Red Dog Saloon presents The Charlatans starting June 23
Wait a minute! These guys
The Charlatans

at this bar started the Psychedelic Era?

They played short, old 30s and 40s tunes, dressed as late 1800s gunfighters, and took to the stage loaded to the gills on acid. The poster
Revised Poster

(by "The Seed") was the first psychedelic rock concert poster ever. The Charlatans were legends in the Bay Area since 1964. They didn't release an album until 1969 (with only a couple of the original group members).

The Amazing Charlatans
Big Beat 138 (CD)
demos recorded for Autumn Records at Coast Recorders, San Francisco in Autumn 1965
19 Number One Wilhelm 4:15
20 Baby Won't You Tell Me Hammond 3:41
21 Jack Of Diamonds trad-arr Charlatans 4:49
22 Blues Ain't Nothin' Wilhelm 4:58
recorded for Kama Sutra Records at Coast Recorders, San Francisco in early 1966
 1 Codine Blues Sainte-Marie 2:22
 4 I Saw Her trad-arr Charlatans 2:06
 6 32-20 Blues Johnson 2:27
11 The Shadow Knows Leiber-Stoller 2:14
14 Devil Got My Man James 2:46
15 By Hook Or By Crook Hicks 2:24
16 'Long Come A Viper Hicks 2:41
17 Sidetrack trad-arr Charlatans 2:26
18 Alabama Bound  (Kama Sutra version) trad-arr Charlatans 2:45
recorded at Golden State Recorders, San Francisco in Novemeber 1966
23 Groom N' Clean Ad - 0:40
demos recorded at Golden State Recorders, San Francisco in July 1967
 2 Alabama Bound trad-arr Charlatans 6:24
 3 I Always Wanted A Girl Like You Hunter-Olsen 1:31
 5 How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away? Hicks 2:22
 7 We're Not On The Same Trip Hicks 3:12
 8 Walkin' Hunter-Olsen 3:08
 9 Sweet Sue, Just You Harris-Young 3:40
recorded at Pacific High Recorders, Sausalito in early 1968
10 East Virginia trad-arr Charlatans 1:40
12 I Got Mine Hicks 2:27
13 Steppin' In Society Akst-Gerber 1:14
George Hunter-autoharp, tambourine, vocals
Mike Wilhelm-guitar, vocals
Mike Ferguson-piano
Richard Olsen-bass, vocals
Dan Hicks-drums
Lynne Hughes-guitar, vocals (Devil Got My Man)
Hank Bradley-violin
Patrick Gogerty-piano
§Cover Photo-Herb Greene
Produced by: various folks

Note: CD track numbers are listed before the song. Why do producers do this???

Note: Several of these Dan Hicks songs would be re-recorded by his own group.


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