The battle of the soothsaying albums!
Here are two more "items of the times" The Zodiac - Cosmic Sounds and The Astrology Album. The Zodiac offering featured Paul Beaver playing the Moog synthesizer in one of the first recordings released to feature that brand new electronic marvel. The Columbia disc is very heavy on narration (even advising what clothers to wear!), but had better stars!

Just remember what The Cosmic Muffin said: "It's a wise man who rules the stars; it's a fool who's ruled by them."

The Zodiac - Cosmic Sounds
Elektra EKS-74009
6/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Aries - The Fire-Fighter   3:17
Taurus - The Voluptuary   3:38
Gemini - The Cool Eye   2:50
Cancer - The Moon Child   3:27
Leo - The Lord Of Lights   2:30
Virgo - The Perpetual Perfectionist   3:05
Side Two
Libra - The Flower Child   3:28
Scorpio - The Passionate Hero   2:51
Sagittarius - The Versatile Daredevil   2:06
Capricorn - The Uncapricious Climber   3:30
Aquarius - The Lover Of Life   3:45
Pisces - The Peace Piper   3:19
Cyrus Faryar-narration
Paul Beaver-Moog and other electronic instruments
Emil Richards-exotic percussion
Mike Melvoin-keyboards
Carol Kaye-bass guitar
Hal Blaine-drums
Bud Shank-bass flute
Music written by Mort Garson
Produced by: Alex Hassilev


Note: Read Richie Unterberger's liner notes for the CD reissue.

The Astrology Album
Columbia CS-9689
Back Cover


Billboard magazine ad

Side One
Introduction   3:04
Aries   2:42
Taurus   2:45
Gemini   3:10
Cancer   2:56
Leo   3:05
Virgo   2:55
Side Two
Libra   3:17
Scorpio   3:30
Sagittarius   3:43
Capricorn   3:19
Aquarius   3:14
Pisces   3:36
Phil Austin, Ron Budnick-narration
Material written by: Gary Usher, Phil Austin, Ron Budnick
Music written by: Gary Usher, Raul Abeyta, Richard Podolor, Robert Calderwood, Tony Greco
Produced by: Gary Usher

Note: Included large Zodiac wall poster.

The label says:
Your Horoscope and Character Analysis in Music and Narration -- The Twelve Signs of the House of Zodiac. Through the Science of Astrology discover your lucky number, your ideal mate, your character strengths and weaknesses, fashion and color combinations best suited to you -- and much more. FEATURING INTERVIEWS with popular recording stars such as
Jeremy Clyde of Chad and Jeremy (Aries)
David Crosby of The Byrds (Leo)
Chad Stewart of Chad and Jeremy (Sagittarius)
John Merrill of The Peanut Butter Conspiracy (Capricorn)

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