creedence Clearwater Revival 4/70
Saigon Bride Joan Baez 8/67
Sam Stone John Prine 7/71
Save The Country Laura Nyro 5/69
  Brian Auger & The Trinity with Julie Driscoll 8/69
A Simple Desultory Philippic
   (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into Submission)
Simon & Garfunkel 10/66
Simple Song Of Freedom Tim Hardin 6/69
Sky Pilot Eric Burdon & The Animals 3/68
So I'm Wrong And You Are Right Bloos Magoos 2/66
Society's Child Janis Ian 10/66
A Soldier's Prayer, 1967 Archie Bell & the Drells 9/67
Some Mother's Son The Kinks 10/69
Stop The War Now Edwin Starr 11/70
The Story Of Isaac Leonard Cohen 4/69
Superbird Country Joe & The Fish 4/67
Suppose They Give A War And No One Comes The West Coast Pop Art Experimetal Band 10/67
Talkin' Green Beret Super Yellow Hydraulic Banana
   Teeny Bopper Blues
Jaime Brockett 5/68
Talking Vietnam Blues Phil Ochs 4/64
Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues Tom Paxton 5/68
Tell Me Mr President Gene McDaniels 5/71
There's A War On The Rainbow Press 10/68
Three-Five-Zero-Zero Hair (Broadway Show) 6/68
The Times They Are A Changin' Bob Dylan 1/64
To Susan On The West Coast Waiting Donovan 2/69
Tricia (Tell Your Daddy) Jay & The Americans 5/70
Tricky Dicky Country Joe McDonald 5/71

Uncle John Pearls Before Swine 5/67
Universal Soldier‡ Buffy Saint-Marie 3/64
  Donovan 9/65
  Glen Campbell 9/65
The Unknown Soldier The Doors 3/68
Veteran's Day Poppy Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band 6/69
Vietnam J B Lenoir ?/66
Vietnam[different song] Jimmy Cliff 2/70
Vietnam Love Song Judy Collins 11/71
Volunteers Jefferson Airplane 9/69
Waist Deep In The Big Muddy Pete Seeger 7/67
War (What's It Good For) Edwin Starr 6/70
The War Drags On Donovan 7/66
War Games The Lovin' Spoonful 12/68
The War Goes On Mad River 10/68
The War Is Over Phil Ochs 7/68
War Pigs Black Sabbath 1/71
War Song The Fugs 1/68
War Song[different song] Neil Young & Graham Nash 1/72
War Sucks The Red Crayola 6/67
We Ain't Gonna Party No More The Turtles 3/70
(What The...) Is A Going On In Washington? Bob Withers 1/66
What Now America? Lee Michaels 7/70
What Did You Learn In School Today? Tom Paxton 10/64
What's Going On? Marvin Gaye 1/71
Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Pete Seeger 7/60
  Peter, Paul & Mary 5/62
The Willing Conscript Tom Paxton 10/65
White Boots Marching In A Yellow Land Phil Ochs 7/68
With God On Our Side Bob Dylan 1/64
The Wonder Cowboy 10/71
Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore John Prine 10/71
Zor And Zam The Monkees 4/68

Note: Lists updated 4/22/24


Note: If you really want to immerse yourself in the Vietnam experience (from both sides), check out Next Stop Is Vietnam - The War On Record, 1961-2008, a 13-CD and 304 pg book box set examing the war in detail. More info .

†Bob Seger, in his early days, recorded a parody of this crappy tune as Ballad Of The Yellow Beret. It was withdrawn pending a lawsuit.
‡Jan & Dean (actually just Jan) recorded an "answer song," The Universal Coward. Read a great tear down of this POS recording at Dangerous Minds (what, you don't visit that site everyday?)


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