Joseph Byrd
The United States Of America ♦ Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies 

The United States Of America
Columbia CS-9614
3/6/68 BB
Back Cover

Originally came in this bag

Side One
The American Metaphysical Circus Byrd 4:55
Hard Coming Love Byrd-Moskowitz 4:43
Cloud Song Byrd-Moskowitz 3:18
The Garden Of Earthly Delights Byrd-Moskowitz 2:39
I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife For You, Sugar Byrd-Moskowitz 3:52
Side Two
Where Is Yesterday Bogas-Marron-Moskowitz 3:07
Coming Down Byrd-Moskowitz 2:40
Love Song For The Dead Ché Byrd 3:25
Stranded In Time Bogas-Marron 1:50
The American Way Of Love
   I - Metapjor For An Older Man
   II - California Good-time Music
   III - Love Is All
Joseph Byrd-electronic music, electronic harpsichord, organ, calliope, piano
Dorothy Moskowitz-vocals
Gordon Marron-electric violin, ring modulator
Randy Forbes-electric bass
Craig Woodson-electric drums, percussion
Edward Bogas-organ, calliope, piano
Produced by: David Rubinson


The American Metaphysical Circus
Columbia MS-7317
Back Cover

Side One
The Sub-Sylvian Litanies    
   Kalyani Byrd 3:50
   You Can't Ever Come Down Byrd 2:58
   Moonsong: Pelog Byrd 3:47
American Bed Music 1 (Four Dreams For A Departing President)    
   Patriot's Lullabye Byrd 2:44
   Nightmare Train Byrd 3:23
   Invisible Man Byrd 3:31
   Mister 4th Of July Byrd 1:46
Side Two
Gospel Music For Abraham Ruddell Byrd III    
   Gospel Music Byrd 4:28
The Southwestern Geriatrics Arts And Crafts Festival    
   The Sing-Along Song Byrd 4:00
   The Elephant At The Door Byrd 5:10
   Leisure World Byrd 1:33
   The Sing-Along Song (Reprise) Byrd :44
Joseph Byrd-organ, synthesizer, vocals
Ted Greene-guitar
Michael Whitney-classical guitar
Pot-piano, harpsichord
Gregg Kovner-percussion, drums
John Clauder-percussion, drums
Larry Kass-tabla
Tom Scott-clarinet, flute, saxophone
Fred Selden-clarinet, flute, saxophone
Ed Sheftel-flugelhorn, trumpet
Don Kerian-cornet, trumpet
Dana Chalberg-flute
Meyer Hirsch-flute, piccolo, saxophone
Chuck Bennett-trombone
Ray Cappocchi-trombone, tuba
Christie Thompson-lead vocal (Mister 4th Of July)
Susan De Lange-lead vocal (You Can't Ever Come Down, The Elephant At The Door)
Victoria Bond-lead vocal (Kalyani, Patriot's Lullabye, Leisure World)
The J Hunter Byrd Gospel Band (Gospel Music)
Ernie Anderson-narrator (Leisure World)
Produced by: Joseph Byrd



An interview with Joseph Byrd


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