Bunky & Jake
Jake & The Family Jewels

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Magicians
An Invitation To Cry / Rain Don't Fall On Me No More
Gordon-Woods (2:55) / Polhemus-Townley-Wyld (2:25)
Columbia 4-43435, 11/65

Pic sleeve may be promo only
Angel On The Corner / About My Love
Jacobs (2:20) / Blue (2:05)
Columbia 4-43608, 4/66

I'd Like To Know / And I'll Tell The World (About You)
Blue (3:05) / Gordon-Jacobs (2:59)
Columbia 4-43725, 7/66

Lady Fingers / Double Good Feeling
Bonner-Gordon (2:45) / Bonner-Gordon (1:58)
Columbia 4-44061, 5/67

Allan Jacobs-guitar, vocals
John Townley-guitar, vocals
Gary Bonner-bass, vocals
Alan Gordon-drums


Bunky & Jake
Mercury SR-61142
Back Cover

Side One
I'll Follow You Jacobs-Skinner 2:00
It Happens Again Jacobs-Skinner 2:36
Daphne Plum Jacobs-Skinner 2:42
Country Girl Jacobs-Skinner 2:14
Hey Buckaroo Jacobs-Skinner 2:25
Side Two
Taxicab Jacobs-Skinner 2:38
As You Go By Jacobs-Skinner 2:37
Big Car, Shiny Ring Jacobs-Skinner 1:57
Mongoose Jacobs-Skinner 1:25
Cheerio Jacobs-Skinner 2:25
The Candy Store Jacobs-Skinner 3:50
Bunky-guitar, vocals
Jake-guitar, vocals
Produced by: Bob Wyld

Note: They are: Andrea Rochelle 'Bunky' Skinner & Allan 'Jake' Jacobs

Taxicab / I'll Follow You
Jacobs-Skinner (2:38) / Jacobs-Skinner (2:00)
Mercury 72813, 5/68

Big Boy Pete / If I Had A Dream
Harris-Terry (2:27) / Jacobs-Skinner (2:21)
Mercury 72846, 9/68


Mercury SR-61199
Back Cover

Side One
Uncle Henry's Basement Jacobs 2:06
If I Had A Dream Jacobs-Skinner 2:25
(Slow Down Little Jaguar) County Line Berry 3:02
Girl From France Jacobs 2:35
You Two Berry 1:33
Big Boy Pete Harris-Terry 2:18
"Oh" Pearl Jacobs 4:22
Side Two
Bump In My Groove Jacobs 3:30
I Am The Light Davis, arr Jacobs-Skinner 5:20
Cadillac Bleu Skinner 3:18
One More Cowboy Jacobs-Skinner 3:12
I Was A Champion Jacobs-Skinner 4:01
Bunky-guitar, vocals
Jake-lead guitar, Hawaiian guitar, vocals
Douglas Haywood Rauch-bass
Michael Rosa-drums
Mike Matthews-organ
Ernie Hayes-piano
Chuck Rainey-bass
Felix Pappalardi-bass
Ray Barretto-conga
Charlie Chin-2nd Tenor (Girl From France)
Buzzy Linhart-vibes (One More Cowboy)
Perry Robinson-clarinet
Produced by: Art Polhemus, Bob Wyld

Note: L.A.M.F. = "Like A Mother F&%#"

Uncle Henry's Basement / Bump In My Groove
Jacobs (2:06) / Jacobs (3:30)
Mercury 72901, 3/69

Jake forms "Family Jewels"

Jake & The Family Jewels
Polydor 24-4029
Back Cover

Side One
I Remember Cissy's Baby Jacobs 4:04
The Racetrack Song Jacobs 3:01
Mother Of Pearl Jacobs 2:37
The Tennessee Stud Driftwood 3:10
It Came Without Warning Burnham-Jacobs 3:10
Side Two
Farewell Jacobs 2:54
Fantasy Hymn #2 Jacobs 3:04
Open The Door, Homer Dylan 2:48
Crazy Be Jacobs 4:10
At The Well Jacobs 3:15
Allan Jacobs-guitar, vocals
Jeremiah Burnham-bass, flute, vocals
Mike Rosa-drums
Vito Jacobs-guitar, Hawaiian guitar, vocals (The Tennessee Stud, At The Well)
Jon Lind-guitar, vocals (It Came Without Warning)
Kenny Pine-guitar (Mother Of Pearl, Farewell)
Jim Starses-12-string guitar (It Came Without Warning)
Dan Mansolino-piano, organ, vocals
Bob Smith-piano (It Came Without Warning, Open The Door, Homer)
Charlie Chin-banjo (At The Well)
Larry Packer-violin (Open The Door, Homer)
Perry Robinson-clarinet (Farewell)
Myles Aronowitz-Jews' harp (The Tennessee Stud)
Don Brooks-harmonica (At The Well)
Daniel Ben Zebulon-congas (Farewell)
Kathleen Whelen-finger cymbals (Mother Of Pearl)
Produced by: Allan Jacobs, David Woods

Note: Background Vocals:
Jeremiah Burnham, Jon Lind, Kenny Pine, Bunky Rochelle Skinner, Dan Mansolino, Buzzy Linhart, Vito Jacobs, And Other Assorted Characters
(A wonderful time was had by all)



Jake & The Family Jewels
Bunky & Jake (@ Rolling Stone)


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