Well, it was!
Vietnam, assassinations, riots, crushed bids for democracy, and to wrap it up, earthrise as seen from the moon.
Charles Kuralt narrates as the words of history flow around us. Hearing the then live coverage is chilling, as are the eulogies that Edward Kennedy delivered.

It would be great if they were available to download and listen to (hint • hint).

There's another page around here somewhere that delves a little bit into the Preseidential Campaign of 1968.

The Incredible Year: 1968
Columbia No Number
3/69 [UK: N/R]
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Even Life thought it was incredible

Side One
Prologue And Pueblo  3:50
Tet, Politics, The Martin Luther King Assassination  4:21
Dissent, The Primaries, The Robert F Kennedy Assassination  4:11
Side Two
The Conventions; The Campaign, Protest, And War  7:58
The World In Turmoil  2:52
Ring Around The Moon  7:47
Charles Kuralt-narration
§Cover Photo-Earthrise by Bill Anders (Apollo 8)
Produced by: Joel Heller, Peter Wells



ALL The 60s
If you want to further your knowledge of the 60s, from JFK to Nixon, then this is the 3-record set for you! Modeled after the Edward R Morrow series of historical records I Can Hear It Now, this set includes an illustrated 4 page booklet which has a more detailed list of events and speeches.

I Can Hear It Now / The Sixties
Columbia M3X 30353
?/70 [UK: N/R]
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Booklet Cover

Side One
Prologue And John F. Kennedy Inaugural, January 20, 1961, Through Cuban Missile Crisis
Side Two
Richard M. Nixon Conces Defeat In California Election, Through Assassination And Four Dark Days Of Kennedy Funeral, November 25, 1963
Side Three
Lyndon B. Johnson Speaks To Joint Session Of Congres, November 27, Through Report From Village Of Cam Ne (Morley Safer), August 5, 1965
Side Four
Great Power Blackout Of 1965, Through Robert Kennedy Eulogy Given By Edward Kennedy At St. Patrick's, June 8, 1968
Side Five
Republican And Democratic Convention 1968 Through Flight Of Apollo 11, First Moon Landing July 20/21, 1969
Side Six
Nixon Greets Returning Astronauts Through Epilogue



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