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Wild Man Fischer

The Circle / Merry-Go-Round
Fischer (2:54) / Fischer (1:47)
Reprise 0781, 10/68


An Evening With Wild Man Fischer
Bizarre/Reprise 2XS-6332
4/69 [UK: 8/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One: The Basic Fischer
Merry-Go-Round Fischer 1:53
New Kind of Songs For Sale (live on the strip) Fischer 7:13
I'm Not Shy Anymore!
   (Larry relives the past in the studio)
Fischer 1:01
Are You From Clovis? Fischer 1:53
The Madness & Ecstasy Fischer 7:47
Side Two: Larry's Songs, Unaccompanied
Which Way Did the Freaks Go? Fischer 1:47
I'm Working For the Federal Bureau of Narcotics Fischer 1:21
The Leaves Are Falling Fischer 0:54
85 Times Fischer 0:56
Cops & Robbers Fischer 1:40
Monkeys Versus Donkeys Fischer 2:00
Start Life Over Again Fischer 1:58
The Mope Fischer 1:48
Life Brand New Fischer 1:36
Who Did It Johnny? Fischer 1:46
Think of Me When Your Clothes Are Off Fischer 0:57
Taggy Lee Fischer 0:40
Rhonda Fischer 0:54
I Looked Around You Fischer 1:31
Jennifer Jones Fischer 4:51
Side Three: Some Historical Notes
The Taster (fancy version) Fischer 3:07
The Story of The Taster Fischer 2:05
The Rocket Rock Fischer 0:31
The Rocket Rock Explanation & Dialog Fischer 1:33
Dream Girl Fischer 2:25
Dream Girl Explanation Fischer 0:52
Serrano (Sorrento?) Beach Fischer 1:35
Success Will Not Make Me Happy Fischer 1:45
Wild Man On The Strip Again Fischer 7:13
Side Four: In Conclusion
Why I Am Normal Fischer 2:25
The Wild Man Fischer Story Fischer 5:34
Balling Isn't Everything Fischer 1:17
Ugly Beautiful Girl Fischer 1:14
Larry & His Guitar Fischer 2:46
Circle (Larry's first psychedelic hit) Fischer 2:54
Larry Under Pressure Fischer 1:44
Larry Fischer-vocals, electric guitar (Larry & His Guitar)
Frank Zappa-guitar (The Taster (Fancy version)), all instruments (Circle)
The Mothers of Invention-piano, bass & drums (The Taster (fancy version))
Art Tripp-percussion (Side One)
Kim Fowley-recitation (The Madness & Ecstasy)
Rodney Bingenheimer-recitation (The Madness & Ecstasy)
The GTOs-recitation (The Madness & Ecstasy)
The Bizarre Percussion Ensemble-accompaniment (Merry-Go-Round, Serrano (Sorrento?) Beach)
§Art Direction-Cal Schenkel; Cover Photo-Henry Diltz
Produced by: Frank Zappa


More on Wild Man Fischer at wiki


GTO's (Girls Together Outrageously)

Circular Circulation / Mercy's Tune
George-Rowe (2:47) / George-Peters (2:11)
Straight ST-104, 10/69

Mercy's Tune is I Have A Paintbrush...

Permanent Damage
Straight STS-1059
12/69 [UK: 4/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

8-pg Lyric Booklet

Side One
Eureka Springs Garbage Lady† Doerge-Wells-Saint Nicholas 3:45
Miss Pamela and Miss Sparky discuss STUFFED BRAS
   and some of their early gym class experiences
- 1:26
Who's Jim Sox? - 1:01
Kansas and the BTO's - 1:13
The Captain's Fat Theresa Shoes† Frka-Jones-Miller-Parker-Rowe-Wells 1:57
Wouldn't It Be Sad If There Were No Cones? - 1:11
Do Me In Once And I'll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And
   I'll Know Better (Circular Circulation)
George-Rowe 2:19
The Moche Monster Review - 1:45
TV Lives Frka-Preston 0:57
Side Two
Rodney - 1:42
I Have A Paintbrush In My Hand To Color A Triangle George-Peters 2:11
Miss Christine's First Conversation With
  The Plaster Casters Of Chicago
- 0:57
The Original GTO's - 1:06
The Ghost Chained To The Past, Present, And
   Future (Shock Treatment)†
Peters-Wells 1:45
Love On An Eleven Year Old Level - 1:18
Miss Pamela's First Conversation With
   The Plaster Casters Of Chicago
- 1:31
I'm In Love With The Ooh-Ooh Man† Jones-Miller 3:24
Miss Christine [Christine Frka]
Miss Cinderella [Cynthia Wells]
Miss Mercy [Mercy Fontenot]
Miss Pamela [Pamela Des Barres]
Miss Sandra [Sandra Leano]
Ian Underwood-keyboards†
Craig Doerge-keyboard†
Roy Estrada-bass†
Jimmy Carl Black-drums†
Don Preston-synthesizer (TV Lives)
Frank Zappa-tambourine (I'm In Love With The Ooh-Ooh Man)
Jeff Beck-guitar (Eureka Springs Garbage Lady, The Ghost Chained... )
Rod Stewart-vocals (The Ghost Chained...)
Nicky Hopkins-keyboards (The Ghost Chained...)
Rodney Bingenheimer-vocals (Rodney)
Lowell George-guitar (Do Me In Once..., I Have A Paintbrush...)
Russ Titleman-guitar (Do Me In Once..., I Have A Paintbrush...)
Ry Cooder-guitar (I Have A Paintbrush...)
§Cover Design-John Williams; Cover Photo-Andee Cohen
Produced by: Frank Zappa, Lowell George (Do Me In Once..., I Have A Paintbrush...)


More on the GTOs at wiki


Jeff Simmons

Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
Straight STS-1057
2/70 [UK: 4/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Appian Way Simmons 2:32
Zondo Zondo Simmons 1:50
Madame Du Barry Simmons 2:42
I'm In The Music Business Simmons 4:02
Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up Bruister 3:14
Side Two
Raye Simmons 4:43
Wonderful Wino Bruister-Simmons 2:54
Tigres Simmons 3:13
Aqueous Humore Simmons 3:25
Conversations With A Recluse Simmons 3:50
Jeff Simmons-electric bass, piano, organ, accordian, vocals
Craig Tarwater-guitars
Ian Underwood-saxophones
Ron Woods-drums, tambourines, maracas
Frank Zappa-lead guitar (Lucille Has..., Raye)
John Kehlior-drums (Lucille Has..., Raye)
§Cover Design & Photo–John Williams
Produced by: La marr Bruister [Frank Zappa] & Chris Huston


More on Jeff Simmons at wiki


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