Celebration Of Life

Cypress Pointe Plantation, McCrea, LA
June 21-28, 1971
A disaster from the word go. After two sites were rejected, they had three (3) days to build the stage and other items. Cops wouldn't allow folks in until Wednesday, June 23. The bands that did show up started on Thursday, playing from 6PM-6AM due to the heat, humidity & mosquitos. Several people died, and more disappeared in the adjacent river. Read the gory details at the links below.
The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers and others that were advertised may not have appeared.

Performers (confirmed)
Stephen Stills Band(before Manasas)
John Sebastian
Chuck Berry
The Amboy Dukes
It's A Beautiful Day
Ike & Tina Turner
Country Joe McDonald
The Chambers Brothers
Brownsville Station
Black Oak Arkansas
Jimmy Witherspoon with Eric Burdon
Ballin' Jack
Boz Scaggs
Delaney and Bonnie
Glass Harp
Ruth Copeland


McCrea 1971
Rolling Stone mag story


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