Hapshash & The Coloured Coat

England Swung Very Hard
San Francisco's hippies looked pretty dull compared with England's scene. The UFO Club where Pink Floyd grew up, IT (International Times) and their hassles with the police, Twiggy, Mary Quant and Granny's Attic in Carnaby Square. We had Mouse and Kelly—they had Michael English and Nigel Weymouth. Their graphic designs were colourful and eye-opening. The perfect objects to enjoy during your trip. The man behind both UFO and IT was Hoppy Hopkins. When he was busted, English and Weymouth got some friends together to record their reactions to the bust.

The Heavy Metal Kids (Art in disguise) backed Haphash. The producer, Guy Stevens, went onto a pretty good career guiding the records of Spooky Tooth, early Mott The Hoople, and later, The Clash. This record, however, is another story. The shorter tracks are intertesting, but side two is to be reserved for when the party has gone on too long and some says "Play anything!" Party over. (Sorry, I forgot—we don't have record players anymore and everybody has ear buds...).

For a better description of this whole endeavor, read swagski's comments at Discogs here .

Featuring The Human Host And The Heavy Metal Kids
Imperial LP-12377
5/68 [UK: 11/67]
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

UK Insert

Side One
H-O-P-P- Why? English-Stevens-Waymouth 3:32
A Mind Blown Is A Mind Shown English-Stevens-Waymouth 2:26
The New Messiah Coming 1985 English-Stevens-Waymouth 6:57
Aoum English-Stevens-Waymouth 3:34
Side Two
Empires Of The Sun English-Stevens-Waymouth 15:50
Hapshash & The Coloured Coat:
Michael English-voices, things, whatever
Nigel Waymouth-what he did, but different
Guy Stevens-electronics, effect, stuff
The Human Host:
John Pierce and other unnamed percussionists, chanters, screamers, effect makers
The Heavy Metal Kids [Art] all uncredited:
Mike Harrison-vocals
Luther Grosvenor-guitar
Greg Ridley-bass
Mike Kellie-drums, percussion
§Cover Art-Hapshash & The Coloured Coat
Produced by: Guy Stevens

Note: There are no musician credits, but based on several websites, these are some of the folks involved.
What they did, however, are pure emblishments.


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