Wacky British Politician/Singer Insults Friends
Screaming Lord Sutch, 3rd Earl of Harrow (David Edward Sutch) was a British performer both in music and politics.

He convinced Jimmy Page to put together a recording session with some of his buddies, promising to keep their names secret. When the album came out in late winter 1970, all the names were there to see—and be vilified by the music press as the worst album ever recorded.

2023 Update: Yesterday's Papers has an excellent Youtube video overview of Lord Sutch's career and the future stars that played in his various bands—good watchin' an' learnin'.

No US singles from this album. However...
In 63 & 64, he did release these outstanding tracks: Jack The Ripper and She's Fallen In Love With The Monster Man, which you can see at the 45cat link.


Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends
Cotillion SD-9015
2/70 BB [UK: 5/70]
Back Cover

1985 Reissue Cover

Side One
Wailing Sounds Lord Sutch-Page 2:34
'Cause I Love You Lord Sutch-Page 2:41
Flashing Lights Lord Sutch-Page 3:09
Gutty Guitar† Lord Sutch 2:30
Would You Believe† Jay Cee [Lord Sutch] 3:18
Smoke And Fire Lord Sutch 2:36
Side Two
Thumping Beat Lord Sutch-Page 3:03
Union Jack Car Lord Sutch-Page 2:59
One For You, Baby Lord Sutch 2:40
L-O-N-D-O-N Lord Sutch 2:52
Brightest Light† Jay Cee [Lord Sutch] 4:25
Baby, Come Back Lord Sutch-Page 2:28
Lord Sutch-vocals
Jeff Beck†, Jimmy Page, Kent Henrey-lead guitar
Daniel Edwards-guitar, bass
Nicky Hopkins†-piano
Martin Kohl, Noel Redding, Rick Brown, Daniel Edwards-bass
Bob Metke, Carlo Little, John Bonham-drums
§Cover Photo-Baron Robbins
Produced by: Jimmy Page, Lord Sutch Productions

Note: Reissued as Smoke & Fire in 1985 (see last note).
Only Jeff & Nicky are noted—to see the complete session breakdown, use this Discogs link for the 2004 Sundazed reissue.


Political Voices: Screaming Lord Sutch
Very Heavy, Not Very Humble


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