Rory Gallagher

Note: No US singles

Atco SD 33-296
7/69 BB [UK: 4/69]
UK Back Cover

Side One
Blister On The Moon Gallagher 3:25
Leavin' Blues Ledbetter 2:27
Sugar Mama Gallagher 7:10
Hail Gallagher 2:36
Born On The Wrong Side Of Time Gallagher 3:57
Side Two
Dual Carriageway Pain Gallagher 3:11
Same Old Story Gallagher 3:29
Catfish traditional 8:00
I'm Movin' On Snow 4:12
Rory Gallagher-vocals, guitar, harmonica, sax
Charlie McCrackin-bass
John Wilson-drums
§Album Design-Paragon Publicity
Produced by: Tony Colton


7/13/69: John F Kennedy Stadium, Bridgeport, CT
with Delaney & Bonnie and Blind Faith (headliners, 2nd stop on tour)
Mid-West Rock Festival(7/26/69)

On The Boards
Atco SD-33-322
3/70 [UK: 1/70] T20
Back Cover

Side One
What's Going On? Gallagher 2:45
Railway And Gun Gallagher 3:35
It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again Gallagher 6:30
If The Day Was Any Longer Gallagher 2:06
Morning Sun Gallagher 2:37
Side Two
Eat My Words Gallagher 3:44
On The Boards Gallagher 6:00
If I Don't Sing I'll Cry Gallagher 2:37
See Here Gallagher 3:03
I'll Remember Gallagher 3:00
Rory Gallagher-vocals, guitar, harmonica, sax
Charlie McCrackin-bass
John Wilson-drums
§Album Design-Hamish Grimes; Photos-Monty Coles
Produced by: Tony Colton


Isle of Wight Festival(8/28/70)
Gallagher dissolves Taste to go solo
10/13-17/71: Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood (Rory)
first solo gig

Rory Gallagher
Atco SD 33-368
10/71 [UK: 5/71] UK
Back Cover

Side One
Laundromat Gallagher 4:38
Just The Smile Gallagher 3:40
I Fall Apart Gallagher 5:10
Wave Myself Goodbye Gallagher 3:27
Hands Up Gallagher 5:24
Side Two
Sinner Boy Gallagher 5:30
For The Last Time Gallagher 6:34
It's You Gallagher 2:38
I'm Suprised Gallagher 3:35
Can't Believe It's True Gallagher 7:15
Rory Gallagher-guitar, vocals, alto saxophone, harmonica, mandolin
Gerry McAvoy-bass
Wilgar Campbell-drums, percussion
Vincent Crane-piano (Wave Myself Goodbye, I'm Suprised)
§Cover Photo-Hipgnosis
Produced by: Rory Gallagher



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