The Iveys

Maybe Tomorrow² / And Her Daddy's A Millionaire¹
Evans (2:50) / Evans-Ham (2:08)
Apple 1803, 1/69 BB

Come And Get It / Rock Of All Ages
McCartney (2:21) / Evans-Gibbons-Ham (3:22)
Apple 1815, 2/70 BB


Magic Christian Music
Apple ST-3364
2/70 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Come and Get It* (From "The Magic Christian") McCartney 2:22
Crimson Ship** Evans-Ham 3:45
Dear Angie Griffiths 2:41
Midnight Sun Ham 2:49
Beautiful And Blue Evans 2:43
Rock Of All Ages* (From "The Magic Christian") Evans-Gibbons-Ham 2:28
Side Two
Carry On Till Tomorrow (From "The Magic Christian") Evans-Ham 3:17
I'm In Love* Ham 4:49
Walk In The Rain Ham 3:28
Fisherman Evans 2:26
Knocking Down Our Home Ham 3:42
Maybe Tomorrow* Evans 2:56
Pete Ham-guitar, vocals
Joey Molland-guitar, vocals
Tom Evans-bass, guitar, vocals
Ron Griffith-bass
Mike Gibbins-drums
Produced by: Mal Evans, excpet:
Paul McCartney*
Tony Visconti**


The Magic Christian
No Matter What / Carry on Till Tomorrow
Ham (2:57) / Evans-Ham (3:38)
Apple 1822, 10/70 BB


No Dice
Apple SKAO-3367
11/70 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
I Can't Take It Ham 2:54
I Don't Mind Evans-Molland 3:13
Love Me Do Molland 2:57
Midnight Caller Ham 2:48
No Matter What Ham 2:59
Without You Evans-Ham 4:42
Side Two
Blodwyn Ham 3:24
Better Days Evans-Molland 3:59
It Had To Be Gibbins 2:27
Watford John Evans-Gibbins-Ham-Molland 3:21
Believe Me Evans 2:58
We're For The Dark Ham 3:51
Pete Ham-guitar, piano, vocals
Joey Molland-guitar, vocals
Tom Evans-bass, vocals
Mike Gibbins-drums
Produced by: Geoff Emerick & Mal Evans


Day After Day / Money
Ham (3:02) / Evans (3:34)
Apple 1841, 11/71 BB



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