King Crimson
Giles, Giles & Fripp ♦ McDonald & Giles 

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Brain
Kick The Donkey / Nightmares In Red
Giles, Giles (no time listed) / P Giles (no time listed)
Parlophone R-5595, 5/67

Giles, Giles & Fripp before the Deram contract. Extremely rare.

The Cheerful Insanity Of
Deram DES-18019
11/68 [UK: 9/68]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One: Saga Of Rodney Toady
North Meadow P Giles 2:30
Newly-Weds P Giles 2:06
One In A Million M Giles 2:23
Call Tomorrow P Giles 2:35
Digging My Lawn P Giles 1:50
Little Children Fripp 2:47
The Krukster M Giles 1:30
Thursday Morning M Giles 2:48
Side Two: Just George
How Do They Know M Giles 2:14
Elephant Song M Giles 3:13
The Sun Is Shining M Giles 3:05
Suite No. 1 Fripp 5:21
Erudite Eyes Fripp 5:01
Robert Fripp-guitar, mellotron, spoken word
Peter Giles-bass, vocals
Michael Giles-drums, percussion, vocals, spoken word
Nicky Hopkins-keyboards
Mike Hill-keyboards
The Breakaways-vocals (Little Children, The Sun Is Shining)
and Horns & Strings
§Cover Photos-Gered Mankowitz
Produced by: Wayne Bickerton

Note: Two 45s released in the UK. Those 45 versions of Newly-Weds and Thursday Morning a different recordings.
Most of the tracks are followed by a spoken word section.

In The Court Of The Crimson King
(An Observation By King Crimson)
Atlantic SD-8245
10/69 BB [UK: 10/69] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
21st Century Schizoid Man
   including Mirrors
Fripp-Giles-Lake-McDonald-Sinfield 7:21
I Talk To The Wind Fripp-Giles-Lake-McDonald-Sinfield 6:08
   including March For No Reason
   and Tomorrow And Tomorrow
Fripp-Giles-Lake-McDonald-Sinfield 8:52
Side Two
   including The Dream
   and The Illusion
Fripp-Giles-Lake-McDonald-Sinfield 12:15
The Court Of The Crimson King
   including The Return Of The Fire Witch
   and The Dance Of The Puppets
McDonald-Sinfield 9:25
Robert Fripp-guitar
Ian McDonald-reeds, woodwind, vibes, keyboards, mellotron, vocals
Greg Lake-bass, lead vocals
Michael Giles-drums, percussion, vocals
Peter Sinfield-words and illumination
§Cover & Inside Painting-Barry Godber
Produced by: King Crimson

Note: Story about the fantastic artwork @ The Music Aficionado .

10/29/69: Goddard College, Plainfield, VT
Ian: "Played gig at weird college in the woods, not to good" (
Palm Beach Music & Art Festival(11/28, 29/69)
The Court Of The Crimson King (Part 1) / The Court Of The Crimson King (Part 2)
McDonald-Sinfield (3:22) / McDonald-Sinfield (4:30)
Atlantic 2703, 12/69


Ian McDonald & Michael Giles quit to do their own thing (see below)

In The Wake Of Poseidon
Atlantic SD-8266
8/70 BB [UK: 5/70] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Peace- A Beginning Fripp-Sinfield :37
Pictures Of A City
   including 42nd At Treadmill
Fripp-Sinfield 8:12
Cadence And Cascade† Fripp-Sinfield 4:32
In The Wake Of The Poseidon
   including Libra's Theme
Fripp-Sinfield 8:26
Side Two
Peace—A Theme Fripp 1:14
Cat Food† Fripp-McDonald-Sinfield 4:52
The Devil's Triangle† Fripp 3:48
   including Merday Morn Fripp-McDonald 3:11
   including Hand Of Sceiron Fripp :49
   including Garden Of Worm Fripp 3:37
Peace—An End Fripp-Sinfield 1:58
Greg Lake-vocals
Robert Fripp-guitar, mellotron & devices
Peter Giles-bass
Mel Collins-saxes & flute
Peter Sinfield-words
Michael Giles-drums (as session work)
Keith Tippet-piano†
Gordon Haskell-vocal (Cadence And Cascade)
§Cover Painting-The 12 Faces Of Humankind (1967) by Tammo De Jong; Inside Painting-Peter Sinfield
Produced by: Robert Fripp, Peter Sinfield

Note: More info on the cover painting @ wiki .

Greg Lake to Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Gordon Haskell becomes permanent member

McDonald & Giles
Cotillion SD-9042
1/71 [UK: 11/70]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Suite In C
   including Turham Green, Here I Am and others
McDonald 11:21
Flight Of The Ibris Fallon-McDonald 3:18
Is She Waiting? McDonald 2:40
Tomorrow's People—The Children Of Today M Giles 7:00
Side Two
   including The Inventor's Dream (O.U.A.T.), The
   Workshop Wishbone Ascension, Birdman Flies!,
   Wings In The Sunset, and Birdman-The Reflection
McDonald-Sinfield 21:45
Ian McDonald-guitar, piano, organ, saxes, flute, clarinet, zither, vocals and sundries
Peter Giles-bass
Michael Giles-drums, percussion, vocals
Steve Winwood-organ, piano (Turnham Green)
Michael Blakesley-trombone (Tomorrow's People)
§Cover Photo-Richard DiLello; Inside Art-Charlotte Bates
Produced by: Ian McDonald, Michael Giles

Note: This effort didn't last any longer. Ian later forms Foreigner and Michael to session work.

Atlantic SD-8278
2/71 BB [UK: 1/71] UK
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
   including Entry Of The Chameleons
Fripp-Sinfield 6:28
Indoor Games Fripp-Sinfield 5:38
Happy Family Fripp-Sinfield 4:18
Lady Of The Dancing Water Fripp-Sinfield 2:43
Side Two
Lizard   22:24
   Prince Rupert Awakes   4:34
   Bolero-The Peacock's Tale   6:30
   The Battle Of Glass Tears
     including Dawn Song, The Last Skirmish
     and Prince Rupert's Lament
   Big Top Fripp-Sinfield 1:05
Robert Fripp-guitar, mellotron, keyboards
Mel Collins-flute, sax
Gordon Haskell-bass, vocals
Andy McCulloch-drums
Peter Sinfield-words & pictures
Robin Miller-oboe & cor anglais
Mark Charig-cornet
Nick Evans-trombone
Keith Tippet-piano & electric piano
Jon Anderson Of Yes-vocals (Prince Rupert Awakes)
§Cover Painting-Gini Barris; Inside Marbling–Koraz Wallpapers
Produced by: Robert Fripp, Peter Sinfield

Note: More info on the cover painting @ wiki .

Fripp has lead some form of King Crimson for decades.
The band's influence on modern music is well-known


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