X: The Unknown Months

Well, I found a place to put the albums I want to list but can't because the release dates have not been ascertained.
They're too good to leave in the "holding pen."

Plus, it gives me something to finally put in the X menu list!

Note: Looky, looky - most of these now have dates. After spending three days readng Rolling Stone (from issue one in Nov 1967 to just into 1972), I was able to update quit a few albums (I won't explain how). But I'm too tired of coding to move them. Besides they look good together and I know they live here if I need the info!

The Serpent Power

The Serpent Power
Vanguard VSD-79252
Back Cover

Side One
Don't You Listen To Her Meltzer 2:20
Gently, Gently Meltzer 2:36
Open House Meltzer 3:31
Flying Away Meltzer 4:26
Nobody Blues Meltzer 3:50
Up And Down Meltzer 3:37
Side Two
Sky Baby Meltzer 2:32
Forget Meltzer 3:34
Dope Again Meltzer :47
Endless Tunnel Meltzer 13:14
Tina Meltzer-vocals (Flying Away, Forget)
David Meltzer-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Denny Ellis-guitar
John Payne-organ
David Stenson-bass
Clark Coolidge-drums
JP Pickens-electrified 5-string banjo (Endless Tunnel)
Produced by:



Duncan Browne

Give Me Take You
Immediate Z12 52012
Back Cover

Side One
Give Me, Take You Bretton-Browne 3:23
Ninepence Worth Of Walking Bretton-Browne 3:27
Dwarf In A Tree (A Cautionary Tale) Bretton-Browne 3:11
The Ghost Walks Bretton-Browne 5:55
Waking You (Part 1) Bretton-Browne 1:09
Chloe In The Garden Bretton-Browne 5:07
Waking You (Part 2) Bretton-Browne :57
Side Two
On The Bombsite Bretton-Browne 3:10
I Was, You Weren't Bretton-Browne 2:02
Gabilan Bretton-Browne 4:03
Alfred Bell Bretton-Browne 4:30
The Death Of Neil Bretton-Browne 4:30
Duncan Browne-guitar, vocals
Nicky Hopkins-keyboards
Produced by: Andrew Loog Oldham


On The Bombsite³ / Alfred Bell³
Bretton-Browne (2:36) / Bretton-Browne (4:18)
Immediate ZS7-5010, 10/68



Leo Kottke

6 & 12 String Guitar
Takoma C-1024
Back Cover

Side One
The Driving Of The Year Nail Kottke 1:54
The Last Of The Arkansas Greyhounds Kottke 3:14
Ojo Kottke 2:12
Crow River Waltz Kottke 3:17
The Sailor's Grave On The Prairie Kottke 2:30
Vaseline Machine Gun Kottke 3:08
Jack Fig Bach, arr Kottke 2:10
Side Two
Watermelon Kottke 3:07
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring Bach, arr Kottke 2:21
The Fisherman Kottke 2:29
The Tennessee Toad Kottke 2:37
Busted Bicycle Kottke 2:45
The Brain Of The Purple Mountain Kottke 2:07
Coolidge Rising Kottke 2:47
Leo Kottke-6 & 12 String guitar
Produced by:



Jaime Brockett

Remember The Wind And The Rain
Oracle ORS 701
Back Cover

Side One
Talkin' Green Beret Super Yellow Hydraulic Banana
   Teeny Bopper Blues
Smith 5:20
Remember The Wind And The Rain* Bassett 5:30
St Botolph St Grey Morning Dulcimer Thing Brockett 3:25
Blue Chip McNeil 7:22
Nowadays Allen 5:50
Side Two
Legend Of The USS Titantic Smither-Brockett 13:28
Suzzane* Schell 4:29
One Too Many Mornings Dylan 3:02
Bag On The Table Lyons 6:50
Jaime Brockett-guitar, vocals
Tony Rubino-guitar*
Produced by: Bruce Patch

Note: Later re-released by Capitol (ST-678) when Brockett contract signed.


Harvey Mandel

Cristo Redentor / Bradley's Barn
Mandel (3:36) / Mandel (3:15)
Philips 40566, 10/68


Cristo Redentor
Philips PHS 600-281
9/68 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Cristo Redentor Pearson 3:45
Before Six Fraiser 6:27
The Lark Kesh-Mandel 4:37
Snake Kesh 3:45
Long Wait Goldberg-Mandel 2:43
Side Two
Wade In The Water Cooke 7:49
Lights Out Mandel 4:52
Bradley's Barn Mandel 3:15
You Can't Tell Me Mandel-Valente 4:17
Nashville 1 AM Mandel 3:39
Harvey Mandel-guitar
Bob Jones-guitar
Chip Martin-guitar
Peter Drake-steel guitar
Art Stavro-bass
Kenny Buttery-drums
Barry Goldberg-organ, electric piano (The Lark, Long Wait)
Stephen Miller-organ, piano (Cristo Redentor, Before Six, Wade In The Water
Bob Moore-bass
Eddie Hoh-drums
Hargus (The Sniffer) Robbins-piano
Graham Bond-piano (You Can't Tell Me)
Nick DeCaro-piano
Charlie Musselwhite-harmonica (The Lark, Long Wait)
Larry Easter-tenor sax
Armando Peraza-congas
Carter Collins-congas
Catherine Gotthofer-harp
Jacqueline May Allen (solo), Carolyn Willis , Edna Wright , Julia Tillman-voices
strings & horns arranged by Nick (Sounds Interesting) De Caro
Produced by: Abe Kesh

Note: Recorded in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, New York

Wade In The Water Part I / Wade In The Water Part I
Cooke (3:30) / Cooke (2:17)
Philips 40579, 11/68




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