Brewer & Shipley
Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley

Keeper Of The Keys / I Can't See Her
Brewer-Shipley (3:12) / Brewer-Shipley (2:52)
A&M 905, 2/68

Truly Right / Green Bamboo
Brewer (2:45) / Brewer-Shipley (3:20)
A&M 938, 5/68


Down In L A
A&M SP-4154
10/68 [UK: 5/70]
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Side One
Truly Right Brewer 2:46
She Thinks She's A Woman Brewer-Shipley 3:26
Time And Changes Shipley 2:05
Small Town Girl Brewer-Shipley 2:10
I Can't See Her Brewer-Shipley 2:50
Green Bamboo Brewer-Shipley 3:10
Side Two
An Incredible State Of Affairs Brewer-Shipley 3:10
Keeper Of The Keys Brewer-Shipley 3:24
Love, Love Brewer-Brewer-Shipley 3:12
Dreamin' In The Shade (Down In L A) Brewer-Shipley 2:10
Mass For M'Lady Brewer-Shipley 3:17
Mike Brewer, Tom Shipley-vocals, guitars, percussion
Lance Wakely-electric guitar, harp
Russell Bridges-electric piano
Mike Melvoin-organ
Jim Messina, Joe Osborn, Lyle Ritz-bass
Hal Blaine, Jim Gordon-drums
Mike Brewer, Milt Holland, Tom Shipley-percussion
Nick DeCaro-strings and horns arrangements
§Cover Photo-Roger Webster
Produced by: Allen Stanton, Jerry Riopelle


Time And Changes / Dreamin' In The Shade
Shipley (2:05) / Shipley (2:10)
A&M 996, 11/68

Rise Up Easy Rider / Boomerang
Brewer-Shipley (3:15) / Brewer-Shipley (2:18)
Buddah BDA-154, 12/69


Kama Sutra KSBS-2016
4/70 [UK: 5/70]
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Lyric Sheet

Lyric Sheet

Side One
Lady Like You Brewer-Shipley 3:12
Rise Up (Easy Rider) Brewer-Shipley 3:15
Boomerang Brewer-Shipley 3:18
Indian Summer Brewer-Shipley 2:59
All Along The Watchtower Dylan 3:18
Side Two
People Love Each Other Brewer-Shipley 2:55
Pig's Head Brewer-Shipley 2:10
Oh, Sweet Lady Brewer-Shipley 2:00
Too Soon Tomorrow Brewer-Shipley 2:53
Witchi-Tai-To Pepper 6:57
Michael Brewer-vocals, acoustic guitar, shaker, vibraslap
Tom Shipley-vocals, acoustic guitar, twelve-string guitar
Fred Olson-electric guitar
Mike Bloomfield-electric guitar
Ira Kamin-organ, piano
Nicky Hopkins-piano
Mark Naftalin-piano, organ
John Kahn, Robert Huberman-bass
Bob Jones-drums
Rienol Andino-congas
Orville 'Red' Rhodes-pedal steel guitar
Phil Ford-tabla
Richard Greene-fiddle
Apple Jack-harmonica
§Cover Art-Lee, Maple; Photo-Morty
Produced by: Nicky Gravy [Nick Gravenites]


People Love Each Other / Witchi-Tai-To
Brewer-Shipley (2:55) / Brewer-Shipley (6:57)
Kama Sutra KA-512, 7/70


Kama Sutra KSBS-2024
11/70 BB [UK: 2/71]
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Side One
One Toke Over The Line Brewer-Shipley 3:16
Song From Platte River Brewer-Shipley 3:15
The Light Brewer-Shipley 3:09
Ruby On The Morning Brewer-Shipley 2:15
Oh Mommy Brewer-Shipley 3:03
Side Two
Don't Want To Die In Georgia Brewer-Shipley 3:45
Can't Go Home Brewer-Shipley 2:29
Tarkio Road Brewer-Shipley 4:30
Seems Like A Long Time Anderson 4:12
Fifty States Of Freedom Brewer-Shipley 6:49
Michael Brewer, Tom Shipley-acoustic guitar, vocals
Fred Burton-electric guitar
John Kahn-bass
Bill Vitt, Bob Jones-drums
Mark Naftalin-piano, organ
Jerry Garcia-pedal steel guitar
David LaFlamme-electric violin
Noel Jewkes-flute
Danny Cox, Diane Tribuno, Nick Gravenites-chorus
§Cover Art-Bill Sandiford; Graphics-Gary Peterson
Produced by: Nick Gravenites


One Toke Over The Line / Oh Mommy
Brewer-Shipley (3:16) / Brewer-Shipley (3:03)
Kama Sutra KA-516, 1/71 T20

Song created quite the stir: VP Agnew wanted it banned and Lawrence Welk featured on his TV show.
Read (& see) about it here .
Tarkio Road / Seems Like A Long Time
Brewer-Shipley (3:10) / Anderson (4:14)
Kama Sutra KA-524, 5/71 BB


Shake Off The Demon
Kama Sutra KSBS-2039
11/71 BB [UK: ?/72]
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Side One
Shake Off The Demon Brewer-Shipley 3:08
Merciful Love Brewer-Shipley 1:58
Message From The Mission (Hold On) Brewer-Shipley 3:09
One By One Brewer-Shipley 2:58
When Everybody Comes Home Brewer-Shipley 1:58
Side Two
Working On The Well Brewer-Shipley 3:17
Rock Me On The Water Browne 4:00
Natural Child Brewer-Shipley 3:46
Back To The Farm Brewer-Shipley 3:18
Sweet Love Brewer-Shipley 3:56
Michael Brewer-acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, jew's harp, percussion, vocals
Tom Shipley-acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, banjo, vocals
Mark Naftalin-piano, organ, vibes
John Kahn-bass
"Little John" Harteman III, Glen Walters, Spencer Dryden-drums
José Chepitó Areas-congas, bongos, timbales
David LaFlamme-electric violin
John Cippollina-slide guitar (Shake Off The Demon)
§Cover Art-Good Karma Graphics, Thomas Weir
Produced by: Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley


Three more albums thru 75, then splitsville for awhile.
Reunited in 93 for record and tour.


Brewer & Shipley (@ rockasteria)


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