Loudon Wainwright III

Note: No 45s until that Dead Skunk thing in October 72

Loudon Wainwright III
Atlantic SD-8260
8/70 [UK: ?/71]
Back Cover

Side One
School Days Wainwright 3:04
Hospital Lady Wainwright 4:03
Ode To Pittsburgh Wainwright 3:13
Glad To See You've Got Religion Wainwright 3:53
Uptown Wainwright 2:42
Side Two
Black Uncle Remus Wainwright 2:37
Four Is A Magic Number Wainwright 3:26
I Don't Care Wainwright 4:07
Central Square Song Wainwright 5:26
Movies Are A Mother To Me Wainwright 2:36
Bruno's Place Wainwright 3:31
Loudon Wainwright III-guitar, vocals
§Cover Photo-Lee Friedlander
Produced by: Loudon Wainwright III, Milton Kramer

Note: Known informally as Album I after the next two releases.

Album II
Atlantic SD-8291
6/71 [UK: 9/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Me And My Friend The Cat Wainwright 3:16
Motel Blues Wainwright 2:43
Nice Jewish Girls Wainwright 2:02
Be Careful, There's A Baby In The House Wainwright 3:17
 a) I Know I'm Unhappy Wainwright 0:47
 b) Suicide Song Wainwright 1:00
 c) Genville Reel Wainwright 1:16
Saw Your Name In The Paper Wainwright 2:07
Side Two
Samson And The Warden Wainwright 2:59
Plane, Too Wainwright 3:05
Cook That Dinner, Dora Wainwright 2:00
Old Friend Wainwright 2:52
Old Paint arr Wainwright 3:46
Winter Song Wainwright 3:26
Loudon Wainwright III-guitar, vocals
Saul Broudy-harmonica (Old Paint)
Kate McGarrigle-vocals (Old Paint)
§Cover Photo-Peter Hujar
Produced by: Loudon Wainwright III, except Milton Kramer (Me And My Friend The Cat, Genville Reel, Cook That Dinner, Dora)


5/16/71: Roundhouse, London


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