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The poet Allen Ginsberg believed the poems of William Blake were originally intended to be sung, and that through study of the rhyme and metre of the works, a Blakean performance could be approximately replicated. In 1969, he conceived, arranged, directed, sang on, and played piano and harmonium on this album of songs.

Allen Ginsberg / William Blake
Songs Of Innocence And Experience
Verve Forecast FTS-3083
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Side One: Songs Of Innocence
Introduction/The Shepherd 2:10
The Echoing Green Blake-Ginsberg 1:22
The Lamb Blake-Ginsberg 1:10
The Little Black Boy Blake-Ginsberg 3:00
The Blossom Blake-Ginsberg 1:22
The Chimney Sweeper Blake-Ginsberg 2:20
The Little Boy Lost Blake-Ginsberg 1:06
The Little Boy Found Blake-Ginsberg 1:24
Laughing Song Blake-Ginsberg 1:24
Holy Thursday Blake-Ginsberg 1:15
Night Blake-Ginsberg 3:57
Side Two: Songs Of Experience
Introduction Blake-Ginsberg 2:06
Nurses Song Blake-Ginsberg 2:07
The Sick Rose Blake-Ginsberg 1:35
Ah! Sun-Flower Blake-Ginsberg 1:12
The Garden Of Love Blake-Ginsberg 1:02
London Blake-Ginsberg 1:55
The Human Abstract Blake-Ginsberg 2:30
To Tirzah Blake-Ginsberg 1:42
The Grey Monk Blake-Ginsberg 4:06
Allen Ginsberg-voice
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Produced by: Joe Foster and Andy Morten


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Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake, tuned by Allen Ginsberg


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