Happy & Artie Traum

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The New World Singers
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright / Stew Ball
Dylan (2:23) / Trad (2:28)
Atlantic 45-2190, 5/63

Happy Traum was in this folk group

The Children Of Paradise
What Am I Doing Here / Hey, You Got Somethin'
Kaz (2:24) / Boone-Silber-Traum (2:35)
Columbia 4-44265, 9/67
Artie's first foray

Note: No singles issued

Newport Folk Festival(7/28/68)
Newport Folk Festival(7/20/69)
Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/29/70)

Happy & Artie Traum
Capitol ST-586
10/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Rabbit's Luck A Traum 3:24
Farmers Almanac A Traum 2:40
Going Down To See Bessie Danko-Robertson 3:25
Mama, It's Such A Long Ride Home H Traum 3:00
Misty Dreams H Traum 3:18
State Line A Traum 2:18
Side Two
Uncle Jedd Say Batson 4:21
The Hungry Dogs Of New Mexico A Traum 4:16
Brave Wolf A Traum 2:52
Trials Of Jonathan H & A Traum 3:26
Golden Bird H Traum 2:50
Happy Traum-vocals, guitars
Artie Traum-vocals, guitars
Eric Kaz-harmonica, piano, organ
Michael Esposito-bass
Jerry Carrigan-drums
Wayne Butler-saxophone
Bobby Thompson-dobro
Weldon Myrick-steel guitar
Buddy Spickard-fiddle
Tracy Nelson & The Mother Earth Chorus-vocal (Uncle Jedd Say)
Ken Lauber-piano (The Hungry Dogs Of New Mexico, Trials Of Jonathan)
Ken Buttrey-drums (State Line, Mama, It's Such A Long Ride Home)
Ferrell Morris-percussion (Brave Wolf)
§Cover Photo-David Gahr
Produced by: Charlie Tallent, Happy & Artie Traum


Capitol ST-799
8/71 [UK: 9/72]
Back Cover

Lyric booklet cover

Side One
Scavengers Appleman-A Traum 4:20
Confession Brown 2:20
Jacksboro A Traum 3:48
The Ferryman H Traum 3:17
The Seagull A Traum 4:36
Side Two
Handful Of Love A Traum 2:36
Cross Examinator A Traum 3:42
Mister Movie Man Barr-Mashel 2:37
Brother Thomas H Traum 4:07
Love Song To A Girl In An Old Photograph H Traum 3:07
Happy Traum-vocals, guitars, banjo, melodica (Brother Thomas)
Artie Traum-vocals, guitars
Weldon Myrick-pedal steel guitar
Brad Campbell-bass
Roy Markowitz-drums
Billy Sanford-electric guitar (Confession)
Amos Garrett-slide guitar (Jacksboro, Mister Movie Man)
Bill Keith-pedal steel guitar (Mister Movie Man)
Eric Kaz-piano, harmonica (Scavengers, Jacksboro, Cross Examinator)
Andy McMahon-piano, organ (The Seagull, Cross Examinator, Brother Thomas)
Tim Drummond-bass (Cross Examinator, Love Song To A Girl In An Old Photograph)
Jerry Carrigan-drums (Cross Examinator, Brother Thomas)
Clark Pierson-drums (Jacksboro, Mister Movie Man)
Billy Mundi-drums, percussion (The Ferryman, The Seagull)
Buddy Spicher-fiddle (The Ferryman), cello (The Seagull, Love Song To A Girl In An Old Photograph)
Tracy Nelson-vocals (Cross Examinator)
John Herald-additional lyrics (Love Song To A Girl In An Old Photograph)
§Cover Photo-Jim McGuire
Produced by: Happy & Artie Traum


Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/28/71)
Sept 71, Happy records with Bobby
Happy & Artie were fixtures in the Woodstock folkie-jam family, starting the Woodstock Music Revue, with Maria
Muldaur and others. One more album as duo (75), then solo lps.


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